Hemp Flower at Gas Station

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While gas stations are pretty convenient for buying things at the last minute, there are times when you may want to think twice, especially when it comes to hemp products. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, Americans are more curious about hemp flower and their amazing effects on their bodies, opening a whole new market.

However, regulations are needed, as there is not a specific entity that oversees the processes carried out by all hemp producers. As a result, many manufacturers who prioritize profit might risk the wellbeing of consumers who want to experience the health benefits of the plant. In this article, you will find out why buying hemp flower at gas stations may be cheap but not safe.

To begin with, it is important to note that for a hemp product, a high CBD or CBG concentration is one of its most relevant features, since it offers the best benefits of the plant.

However, hemp products sold at gas stations may provide higher THC levels, which is a substance that is not legal in concentrations higher than 0.3%. The result of a product with high THC content is the so-called “euphoria”, effect that CBD consumers may not be keen on experiencing, and it will most likely give you failed drug tests.

Is Gas Station CBD Safe?

Another disadvantage of buying hemp products at a gas station is the existence of harmful compounds in them. Many companies don’t pay much attention to how and where they grow their hemp plants, using pesticides and GMOs that cause potential health issues. Such companies don’t grow their own organic hemp, but they get it from abroad, which makes it hard to track the processes that were used to grow the plant.

In addition, the extraction method also plays a major role in the quality of CBD products. Some of the chemicals used to extract the compounds of the hemp plant remain in the final product, which means you end up consuming them.

It may be that what you are buying isn’t what you think it is. In some places, the products sold as “hemp flower” are actually synthetic marijuana and salvia. These substances are dangerous for your body, as their components are not organic and it is hard to tell where they come from, providing you with the effects you are definitely not looking for. In addition, it may get you in trouble if you live in a state where marijuana has not been legalized yet.

Buying hemp flower at gas stations may lead to health issues and intoxication. Even if it can end up being a little more expensive, you should stick to the products sold by companies that have actually run lab tests to their items and organically grow their hemp herbs.

At Botany Farms, our craft cannabis is free of any fungicide, pesticide or heavy metal that puts your health at risk. If you want to try out quality hemp flower, check out some of our products here.

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