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Until 1937, Ohio had a thriving hemp industry. However, due to the misconception that hemp flower was the same as marijuana, the federal government decided to stop all the activities related to its cultivation and distribution, increasing the negative connotation that has formed around hemp.

However, Ohio passed a bill in July 2019, thanks to the efforts of farmers and researchers, to once again grow this miraculous herb. Although the new Ohio hemp flower laws still make it difficult for individuals and groups to establish their own herb farms, this is a great step for the hemp industry, which is growing non-stop all over the country.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Ohio's hemp industry, halted in 1937 due to misconceptions about hemp, was revived in 2019 through new legislation​.

  • Hemp is fully legal in Ohio for commercial purposes, including the cultivation and sale of CBD products below 0.3% THC​.

  • While hemp is legal, regulatory processes have slowed the opening of local stores, making online purchasing a more accessible option​.

Absolutely yes. The state fully legalized hemp for commercial purposes by passing Senate Bill 57. This law allows the growth of industrial hemp and the manufacturing and sale of CBD products.

The bill was signed by Gov. Mike DeWine, who, along with other members of the Department of Agriculture, decided to create a hemp program in order to give individuals interested in the cultivation of hemp flower a legal framework to do so.

According to the Department of Agriculture, it is legal to sell hemp flowers in Ohio, as well as CBD products, manufactured either in or out of state. All products must be below the 0.3% THC limit.

The History of CBD in Ohio

Early Stages and Legal Status

Ohio's journey with CBD and cannabis has been complex and evolving. Initially, Ohio, like many states, had stringent laws against cannabis, which included hemp-derived products such as CBD. This stance reflected the broader national perspective on cannabis-related products.

2016: Medical Marijuana Legalization

A significant shift occurred in 2016 when Ohio legalized medical marijuana through House Bill 523. This law allowed patients with qualifying medical conditions to use medical marijuana, which included CBD products. However, the law was specific about the conditions under which medical marijuana could be used and required medical prescriptions.

The 2018 Federal Farm Bill and Its Impact

The 2018 Federal Farm Bill was a pivotal moment for CBD in Ohio, as it was across the United States. This legislation federally legalized hemp-derived products containing less than 0.3% THC, differentiating hemp from marijuana. This development was crucial to changing the legal landscape for CBD in Ohio.

2019: State Alignment with Federal Law

In 2019, Ohio passed Senate Bill 57, which aligned state law with the Federal Farm Bill. This bill officially legalized the sale and possession of hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3% THC. This move was a significant step forward in establishing a legal market for CBD products in Ohio.

Regulation and Market Growth

Following these legislative changes, Ohio saw a surge in the availability and variety of CBD products. From CBD oils and tinctures to edibles and topicals, the market expanded rapidly.

However, this growth also necessitated regulatory measures to ensure product quality and consumer safety. Ohio authorities have been working to implement regulations that protect consumers while supporting the growth of the CBD industry.

Ongoing Developments and Future Outlook

The legal and regulatory landscape for CBD in Ohio continues to evolve. There is ongoing discussion about the potential expansion of the medical marijuana program and the loosening of restrictions around CBD products. Public opinion in Ohio has also been shifting, with increasing support for broader legalization of cannabis.

The history of CBD in Ohio mirrors the changing perceptions and laws surrounding cannabis and hemp-derived products. From initial strict regulations to a more open and regulated market, Ohio's journey with CBD reflects a broader national trend towards acceptance and integration of these products into the wellness market.

As Ohio continues to refine its regulations and expand its programs, the future of CBD in the state looks promising, with potential for further growth and acceptance.

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in Ohio

Now that you know you can buy hemp flower in Ohio, it’s time to find the best locations. Although hemp is legal in the state, the processes farmers have to go through in order to start growing and selling are slowing down the opening of local stores. Because of this, it may be easier for you to buy hemp flower online for the time being, in the hopes that the hemp industry in Ohio continues to thrive over time.

On the other hand, if you want to visit store locations that have hemp flower for sale in Ohio, we have a few locations to check out. Something to keep in mind is that, due to COVID-19, these places may have specific regulations and potentially longer lines and wait times while customers are being assisted to ensure overall safety.

Hemp Flower Columbus

One of the best places to buy hemp flower in Cincinnati is Carolina Hemp Company. Established in 2014, this store provides quality hemp flower extract products such as vape oils, concentrates, and edibles. In addition, they carry organically grown smokable hemp flower which have been found to be a natural way to treat chronic pain and serious illnesses.

Carolina Hemp Company has stores in multiple cities around the country and has become a wholesaler, providing clients with high-quality CBD products and educational information to ensure they know about the items they are purchasing.

The staff at Carolina Hemp Company will walk you through all the products they sell and inform you of all their properties and uses. They also hand out samples of their numerous articles for you to take home.

Visit Carolina Hemp Company at 5212 N High Street, Suite A, Columbus or go online to check out their products and find some educational resources in case you don’t know much about hemp flowers and want to find out more. 

Hemp Flower Cleveland

The Midnight Smoke Shop is a nice place to start off your journey with hemp flower. They have plenty of products, from CBD flower to edibles and rolling papers.

The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming. Some say it can be a bit pricey, but the high-quality products sold in this place will certainly be worth the price tag, and you can find other accessories and articles that may make your experience even more interesting as you explore the place.

In Spring 2020, they launched their Midnight Toker's Rewards Program, which gives you points every time you shop in their store. Once you have stacked enough points, you can get free items from their shop.

In addition, they have recently launched an online shop due to COVID-19. What is interesting about their website is the education provided about hemp flower, CBD and even CBG, in case you are new to hemp flower and want to learn about its different components. They also have a YouTube channel where they share product reviews, upload challenges, and even hold giveaway events for their clients.

If you find The Midnight Smoke Shop an interesting place to buy hemp flower, you can find it at 3712 Pearl Road, Cleveland. As their name states, you can go and get some nice hemp flower products from 9 a.m. to midnight. If you want to shop online, click here to visit their website.

Hemp Flower Cincinnati

If you’re in Ohio, the Cincinnati Hemp Company is a must-go. This store offers a first-class experience selling CBD products that are completely organic, and they even step up their game by providing clothing made from eco-friendly and sustainable brands. Their staff will listen to all your needs and questions and will recommend the best products for your specific interests.

Another important aspect of the Cincinnati Hemp Company is their quality testing. They use third-party independent laboratories to ensure their products are safe for your hemp needs. Even though they started small and still have a long way to go, they’ve already received a great deal of loyal and satisfied customers who find their store differs from most CBD shops.

Although their website is still under construction, you can still find them at Findlay Market, 101 W Elder St., Cincinnati. The store is also pet-friendly and even offers some products for dogs.

Hemp Flower Toledo

Hemp 4 Real was one of the first hemp flower shops in Ohio to open once the bill was signed. Their CBD isolate is 99%+ pure cannabidiol extract from USA-farmed hemp grown from non-GMO cultivars and processed in an ISO-accredited laboratory.

This results in high-quality products that range from tinctures to flowers to even pet products. You can find some testimonials on their website to see that their CBD items relieve all the chronic pains their clients suffer from.

Besides the quality of their products, Hemp 4 Real has lab paperwork for all their items, and their customer service and shipping is top-notch, with an online shop that has a customer chat to make sure you have all your questions answered in seconds. The staff at the store will also give you an amazing experience with their friendly personalities and knowledge.

You can find Hemp 4 Real at 1026 N Holland Sylvania Rd, Toledo. If you want to shop online, click here to get your favorite products without leaving your house.

Finding hemp flower for sale in Ohio may be a little bit challenging due to all the regulations that the federal government is carrying out to make sure the law is being followed.

However, for a state that once was one of the country's most successful hemp cultivators, we may expect a future full of more local brands providing great products to those who need to treat their illnesses, chronic pains, or simply want to have a great experience.

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Whether you're looking for CBD gummies, oils, or topicals, Botany Farms has something to suit your needs. Botany products are lab-tested, ensuring less than 0.3% THC content and being fully compliant with Ohio's legal standards. Plus, enjoy the convenience of having these premium CBD products delivered directly to your door.

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