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Heaven Scent strain bud

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Heaven looks different for each one of us. Some think of God, some think of white clouds and delightful music, and others see an evergreen paradise. However, we highly doubt that anyone has thought about the aroma of this place. Surprisingly, you can find the Heaven Scent here, on Earth. While we don't currently carry heaven scent strain, why not give some of our flower a try?

What is the Heaven Scent Strain

Just like the real paradise, the Heaven Scent strain is a balanced bud that emits delicious fruity aromas. This cross between God’s Gift and Green Crack grew under the loving hands of MTG seeds. The THC levels of the Heaven Scent strain will send you to the sky without overwhelming your senses, making it perfect for beginners who want to see what Heaven is all about. Keep reading to learn all about this blissful bud.

Heaven Scent Strain Appearance

It’s hard to believe that flowers this pretty bloom on Earth, but it is totally real. The Heaven Scent strain appearance is elongated, with long, lumpy nugs covered in minty green and orange hairs. Moreover, when growers properly cultivate the Heaven Scent strain, they will have purple-hued flowers coated in a beautiful, fragrant layer of trichomes.

Heaven Scent Strain Genetics

The parents of this heavenly strain met halfway to pass on to their child the best of their properties. On the one hand, God’s Gift is an extremely popular Indica strain with a powerful high that will take you to dreamland in no time. On the other hand, Green Crack is a Sativa hybrid with potent THC levels that induce an invigorating mental euphoria for the day ahead. As a result, the Heaven Scent strain genetics have the best of both worlds to offer you a balanced mindset to tackle your tasks without staying too sedated or too euphoric.

THC Content

The Heaven Scent strain THC content goes from 16 to 22%, making it a manageable bud due to its hybrid nature. Because of this moderate content, patients suffering from depression, pain, migraines, anxiety, and stress can enjoy the easy effects of the Heaven Scent strain

Heaven Scent Strain Effects

Although we don’t know what Heaven is like, we believe this bud gives us a small whiff of it. The Heaven Scent strain will make your body and mind feel relaxed, with a soft tingling sensation spreading from your head to the limbs. In addition, all racing thoughts go away, allowing you to breathe deeply and find calm. Then, you will find yourself ready to continue with your day. The Heaven Scent strain effects aren’t overwhelming, so you will be able to continue working on your projects while tension leaves your joints and muscles. In sum, the high of this strain is happy, uplifting, and grounding, making it a perfect bud for a clear and stimulated mind. Some side effects of the Heaven Scent strain are dry mouth and eyes. Moreover, if you have a high THC tolerance, its effects may take longer to manifest.

Heaven Scent Strain Reported Flavors

The reason why this strain got its name is because of its exquisite terpene profile. When you open the jar, a strong aroma of hash earth, citrus, and hints of sweet fruit reach caress your senses. Upon exhale, hints of pungent earth, tropical grape, and mint will make you taste Heaven. Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene come together to bring you these beautiful flavors with a smooth aftertaste of sweet orange rind. If Heaven doesn’t really smell like this, is it Heaven at all?

Where to Buy Heaven Scent Strain

This popular strain may be nearer than you think. You can buy the Heaven Scent strain in your favorite dispensary or look for online vendors with reliable information on Leafly.

Heaven Scent Strain Growing Information

You can have your own Eden with the Heaven Scent strain seeds. This plant is an easy one to grow, and with proper care, you will have beautiful mint green and purple buds with a thick coat of resin. Wait patiently to get its high yield in about 8 to 9 weeks.
Height indoor 30-60 Inches
Height outdoor 30-60 Inches
Yield indoor 1 - 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
Yield outdoor 15 - 20 Oz/plant (~ 550 g/plant)
Are you craving something that takes you to a place further than Heaven? This balanced hybrid is one of the most famous CBD strains on the market. Bred from Sour Tsunami and E.R.B, this strain offers the best effects of an uplifting Sativa and the tingling buzz and relaxation of a sedating indica. Testing at 16.7%, the dense buds of the Sour Space Candy strain have multicolored hues and a delicious terpene profile that will produce a smooth smoke.

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