Hemp Flower Pennsylvania: CBD Flower Buyer's Guide


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Indica Sleep THCA
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Back in 2016, as a response to the 2014 Farm Bill, Pennsylvania allowed hemp farming for research purposes. But the state could eventually do away with the science premise and get to develop hemp industrially when the improved 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law.

Hence, in 2019, the State of Pennsylvania submitted to the US Department of Agriculture its hemp farming program, officially legalizing the cultivation of hemp for commercial use. The state of Pennsylvania today enjoys a prosperous hemp market, putting together traders, consumers, producers, and processors to take full advantage of this hot new agricultural commodity.

In 2016, under its Pilot Program, the state began with 15 growers. Then there were 324 permit holders during the 2019 season who planted hemp crops across 4,000 acres of land. This is a dramatic increase and reflects the dedication of the state to expanding its agricultural opportunities for growing hemp flower in Pennsylvania. 

Hemp is a highly regulated herb. That's why anyone participating in the market must follow a particular set of rules. So, can you legally sell and buy hemp flower in Pennsylvania? This guide will let you know what Pennsylvania hemp flower laws are about.

Is Hemp Flower Legal in Pennsylvania?

Since the state has a strong hemp program and approves the use of CBD products derived from hemp, that also makes hemp flower legal in Pennsylvania. Although federal approval of the state hemp plan submitted to the U.S. Agricultural Department is pending, the state allows all commercial hemp production.

The Farm Bill 2018 establishes the parameters that make cannabis legal or illegal. This is largely due to the close similarity of the herb to marijuana, a federally illegal drug that comes from the same plant as hemp. Under state law, industrial hemp is the Cannabis sativa L. plant, and every portion of it, whether or not it is grown, has a dry weight concentration of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol not exceeding 0.3%.

So, yes, the buying of hemp flower is absolutely legal when the flower strain you pick has THC levels that comply with federal and state laws. Additionally, while it is legal to buy and consume hemp flower buds, there are rules against smoking in public. CBD flower should not be smoked in a public area or near a school facility. In other words, smoking in a private space where you feel relaxed is your only option.

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in Pennsylvania

Finding hemp flower for sale in Pennsylvania is a simple task. There are plenty of places with CBD products and hemp. With the Pennsylvania hemp flower industry growing every day, you can go to specialized stores dedicated 100% to CBD and hemp-infused products, yet you still need to purchase from reliable dispensaries where you know your money is well invested.

In this guide, you will see a list of the best shops carrying hemp flower in Pennsylvania. Nonetheless, if you prefer staying home and sticking to the online method, at Botany Farms we have quality flower free of pesticides, fungicides, and heavy metals. Our organic, hang-dried, hand-trimmed cannabis flower is truly an art form made to help you with your daily stress and bad mood.

Whether you need to relax, focus, or recover while maintaining clarity, we have the best CBD and CBG flower on the market, and we can ship it right to your door.

Hemp Flower Philadelphia

If you're looking for the best smokable hemp in Pennsylvania, you should probably go to Hip Hemp Cafe. This store is a one-of-a-kind CBD lounge and hemp specialty shop in Philadelphia dedicated to improving the lives of many using cannabis. It is their goal to provide customers with a friendly, caring, and knowledgeable staff well versed in CBD.

Here you will find Philadelphia’s largest selection of CBD hemp flower at their very own “bud bar!” Do you prefer smoking hemp? Visit them at Hip Hemp Cafe, located at 607 S 7th St., Philadelphia, where you’ll be able to choose from over 25–30 different quality, lab-tested, and COA-accredited strains at any given time, and they’ll always be fresh!

Unlike other stores around South Street and the general Philadelphia area, you won’t find a prepackaged flower selection there. The staff is able to fulfill your order in person, scaled by hand, right in front of you. Also, feel free to browse their online retail section and learn about the interesting history behind this establishment here.

Hemp Flower Pittsburgh

Everyone stepping into Hippie and French in Pittsburgh has had a very pleasant experience in this CBD boutique, where even doctors recommend going. Customers are always happy with the service and the comfortable atmosphere of this amazing store.

Hippie and French products are high quality from a wide range of brands and styles of CBD, besides how reasonably priced they are according to regular customers. Every product has a third-party lab report (COA), which is available at the store for you to review before purchase.

They make sure every product is a whole plant-derived, full-spectrum organic, non-GMO product free of pesticides, herbicides, and solvents. Do not expect less from their products.

This boutique is offering a curated collection of cannabidiol in the form of oils, tinctures, salves, muscle rubs, flower/bud, vapes, edibles, beauty balms, coffee/drinks, pet treats, and pet oils (for dogs or cats). They are committed to offering whole plant-derived, full-spectrum CBD product lineup.

Visit them at 5122 Butler St., Pittsburgh, or browse through their categories in their online shop and order whatever meets your needs.

Hemp Flower Allentown

Customers' best option to go when it’s about CBD is Smooth Roots in Allentown. Whoever is buying in this store couldn’t be more satisfied with the service and products.

Smooth Roots staff are very knowledgeable, friendly, and assertive in finding what meets your needs. Smooth Roots is a farm-to-table hemp company focusing on providing the most experienced cannabis education backed by the highest quality hemp oil available.

From cultivation to the lab, testing to distribution, we believe in sustainable, craft farming practices. You can order on their website and check out the advantages of every product. They strongly believe that the benefits of these plants can be used together to make strong and effective products.

This is why they offer such a diverse lineup of products, which is what motivates them to continually look for new approaches to alternative health. They offer a large array of products with different extraction techniques and herbal blends for a truly individualized approach to CBD.

Drop by 911 Hamilton St., Allentown, and experience for yourself what this store offers.

Hemp Flower Erie

If you are from Erie and you are looking for CBD and hemp in the city, go to Misery Bay Green Relief. Customers have fun spending money here. Their professional and kind personnel are ready to guide you through your experience and improve it inside the store, so you leave completely content.

They provide the Erie community with safe, trustworthy, and affordable all-natural, handmade hemp and herbal products in efforts to educate and dispel the stigma of the Cannabis sativa hemp plant. Their CBD hemp oil is different from the rest. It works reliably and consistently, and each product has handmade quality control.

Misery Bay Green Relief wants to bring you quality CBD in simple packaging and offer various natural ways to get CBD benefits, all while spreading education and dispelling cannabis myths and stigmas. They are involved with the products from seed to shelf and know their supplier well. They have done the homework and research for you and bring quality hemp to the Erie County area at the best prices they can.

Pay a visit at 1216 W 38th St., Erie, or if you like, check their website to order online instead.

Hemp Flower Reading

There are not many stores or dispensaries that carry hemp flower or CBD here in Reading. However, we found a great option in the area. Exeter Wellness Center is home to My CBD Remedies. They are a small, local business that thrives on making the very best CBD products. This shop is complete with a full line of broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products.

They have everything from topical pain relief cream, supplements, and lotions to sublingual oils and gummies. Smokables and capsules are also available. Customers agree on their effectiveness to relieve pain and other health issues naturally and quickly.

Not sure where to start or what exactly works best for you? No worries; their staff is well trained and will guide you to the best products to fit your needs. My CBD Remedies listen to what’s wrong with their customers’ health and bodies; thus, they have created crowd-pleasing products that suit a large number of needs.

Find them at 3815 Perkiomen Ave., Reading. For more information on the legality of CBD in Pennsylvania, check out the video below.

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