Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain Review

Honolulu Haze hemp strain

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When thinking about paradise, many imagine an exotic and beautiful beach in Honolulu because it is the best example of the perfect place to leave everything behind and just turn off any negative thoughts. It is just as relaxing as it sounds, and the Honolulu Haze hemp strain could transport you immediately when trying it.

This successful strain lives up to its name and provides you with all the tropical and peaceful sensations related to this magical place in Hawaii, so you will feel lighter while staying alert and capable of socializing. The Honolulu Haze strain reaches an incredible 23.98% CBD level, enabling all the wonderful properties desired by occasional and medical users alike.


The Honolulu Haze strain has a pleasant pineapple, mango, and peach taste with earthy middle notes that balance out the flavor profile. It tastes like overripe tropical fruits with a slight bitter grass aftertaste. This bud is an excellent strain for both inexperienced and seasoned CBD smokers because it is not too rough on the throat.

The Honolulu Haze strain also has a soft smell of vanilla and tropical flowers. The dominant terpenes responsible for all these features are mainly three. First, caryophyllene contributes a spicy, funky warmth to the nose, similar to cinnamon and cloves. It is best for stress relief and reducing anxiety.

Pinene is an aromatic compound found in cannabis responsible for the subtle scent of pine trees. Lastly, bisabolol is a fragrant chemical compound found in the chamomile flower, and it has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant effects.


The Honolulu Haze strain is a refreshing and generally soothing flower with a powerful head buzz. It is refreshing in the sense that it gives you a sensation of well-being and calming in the way that it provides you with a certain level of trust and tranquility after usage.

Initially, you will feel mental clouds dissipate, and a sense of clarity and decluttering will wash over you. Then, as your lips rise for a small smile, your shoulders and neck will begin to relax. The Honolulu Haze strain is an excellent choice for daytime use because it doesn't make you lazy or disoriented. It also fits nicely in social situations.

Anxiety, pain, depression, inflammation, stress, and social anxiety are the most common reasons people smoke Honolulu Haze. The good news is that there aren't any significant side effects to be worried about while smoking this strain.

Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain Genetics

Honolulu Haze is the kid born from Hawaiian Haze and AF6’s love. Both add the best qualities they have to create this popular sativa strain in the cannabis community. In this sense, Hawaiian Haze contributes all the aesthetic features, taste, and smell, while AF6 is the one to recognize for most of its chemical composition and benefits.


Hawaiian Haze is a sweet, earthy hybrid acclaimed for its sativa-leaning effects. This strain has a musty, woody aroma complimented by a heavy sweetness. This strain gives Honolulu Haze a powerful tropical fruit punch, like tropical fruits like pineapple and papaya, in its strain’s flavor profile.

Unfortunately, AF6 is mainly unknown. Still, it has heavy sativa effects combined with mild indica effects for a relaxed and regulated buzz capable of improving your mood and motivation, just like its child, Honolulu Haze.

Growth Information

When you decide to cultivate this strain, you will encounter a fast-growing and easy-to-grow plant that thrives both indoors and outdoors. This sativa-dominant cannabis plant will bloom with multiple branches that sustain the load of big, compact buds filled with pungent resin. Therefore, the Honolulu Haze strain is ideal for sativa fans, as their efforts will bring high-quality, unique crops.

Flowering Time

  • 70 - 75 Days


  • Indoor: Medium/Large
  • Outdoor: Large


If you’re interested in growing your own Honolulu Haze strain, you can purchase its feminized seeds directly from its original breeder here.

Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain Price

The Honolulu Haze strain’s prices vary from store to store, and depending on the quantity, it is more affordable or more pricey. You can find it in different presentations and excellent quality in Alpine DIspensary.

If you want to try a similar strain with similar benefits, flavors, and smells, Botany Farms has the perfect alternative for you. As one of Honolulu Haze’s parents, Hawaiian Haze provides the best a sativa flower could offer. This bud has an intense pineapple and berry taste with earthy notes while emitting a floral scent. This strain is great to clear your mind and keep you focused, thanks to its 15% total tested cannabinoids.

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