Hemp Flower Hawaii: CBD Flower Buyer's Guide

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Hemp and marijuana, derived from the Cannabis Sativa L, have been, for many years, misconceived to be the same. Decades ago, they both were jointly classified as a "dangerous" Schedule I drug by the government.

However, when the Farm Bill of 2018 passed into law, the Controlled Substances Act excluded hemp from the list of controlled drugs. Thanks to this, any state that submits a hemp farming program to the U.S. Department of Agriculture may legally cultivate this agricultural commodity if farmers are licensed within the state.

This seemingly trivial reform, created a whole new market, with the hemp industry increasing in all corners of the country. The state of Hawaii was one of the many who applied their own hemp farming program in the hope of reaping the possibilities promised by this agricultural commodity.

In this guide, we will see what is the legal status of smokable hemp flower in Hawaii, whether or not you can buy hemp in the Aloha State, and the current Hawaii’s hemp flower laws.

Is Hemp Flower Legal in Hawaii?

Hemp and all its components, including hemp flower, are federally legal. Hemp was excluded from the controlled substances list due to the 2018 Farm Bill passing. In all 50 states, hemp products that contain 0.3% THC or less are legal.

On August 27, 2020, Act 014 was signed into law in Hawaii, legalizing the growth of hemp in Hawaii through the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program from the Department of Agriculture (USDA). Individuals and organizations planning on cultivating hemp in Hawaii must obtain a hemp cultivation license from the USDA since November 1, 2020.

For those that enjoy hemp flower, the state of Hawaii is easing itself into a more lenient marijuana legislature that might help improve the situation. However, you may want to keep your raw hemp flower stored at home for the moment, to avoid any confusion with law enforcement in public spaces.

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in Hawaii

Since hemp flower in Hawaii remains uncontrolled, several individuals decide to purchase this commodity online. Another victory gained by the 2018 Farm Bill is the delivery and mailing of hemp products across state lines. Since the product is no longer illegal, it can be transported through regions without any legal repercussions.

Free of pesticides, fungicides and heavy metals, Botany Farms offers an impressive range of quality hemp flower strains. Our hang-dried, organic, trimmed cannabis flower is absolutely worth it. Find out more about the finest CBD and CBG flower on the market on our website and order online.

You can find hemp flower for sale in Hawaii in only a handful of shops with high standards and an amazing variety of CBD infused products. Next, we bring you the best of the best in the state in case you prefer to buy your products personally.

Hemp Flower Honolulu

For over 6 years, Mr. Hemp CBD has been bringing the Hawaiian community quality infused CBD products. This store, located at Inside Mr. Ink Plus, 286 N School St, Honolulu, carries products that are safe and effective alternatives to prescription painkillers. These treatments often contain harsh chemical compounds alien to nature's perfect remedies.

Patients are looking for a natural remedy, which is exactly what Mr. Hemp CBD offers them. Mr. Hemp CBDs product line is continuously expanding with their over the counter (OTC) products, which are carefully selected from distributors that have their products manufactured in a ISO6 Clean Room, ensuring customers the highest quality CBD products in the hawaiian market.

At Mr. Hemp CBD they elect to represent only top standards regarding CBD in the industry for the local kama'aina customer base. This great store is there to help you, so even if you don't purchase anything from the store, they will at least educate you on what to look for in purchasing your CBD products. Browse through the categories on their website and feel free to order online.

Hemp Flower Hilo

Finding hemp or CBD in the Hilo area can be a little bit more difficult than you may have thought. There are not many places with hemp flower in Hawaii, besides Honolulu. However, we found a store with a great selection of CBD products in the city.

Hale Hookah, though a smoke shop, has the finest CBD products in the state. Customers couldn’t be happier with the great service and kind staff. The atmosphere is cool and relaxing, so you feel at ease while being in the Hookah bar inside the store.

Hale Hookah offers you combine their wide range flavors with their high quality CBD oils to enhance the benefits of this compound while improving the smoking experience as well.

Drop by 60 Waianuenue Ave, Hilo, and enjoy this amazing place with live music and the best products possible. Check their Facebook page if you have any questions or if you want to schedule an appointment with them.

Hemp Flower Kailua

Customers’ first option to buy CBD in Kailua is Hawaii Medicinal. Here you can find 100% beyond organic flower under what they called permaculture farming and what’s better is that everything is made with Hawaii’s hemp flower.

Hand Picked and watered with coconuts grown with positive vibrations, this store is all about the power of nature. Their customers certainly love it and Hawaiian Medicinal are very proud of what they have achieved with this philosophy. Moreover, their products are grown under the hawaiian sunshine and infused with Hawaiian Kava (Ava).

Bringing the healing power of plant medicine to everyday life; gathered and grown on the shores of Oahu. These wild crafted salves, lotions, sunscreen’s and supplements are made from all natural, locally grown, crafted and organic ingredients.

All of the products are handmade on the island of Oahu with traditional hawaiian plant medicine infused into each one, even their hemp is grown on the islands. As we know you will enjoy what they carry and their effectiveness, order from the online store or stop by 316 Kuulei Rd, Kailua if you rather go in person.

Hemp Flower Waipahu

If you live in Waipahu and you’re looking for exceptional hemp and CBD, go visit TCA CBD & Vape. This place is known to be the best in the city thanks to their helpful personnel and friendly service. They know what they are offering and will guide you until you find what’s the right product for you and your needs.

TCA CBD provides essential CBD products to many customers that use these to care for their health. Customers have expressed to TCA that CBD helps with health issues including but not limited to: pain, sleep, anxiety, and depression. Many customers deem such a product a necessity, and come in weekly to purchase their CBD products.

Pay a visit in 94-144 Farrington Hwy #112, Waipahu, and maybe they will become your favorite store too. Many of their lab tested, THC Free, CBD products provided by this store can ONLY be purchased there.

TCA CBD & Vape also engages in the retail sale of pet supply products such as doggy treats and pet spray products. Other household consumer products include but are not limited to drinks, teas, food products, hand sanitizers, 3-ply protective masks, soaps, bath bombs, lotions, and skin care products. You can order here if you are interested in what they are offering.

Hemp Flower Aiea

Aiea’s customers are lucky to have Medic808 (pronounced Medicate 08) for supplying them with the best hemp and CBD available in the market. This place specializes in pain relief, mood elevation and anxiety relief.

Customers are always happy with the services and their kind staff helping them to get the correct products while educating them about the effects and benefits every item has in the body.

They offer a wide range of products from oils, salves/lotions, edibles (gummy bears, chocolate and honey), dog Oils, flower, CBD/turmeric capsules etc. Medic808 offers full spectrum, and isolated (for the ones “drug-tested” at work) forms of CBD.

If you are able to visit one of their 3 locations in Aiea, they are located at Pearlridge Shopping Center Uptown 98-1005 Moanalua Rd., RMU# I-11, they will give you any recommendations based on your needs. Feel free to contact the store for suggestions, questions or purchase online on their website.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to see all of the Video Testimonials. You’ll be able to see actual customers speaking about their experience with Medic808 products.

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