Hemp Flower Texas: CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide

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Texas is one of the states that did take their sweet time in legalizing hemp. In 2019, Texas finally implemented the House Bill 1325 signed by Governor Greg Abbott which legalized the production, distribution, sale, and growth of hemp products in the state of Texas. Along with hemp, a lot of other products that contain cannabidiol and other parts of the hemp plant were legalized as well. So, to answer the very first question that Texans might have about hemp; yes, buying and using hemp is completely legal within the state of Texas. Apart from simply legalizing the plant, the Lone Star State has also taken several initiatives to make the whole process of getting your hands-on hemp flower extremely convenient. However, not everything containing CBD oil has been legalized by Texas. The state discourages the use of CBD oil and CBD-infused food products for consumption. These infusions have yet to receive approval by the US Food and Drug Administration. However, there is a difference between making something legal and allowing something illegal to be bought with any repercussions. We used the word ‘discourages’ specifically to represent the state’s exact thoughts regarding these products. They haven’t shown any interest in prohibiting the usage of CBD-infused food products and haven’t announced any specific restrictions on the consumption of these products.

Can you Smoke Hemp Publicly?

Even after the legalization of hemp, it is still illegal to smoke in public as per the Texas hemp flower laws. This doesn’t really have anything to do with hemp, but it's because of the state-wide ban on the consumption of marijuana. Using marijuana for medical purposes is allowed but under very limited situations. People suffering from epilepsy, sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and ALS are the only diseases that allow the consumption of marijuana with very little THC content. Due to the fact that marijuana and hemp are extremely similar to one another with very little to distinguish between them visually, it creates an unpleasant situation for law enforcement agencies. There’s no way to determine whether what you are smoking is marijuana or hemp, hence the reason behind prohibiting the use of hemp in public areas.

Where to buy Hemp Flower in Texas

So, now that we’ve established the ground rules and talked about the legality factor of hemp in Texas, where can you actually buy hemp flower in Texas? The speed of Texas in establishing a complete infrastructure to sell hemp within the state is actually pretty commendable. Tons of shops opened within weeks of the bill approval and more followed up in the year to come. Botany Farms has several great strains of CBD flower available that ship to Texas, check out our best sellers! If you’re looking for a hemp flower for sale in Texas locally, here are some stores to look for.

Hemp Flower Houston

VapeRX is regarded as the very best hemp flower store in Houston. They don’t just have a store in Houston, but also provide their services through their highly convenient website, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the best factors of VapeRX would be the amazing staff they have. They have an incredibly talented team at their disposal that will help you figure out the exact products that you need. We highly recommend VapeRX to people that don’t have a lot of experience with hemp flowers. The staff there will definitely help you pick out products according to your liking. Their products are a bit more expensive as compared to some of the other hemp stores in Texas, but regardless, their high-quality products are well worth the price tag. The company has also released some of their lines of products specifically for their own brand. You can check them out as well. If you’re looking to visit the store in Houston, you can find them at 6720 Chimney Rock Road Suite V, Houston, Texas. Or, alternatively, you can visit their online store here.

Hemp Flower Austin

Restart CBD is a locally owned CBD and hemp vendor located in Austin, Texas. If there was ever a company selling hemp flower in Texas with the best customer service you can ever hope for, its Restart CBD. The folks over there aren’t just helped in terms of selecting products and helping you sort through the collection. That is sort of a given. But they go above and beyond by making sure their customers feel special. A few clients of Restart CBD have reported receiving hand-written letters apologizing for any inconvenience and offering their gratitude. Just like VapeRX, Restart also has a store along with an online one as well. The company has gotten extremely proactive during COVID-19 and is processing orders the same day and getting them to customers as soon as they can. In times like these, customers require reliability from the stores they’re purchasing from, especially a store that’s made to provide comfort and treat chronic pains. Restart makes sure no customer walks away unhappy. The company also runs a pretty impressive informative blog site with everything from state laws to CBD recipes. The combination of their collection of products and guides on how to use them is a pretty decent pair that has made them one of the most reliable vendors of hem flowers in Austin, Texas. You can find Restart CBD at 2521 Rutland Dr #150A, Austin, Texas or you can simply visit their website to make your purchases here.

Hemp Flower Dallas

CBD Plus USA is another great place to buy all your hemp goodies. It's one of the more national hemp stores on our list. It has over 100 stores spread all across the United States. It even has two stores in Dallas as well as a couple dozen other in Texas. The company doesn’t really have its own e-commerce store. They have a website with the “ship product” option, but if you click it, you’re just redirected to some other company. We don’t know what sort of affiliation those two companies have, but regardless, the amount of stores CBD Plus USA has, it makes up for the lack of an e-commerce store. The two stores we mentioned above were locally owned, while CBD Plus is a chain of stores as we’ve obviously discussed. This does take some points off of the customer service that the two stores above had. It's not as if the staff here is incompetent and won’t help you out. But they might not be as inclined to hold your hand as some locally owned stores do. We highly suggest doing some research before you go to buy something from them. The two stores located in Dallas are at 8706 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 140, Dallas, and 17390 Preston Road Suite 265 Dallas. You can look for stores in other states by searching for them here.

Hemp Flower San Antonio

The best that San Antonio has to offer in the world of CBD and hemp flower would be none other than The Botanical Shoppe. The company has five stores in the United States with three of them being placed around San Antonio, Texas. They expand every few months so even if there isn’t a store close to where you are in Texas, they might come there in a few months. But, regardless, The Botanical Shoppe is absolute perfection. Unlike CBD Plus USA, Botanical Shoppe has its own e-commerce store with a wide variety of CBD and hemp products. The company is extremely proud of the quality of their product. All of their produce is checked through a third-party independent laboratory to ensure that you’re receiving safe plants for your hemp needs. Botanical Shoppe goes the full mile to ensure that their customers are happy. If you purchase a full 90-day supply of their products, you’ll receive a wellness coach as well who’ll work with you to ensure you get rid of any chronic pains or inflammation you’re facing. You can visit their website here.

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A man rolling a hemp flower joint
A man rolling a hemp flower joint