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Dare to give this Hippie a ride, and you'll be glad you did. The Hippie Crippler strain's effects can leave you feeling as happy and brimming with positive energy as if you were at the Woodstock concert of '69. If you are curious about this mysterious and mystical variety, keep reading and understand why this bud can leave more than one hippie crippling on its way.

Hippie Crippler Appearance

Although Hippie Crippler may not produce the most attractive buds in the world, the appearance of these flowers and their shiny trichome coverings are just as enticing as some of the showiest nugs on the market.

Hippie Crippler produces popcorn-shaped nuggets with a typical Indica structure, very dense, packed, and small to medium in size. These buds are made of pale spring green leaves and covered by a generous layer of brownish pistils.

A dense layer of amber trichomes coats the interior and exterior of these flowers, giving them, in turn, a certain yellowish tinge that shows glowing evidence of the psychoactive power these buds contain.

​Hippie Crippler Lineage

​This balanced crippler bud comes from a pair of strains that are quite popular among most connoisseurs. Hippie Crippler crosses a bit of each of its parent's characteristics and inherits a remarkable combination of both of its predecessors' natures.

For example, the THC content percentage of Hippie Crippler, which is around a formidable 20%, is a consequence of both parents and the hybrid nature of this variety. At the same time, the Hippie Crippler strain has features characteristic of each of its separate predecessor strains.

On one side of the family, we have the space traveler bud Blue Satellite, an exquisite Sativa phenotype, daughter of the popular and all-time favorite Blueberry, crossed with the tasty Shiskaberry.

Blue Satellite passes on to her daughter Hippie Crippler the distinguished quality of developing predominantly Indica-looking buds, well packed and dense, although both strains are balanced hybrids with effects of a more Sativa nature.

Like her daughter Hippie Crippler, the Blue Satellite strain usually scores between 15% to 22% THC content, although in some cases, Hippie Crippler can go a little higher on the scoreboard. The energetic and hyperactive nature of Blue Satellite's effects seems to be another trait that she passes on to her Hippie daughter.

Nonetheless, the effects of Hippie Crippler live up to its name, as high doses of this crop can really leave you glued to the couch or make it harder to finish a to-do list.

On the other side of this family tree, we have the famous AK-47, a Sativa-dominant strain that can intimidate with its imposing name. This bud generates very mellow effects that, in high doses and just like its daughter, Hippie Crippler, can leave more than one unwilling to get up from the chair. Nevertheless, this strain will leave users feeling peaceful, euphoric, and uplifted with increased creativity.

Just like her daughter Hippie Crippler, the AK-47 strain is great for daytime use and social or visually or aurally engaging activities like listening to music or watching movies. Although it is a Sativa-dominant strain, some users report that 1-3 puffs of this strain before bed can help you get a better night's rest.

Hippie Crippler THC Content

​Hippie Crippler buds are generators of intense psychedelic energy due to their abundant production of translucent white trichomes full of THC. The average THC content of Hippie Crippler hovers between 15% to 22%, but some variants can have as much as an impressive 27% THC content. That high THC rate and its high myrcene content may not leave you crippling, as the name implies, but it can surely make you wobble depending on the dose and your THC tolerance.

Hippie Crippler Effects

​The THC content of Hippie Crippler buds makes you feel its happy and uplifting effects with the first puffs. The effects of this variety are long-lasting and generate a spaced and airy sensation with a particular alteration and intensification of the senses, even generating psychedelia on some occasions.

With this strain, some sounds, sensations, and vibes can reach new dimensions. The dreamlike feelings that the Hippie Crippler strain generates come with a boost in focus and increased happiness. These feelings can be the perfect catalyst for simple household chores, such as cleaning the house or finishing that to-do list.

Hippie Crippler's high psychoactivity can encourage users to stay indoors or somewhere quiet in the company of good friends or loved ones, making it an excellent strain for social use. However, it can cause feelings of "couch locking" or even sudden sleeping in high doses. In fact, in some cases, it can be an ideal strain to wrap up a long day at work and enjoy a relaxation-inducing high before bed.

Hippie Crippler Flavors

The ​Hippie Crippler strain’s flavor profile pairs with the incredible aromatic explosion it unleashes. Although hashish flavors predominate, Hippie Crippler surprises with her smooth and delightful smoke when you burn its buds.

The earthy and hashish notes are immediately noticeable at the inhale, accompanied by accents of pine, lemon, butter, and a slight sweet tobacco-like flavor.

It’s on the exhale where its predecessors' fruity and sweet essence becomes remarkable, leaving you with a pleasant and sweet lingering aftertaste with certain undertones of diesel on the palate that invites you to take another puff.

Hippie Crippler Aroma

​The aromatic profile of this strain is one of its most outstanding characteristics, and its earthy, woody, acrid, sandalwood, and classically dank aromas reinforce its relationship with aromatherapy and hippie culture. By properly curing Hippie Crippler flowers, they can give off aromas of damp soil mixed with fermented compost.

We could say that the scents emanating from the buds of Hippie Crippler are sharp and spicy, almost incense-like, sometimes giving off notes of patchouli. The terpenes responsible for building this exciting odor profile are mostly myrcene, followed by terpinolene and ocimene.

The aroma of Hippie Crippler becomes even more intense when you break or grind these buds. In addition to the whole odor profile already mentioned, you will start to perceive peppery and pine notes that will complement the aromatic experience of this strain.

Those who wish to keep its use discreet should note that Hippie Crippler produces dense and fragrant smoke, so any smoker trying to be discreet should take the proper precautions.

Hippie Crippler Growing Info

There are currently no Hippie Crippler seeds available yet, much less feminized or autoflowering. Because of this, the most accessible way for home growers is to head to the most reliable source they can find that has some mature Hippie Crippler plants to get some cuttings of it. These cuttings, in turn, grow as genetically identical clones.

Due to the lack of seeds for this strain in particular and the fact that it is still a relatively rare variety, there is not much information about the best cultivation practices specific to this strain.

Still, we know that Hippie Crippler can grow well indoors and outdoors and does best in semi-humid, Mediterranean-type climates. The Indica genetics of this hybrid strain suggest a relatively short flowering time while producing plants of relatively short stature, perfect for growing indoors.

Hippie Crippler Benefits

Medical cannabis users seek out Hippie Crippler for its sedative qualities, which are perfect for relieving some chronic and temporary pain. This strain also has excellent anti-inflammatory qualities that can help relieve certain day-to-day irritations such as nausea due to digestive tract inflammation or headaches.

Moreover, the Hippie Crippler strain can live up to its name by putting you in a "peace and love" mood. It helps mitigate stressors from the outside world, making it an ideal strain to combat stress, anxiety, and some disorders related to sudden mood swings. In moderate doses, this cultivar can be suitable for patients with low tolerance to THC or those who are prone to panic or anxiety attacks.

If you are looking for a strain with a profile of aromas and effects similar to Hippie Crippler, we have reserved for you an exquisite batch of Sour Space Candy that can take you to space in a delicious sweet cloud of woody and fruity flavors, very similar to Hippie smoke. Crippler.

You can also try our Super Sour Space Candy pre-rolls, another exquisite variety that adds a super delicious touch to your experience. To obtain these tasty strains, you just have to enter our online store, click on order, and wait for our team of experts to arrive at your doorstep.

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