Hemp Flower Alaska: CBD Flower Buyer's Guide

A road leads around a mountain side in Alaska. A large body of water and mountain peaks stand in the distance.

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Although hemp and marijuana are now known as two different herbs, legislation that regulates both commodities overlaps. That's mainly because of how they look, smell, and resemble each other.

However, a brand new market was introduced by the 2018 Farm Bill, enabling farmers and business owners to sell hemp legally. This was made possible by de-listing hemp from the list of controlled substances, making it a completely legal alternative to marijuana.

Alaska was one of the first U.S. states to legalize hemp, long before the 2018 Farm Bill was passed. In April 2018, Alaska Governor Walker signed a law on industrial hemp. The new law authorizes the Department of Natural Resources of Alaska (DNR) to develop an Industrial Hemp Pilot Program through the Division of Agriculture to research the growth, cultivation, and marketing of industrial hemp.

The pilot program is intended to increase understanding of industrial hemp. The ultimate goal is to increase agricultural production in Alaska. Due to these new regulations, Alaska has started to create a successful hemp market. If you know nothing about hemp flower laws in Alaska, you may have several questions regarding its availability. In this guide, we will explore the relevant aspects of Alaska’s hemp flower laws.

Is Hemp Flower Legal in Alaska?

Under the 2014 Farm Bill, industrial hemp is legal in Alaska, but hemp-derived products in this state exist in a legal gray area. The Alaska legislature passed Senate Bill 6 in April 2018, entitled "An Act on the Regulation and Production of Industrial Hemp."

Under the Act, any component of a cannabis plant containing 0.3% THC or less is hemp. This compound is a naturally occurring component of the chemistry of the cannabis plant, and it is what induces the 'high' sensation.

That said, cannabis plant is considered marijuana if the THC concentration is more than 0.3 percent. Nothing else that differentiates marijuana from hemp, so there's no way to say whether it's one or the other until a sample is sent to a lab for testing. That is why many states that outlaw marijuana are struggling to cope with the legalization of cannabis. In Alaska, this is not a problem because the state legalized marijuana, so now recreational users have more leeway.  

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in Alaska

You can buy CBD almost everywhere in the state. You won't have problems finding stores with hemp flower for sale in Alaska. There are a bunch of specialized dispensaries that have hemp in all forms: edibles, topicals, oils or raw hemp to smoke however you like.

So if you want to buy hemp flower in the Last Frontier state, it’s simple. If you want your hemp flower to be shipped to your doorstep without even stepping out from home, Botany Farms is here to help you find the perfect bud for you.

When you order hemp flowers from Botany Farms, you get a top-rated flower, free of pesticides, fungicides, and heavy metals. Our organic, hang dried, hand-trimmed cannabis flower is truly an art form. See for yourself why we are home to the finest CBD and CBG flower on the market and shop now from our online shop.

Hemp Flower Anchorage

Customers couldn’t be happier with Uncle Herb's service and products. This store is the best in town. Visit Uncle Herb’s and meet their friendly, knowledgeable staff as you explore a thoughtful selection of cannabis products and accessories. They are committed to being Alaska’s finest Cannabis destination, providing the consistency and quality you deserve and desire in a casual, comfortable space.

They have a wide range of CBD products you can choose from. Whether exploring new ground or returning to a familiar, well-worn trail, it’s best to have someone who knows the terrain and helps you enjoy the experience.

Visit Uncle’s Herbs at 6511 Arctic Spur Rd, Anchorage. They also have outlets in 2 other locations at 6511 Arctic Spur Road, Anchorage and 1213 Ocean Drive, Homer. They also have an online shop where you can make purchases. 

Hemp Flower Juneau

Glacier Valley Shop is the first fully licensed retail cannabis store located in Juneau Alaska's beautiful Mendenhall Valley. The staff at this store is known to be friendly and well educated on the topic. The atmosphere is excellent and you won’t have any trouble finding what works for you since their service is remarkable

Glarier Valley’s goal is to provide only the finest cannabis products sourced from all over the state of Alaska. They are part of a vertically integrated company, which also consists of an indoor hydroponic primarily organic growth as well as a manufacturing company that will be producing the finest Alaska’s hemp flower and CBD products.

Here you can buy online from their great quality selection of hemp-infused edibles, oils, tincture, balms and so on. They want customers to experience incredible and knowledgeable customer service and also to receive great value. Glacier Valley is looking forward to serving you. Find them at 8505 Old Dairy Rd #1, Juneau.

Hemp Flower Fairbanks

Stop by Nature’s Releaf if you live in the Fairbanks area. This is a retail store that sells legal cannabis in a deli-style environment. They also have a large selection of a variety of products that are cannabis and non-cannabis.

Clients love their great staff, always friendly with a smile and professional when talking about what they carry. They look forward to helping customers find the cannabis products that best fit their individual needs.

Nature’s Releaf store offers a varied selection of quality cannabis flower, edibles, topicals, and an incredible selection of CBD products. Nature’s ReLeaf also has a collection of accessories. Go in and chat with their trained and certified budtenders today, they are for sure excited to meet you and help you. They offer daily specials!

Check us out in the heart of downtown Fairbanks Alaska in 503 7th Ave, Fairbanks. Browse in their CBD menu online. You will find topicals, capsules, edibles, and even CBD for pets.

Hemp Flower Knik-Fairview

If you live in the Knik-Fairview area, drop by Green Degree. What customers love about this place is that their budtenders patiently explain what works for them, they volunteer feedback they’ve received on what works for others, they ask you what result you’re looking for to be as helpful as they can.

They’ve recently added a menu in their lobby so you can get an idea of what you want while you wait, which is never long! And moreover, they have an incredible reward program for every purchase.

With a focus on family, community, health, and the Pay It Forward mentality, Green Degree cultivation continues to produce awesome buds. They continually strive to improve the product and ultimately in turn improve the cannabis you consume.

This store takes great pride in our retail operations from the daily upkeep tasks keeping their locations looking and feeling fresh, to the more in-depth training and planning in order to have a highly effective and efficient retail process. The retail staff focuses on education while serving customers this helps them ensure customer satisfaction.

Check their website for more products and order online if you want. Alternatively, visit them at 0492, 2301 S Knik-Goose Bay Rd Unit #1, Knik-Fairview.

Hemp Flower Wasilla

For the moment you walk in you will love Green Jar. Customers like the clean and modern facility. Their personnel is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, ready to help you find the right bud or product for you. Green Jar carries the best quality selection with affordable prices for everybody.

Family owned and operated, they are passionate about providing the Matanuska Valley with cannabis of the finest source. Let their professional and knowledgeable staff weigh your flower right in front of you. Serving cannabis deli-style as they do, allows you to purchase any amount that you desire, from 0.1 grams to 1 ounce. In Green Jar's menu you will find CBD in all forms and styles.

Feel free to order online too or stop in 4901 E Blue Lupine Dr e, Wasilla to experience what this store has to offer.

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