Hemp Flower Florida: CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide

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Table Of Contents
Hemp has been growing in Florida since 1957, even though it was made illegal for a long time due to its similarity with marijuana. However, after researchers and farmers decided to fight for its legalization demonstrating its amazing properties, the plant became legal in 2018. The Farm Bill recognized hemp as a cannabis plant that contains no more than 0.3% THC and legalized many types of CBD products. Ever since, many states started to adopt the regulations that the U.S Agriculture Department had created. As a result, Florida decided to make hemp legal in 2019, expanding its economy to new borders. If you are in Florida and want to be sure you’re making a safe purchase of hemp flower, this ultimate guide for buying hemp flower in Florida will help you find some amazing brands and shops that provide high-quality hemp flower in your area. If you are far from any local hemp flower shops Botany Farms ships direct - check out some of our best selling high CBD strains: The Florida hemp flower laws dictate that any part of the hemp plant, and the retail sale of “hemp extract” are legal in the state. This was achieved in July 2019 after Governor DeSantis had previously signed Senate Bill 1020 in June of the same year. Even if the Act doesn’t provide any specific rules for the sale of hemp flower, Florida was one of the first states to regulate CBD in food products by issuing Hemp Food Establishment Permits. This has allowed many companies to expand their product line, since CBD-infused edibles have proved to deliver great health and well-being benefits, attracting thousands of consumers. It is important to know that hemp farming is not allowed in the Sunshine State unless the USDA issues a license to any interested farmer. Since 2014, the University of Florida and Florida A&M University are the only entities to have hemp cultivation permits. However, it is expected by this year for the state to issue licenses to allow farmers to grow hemp in a much simpler way. As for smokable hemp flower, it is still illegal to smoke any type of cannabis product in public spaces depending on the city you live in. The reason behind this is because of the similarities between hemp and marijuana, which makes it difficult for authorities to tell them apart with the naked eye.

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in Florida

With a better understanding of hemp flower laws in Florida, you may be wondering where to get it without compromising your health. Luckily for you, options are immense thanks to the great advances the state has made in regards to this plant. Botany Farms has a great variety of hemp flowers and pre-rolls to give you clarity and relaxation. If you want our products delivered to your doorstep, you can check them out here. In case you want to visit a local shop and get to see the wide range of hemp flower for sale in Florida, we have created a list of some great places in different cities of this state.

Hemp Flower Jacksonville

Earth Florida Jax is one of the biggest CBD products dispensers in Florida, with its headquarters located in Jacksonville. They aim for perfection in the CBD products they sell and in the services they provide. Earth Florida Jax has all kinds of hemp flower products you can find in Florida, which are developed for almost anything you can imagine CBD could help you with: tinctures, edibles, teas, painkillers and strains. As a plus, this store is licensed by the FDA and even counts with a whole education system on cannabis and the benefits of CBD in their website. This is a brand that really puts its heart into carefully selecting each item for their customers, delivering the highest quality possible and the most unique products. On the other hand, they’re also one of the companies that offer a Medical Marijuana Card Program in Florida. They make a profile of your medical condition and have an explicit format that solves all of your doubts about becoming a Medical Marijuana Patient in Florida. In case you want to visit their store, you can find them at 4372 Southside Blvd Suite 203, Jacksonville or go to their website. A shot of cars parked on a street in Miami Beach

Hemp Flower Miami

Miami Rave is one of the best sellers in the state of Florida. Whether it is your first time buying hemp flower in Florida or you’re already an experienced consumer, the staff is always attentive to any of your doubts and requests, creating a comfortable experience for customers. Every single one of their products is top notch; they have CBD Vape Oil, CBD Buds, Tinctures, and many more items that will certainly fit any of your needs. All of them are 100% legal and carefully chosen and processed to bring you the highest quality CBD straight to your hands. Last but not least, their 24/7 support service is available via telephone, live-chat or email to solve any questions you have before or after buying a product. Additionally, you get a full money-back guarantee in case you’re not completely satisfied, and an always fast, free shipping within 72 hours of receipt. Visit Miami Rave here to buy their products and get to know more about hemp flowers on their blog.

Hemp Flower Tampa

Chillum CBD is Tampa’s first and best CBD dispensary. As the business describes it, they are a celebration of alternative culture. Its founders, Carlos and Daniel, wanted to make it a store that helped and educated people about cannabis to eliminate the negative stereotypes regarding the plant. Therefore, their ultimate goal is to create a loving and open-minded society that connects through hemp and its multiple uses. To put it in simple words, Chillum is mind-blowing. The brand has taken great steps in terms of activism, education and high-quality work, which made them receive the 2018 Best Local CBD Shop in Tampa Bay Award by Creative Loafing. Their products go from CBD topicals, buds and edibles to even glass art, making them one of the largest stores with their product variety. This is a one of a kind company that’ll surely leave you satisfied once you visit it. Find Chillum CBD Dispensary at 1714 E 7th Ave, Tampa. Their website is being updated, but you can visit their facebook page to get to know more about the company and its services.

Hemp Flower Orlando

Dr. Strains CBD Orlando is one of the most known brands in the area. Their motto, “Quality CBD flower at an affordable price” is certainly one of the reasons why their customers can’t seem to choose any other place to get their hemp flower. They have excellent reviews and even won an award for “Best Hemp Flower” during the 2019 CBD East Expo. The CBD products from Dr. Strains go from flower buds to topical extracts, all made from the most natural 100% organic hemp flowers. Additionally, every item is lab tested and hand-selected, so you can be sure they are a safe bet Lastly, don’t be shy to ask for advisory. Their highly trained staff is available to answer all your questions. Whether you’re the end customer or an agent from a retail store, Dr. Strains treats everyone with the same expertise so that you can purchase high-quality products. Find Dr. Strains CBD at 633 N Semoran Blvd, Azalea Park or go to their website to get their products and get access to their lab tests. As cannabis acceptance keeps increasing in our society, so do the many available products that are made from this plant. From recreational purposes to even medicinal products like ointments, choices are unlimited. Make sure to get high-quality hemp products to enjoy the many benefits of this plant without compromising your health and well-being. At Botany Farms, we make sure our craft cannabis suits our customers preferences and needs, to hang lucid and clam any time of the day. Check out our products to start your journey with us and experience the nicest feelings of relaxation.

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