Hemp Flower Georgia: CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide

Downtown Atlanta Georgia

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Ever since the federal legalization of industrial hemp back in 2014, Georgia started to adopt different regulations to create state laws that aligned with the narrative of the US Department of Agriculture. Currently, farmers all over the country benefit from the expanding hemp market, although the laws regarding its production, sale and distribution still make it hard for small companies to invest in the growth of the herb. If you are curious about the ground rules of hemp flower in Georgia and want to get information about where you can get them, this guide will help you find the best hemp flower for sale in your city.

Is Hemp Legal in Georgia?

Yes, hemp is legal in Georgia. As long as the product does not contain more than .3% concentration of THC, the compound in cannabis plants that provide the “high”, it is considered safe and legal. However, the state hasn’t made hemp production a more streamlined process, making it hard for farmers to get into the market. A license is required to be able to grow hemp and anyone caught farming hemp without a license is charged for felony. Additionally, farmers aren’t even to sell directly to their consumers. They must sell through a third party that tests the quality of the CBD products before they’re sold in the market. Even though necessary, Georgia doesn’t really have its own cannabis processing laboratories, which increases the final price of the products. For this reason, getting your hands on local produced hemp flower may be quite difficult for the time being. In hopes of improving the local economy, many farmers and consumers in Georgia are trying to educate their communities to make hemp consumption accessible and easy to anyone who wants to benefit from it.

Can You Smoke Hemp Publicly?

Just like most states, smoking hemp publicly isn’t legal in Georgia. The reason behind this is the lack of a field test to check the THC content of the hemp. Thus, Georgia has completely banned public smoking of hemp to avoid confusion between it and its lookalike, marijuana. If you get caught smoking hemp in a public area, you will be arrested and the substance you’re carrying will be sent to the lab for testing. Consumers are the ones to pay for the test and may also spend the time prior to receiving results in custody. For this reason, we suggest you avoid smoking publicly until the authorities come up with a solution to these situations.

Best Hemp Stores in Georgia

Now that you’re a bit more familiarized with how hemp laws in Georgia are established, we’ll show you some places where you can buy quality hemp products in this state. In case you want high-quality products delivered to your doorstep, check out Botany Farms’ products, which have been cultivated and processed with the maximum effort. If you want to learn about hemp flower for sale in Georgia from local store, keep reading the guide below:

Hemp Flower Atlanta

Your CBD Store is one of the best hemp stores in Atlanta. They sell hemp-derived products for wellness, sleep and even medical purposes. Your CBD Store has about 40 different locations spread throughout the United States and one is right in the heart of Georgia. One of the best things about Your CBD Store is that they have uploaded the lab reports of every single product they sell in their stores or on their website. For this reason, customer satisfaction is always one of the highlights of their service, since transparency is much needed for an industry that doesn’t have its own regulatory agency. Your CBD Store has products assorted in five different categories; wellness, stress, sleep, pets and beauty. They pretty much cover every reason you’d want something CBD heavy like hemp flower. Additionally, their product line has many different brands that may be hard to find at any other place. They’re some of the best you’re going to find in the market and the oils, hemp flower, edibles as well as skincare products sold in their stores have been rated to be top notch. To visit your CBD Store, go to 749 Moreland Ave. SE Suite C-102 in Atlanta. If you want to know more about the store before visiting, check out their website here.

Hemp Flower Savannah

Mary Jane’s CBD is another extremely popular merchant of hemp flowers. They have three locations in total; Asheville, San Antonio and Savannah. They produce top of the line products and hold the record as one of the fastest-growing CBD dispensaries in the United States. However, Mary Jane’s isn’t just selling hemp-derived products. They’re teaching you what you’re getting into and explaining how to live a life with a stable intake of CBD. They believe in hemp products and want to help people learn how to complement their pharmaceutical drugs with something more natural like hemp and CBD. Mary Jane’s CBD considers that the cannabis movement requires more education delivered to both new and experienced consumers, which makes their mission more valuable and attracts more people, since it ensures the quality of their product. If that isn’t enough to convince you, Mary Jane also uploads all of their lab reports on their websites categorized as per their product collection. Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary is located at 302 W Victory Dr, Savannah. Alternatively, you can also purchase their products via their website.

Hemp Flower Augusta

Metro CBD Center is a local CBD store run in Augusta. The reliable reviews owing up to the credibility of the business make it a place you should definitely visit to buy hemp flower in Georgia. Even though they do not own a website, they have their telephone available for you to ask for your preferred product and pick it up at the store. They also provide a great service, answering all your questions about the items they sell. Metro CBD Center’s staff can help you figure out what products you’re looking for in a minute, teaching you all the basics about hemp. If you want to pay a visit, Metro CBD Center is located at 1507 N Leg Rd, Augusta.

Hemp Flower Macon

Starting off as a dream, New Hope Herbal isn’t your average hemp shop. It is a family-run business that’s operated in the heart of Georgia with an intention to just help people achieve wellness at a low cost. They have an extremely diverse product line on their website. Their collection includes edibles, oils, hemp flower and even herbal teas. You can easily consume CBD from New Hope Herbals products in every form possible. As mentioned before, New Hope Herbal is a family dedicated to helping you out. Even if you’re not purchasing from them, you can schedule a 30-minute session where the staff will walk you through how CBD could change your life. They’ll explain all the benefits hemp could have on your mental and physical health and recommend the best products for you to try out in case you want to start your journey. New Hope Herbal products are available both online and in-site. You can purchase their items either from here or at their store in Macon located at 352 Cotton Ave. Although Georgia still has several laws that make hemp production and consumption difficult for farmers, companies and consumers, there are many people trying to educate the community about the benefits of hemp in all its forms. Hopefully, the future will bring more farmers the opportunity to join the expanding market of hemp industry and provide customers with new, innovative items for their wellbeing.

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