Hawaiian Ice Strain Review

A gorgeous nug of the Hawaiian Ice Strain hovers above a beach

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Table Of Contents
Hawaii is known for its dreamy landscapes and warm weather. However, some of us aren’t very fond of the beach. If the heat gets too much, there is only one way to feel fresh again on this sunny island. The Hawaiian Ice strain is a fragrant, balanced hybrid with bright green buds and vibrant amber hairs. This cross between Sunset Sherbet and Sour Apple IBL has a great reputation for its incredible terpene profile and set of mellow effects. With an average THC level of 18.3%, having a Hawaiian Ice strain on your hands is certainly going to make you feel cool. We don't have this exact Hawaiian strain in stock yet, but check out our other best selling tropical strains and vape cartridges below:


Prominent berry and citrus aromas are the first things you will notice when opening a jar of Hawaiian Ice. What comes as a sweet flavor at the beginning soon becomes a gassier exhale. These tropical flavors are created by the combination of terpenes like limonene, linalool, and caryophyllene.


Although it is a balanced hybrid, you can feel the typical indica effects of Hawaiian Ice after a few hits. You will start to feel your eyes heavy and your brain will somehow feel hazy. After a few minutes, your body will start to feel loose. Your muscles will relax while your head stays clear and alert. That is why this is a functional strain, although Hawaiian Ice is definitely better for an afternoon or night smoke. Terpenes also contribute to the great set of benefits of the Hawaiian Haze strain. Caryophyllene is a mood regulator and acts as an analgesic. Since it is the only terpene found to interact with the endocannabinoid system, it works best when in contact with other terpenes and cannabinoids, since its effects are enhanced. Then, limonene is responsible for stress relief and has antifungal and antibacterial properties. This makes Hawaiian Ice useful in treating certain conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue, and insomnia. Finally, linalool has calming effects and promotes relaxation, regulating stress, and your overall mood.

Hawaiian Ice Strain Genetics

Alien Genetics created the delicious Hawaiian Ice through the crossing of Sunset Sherbet with Sour Apple IBL. These two strains are well-known for their fragrant aromas and great properties, making Hawaiian Ice a wonderful combination of both.


Sunset Sherbet creates a dreamy, relaxing high that will have you exploring the creativity of your soul while sending your body to a relaxing state. With a THC content between 18 and 24%, Sunset Sherbet is the favorite strain for those who want to treat depression, anxiety, and ADHD symptoms, since it allows them to leave behind anxious thoughts. As for Sour Apple IBL, it definitely lives up to its name. Although it is rare to find this strain for smoking since breeders often use it for creating new strains, those who have tried it have a lot to say. This cross between Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99 has a pungent sour apple candy aroma, and it leaves you stuck on the couch for hours. Ideal for a lazy afternoon, the indica-dominant Sour Apple IBL has a great set of medical effects that many haven’t found yet in similar strains.

Grow Information

The reason why Hawaiian Ice is such a popular strain is that many users like to grow it. With long, dark leaves, a hybrid like this isn’t difficult at all to maintain. If you would like to grow a Hawaiian Ice strain, the only thing you will need is adequate space and patience.

Flowering Time

63 - 70 days.


If you want to grow your own Hawaiian Ice strain, get your seeds and start growing here. Getting a high-quality hybrid strain is highly important when you want to feel calm but focused. While Hawaiian Ice is a remarkable strain, it is not an easy task to find these bright buds. For this reason, you should try out other indica strains like Sour Space Candy. This fragrant strain has a strong berry flavor with some diesel notes and citrusy aromas. It is impossible to resist the aroma of Sour Space Candy, and with its 16.4% CBD content, we are sure it will make you feel good and mellow.

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