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With those tropical vacation vibes already in the name, Honolulu Strange is one strain that carries a lot of expectations for many. You would hope for it to be sweet, juicy, and powerful simultaneously, with an air of exotic fruits. Maybe some slight sourness in there too?

In any case, the job of the Honolulu Strange strain is obviously to relax, relieve, de-stress, and make us feel alive. Just as if we’re actually on a Hawaiian beach, sipping smoothies while soaking in the sun. But does it manage to pull that off? In this review, we’ll be looking at just that.

What is the Honolulu Strange Strain?

The Honolulu Strange strain comes to us from the house of Host Cannabis Co., and it is only one member of a tightly-knit lineup that is nearly entirely composed of variations on the “summery Hawaii” theme.

In the case of the Honolulu Strange strain, it is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that comes from a cross of Skwurl Killer and Island Sweet Skunk. As a result, it’s a relatively potent daytime strain that is mostly recommended for advanced users.

Honolulu Strange Strain Appearance

Honolulu Strange grows fairly large buds that are more conical than what you might be used to. While resinous, the Honolulu Strange strain isn’t extremely sticky to the touch. The nugs are nearly entirely covered in an extensive but fine layer of trichomes. These are more fluffy than the stereotypical “frosty” trichomes exemplified by some more widespread strains.

The Honolulu Strange flower itself appears very light green, a shade that almost crosses over to teal or lime, depending on the lighting. Rust-brown, red, and orange accents round off the picture, resembling a Hawaiian sunset.

Honolulu Strange Strain Genetics

The Honolulu Strange strain is a hybrid originating from Skwurl Killer and Island Sweet Skunk. The former is a fairly popular balanced hybrid that is slightly Indica-dominant but expresses Indica and Sativa-like effects equally. It’s a strain that became relatively popular a few years back, itself being based on the already popular Goji OG and The White. Thanks to its moderately high THC count, it promotes both relaxing and euphoric effects that are exciting yet easy to manage.

On the other hand, Island Sweet Skunk, Honolulu Strange’s second parent, comes from a different corner. Bred by the Federation Seed Company in Canada, it is a strongly Sativa-leaning hybrid with a very distinctive sweet flavor that crosses tropical fruits with a slight hint of that classic skunky-ness.

Its effects are known for their immediate and sometimes overwhelming intensity – this is one of those strains that you better avoid if the euphoric head high of Sativa can get too much for you sometimes. Putting these two together, Honolulu Strange creates something that’s entirely unique.

THC Content

Honolulu Strange is considered a very potent strain, at about 30 to 35% of measured THC content. CBD, CBG, CBN, and other cannabinoid levels are comparatively low to nearly nonexistent, as you would expect with hybrid strains of this type.

Honolulu Strange Strain Effects

The effects of the Honolulu Strange strain are where its unique properties really shine. Its most noticeable and most immediate party trick is the immense energy boost that hits you right away and can last a whole day with the right dosage.

For the first ten to twenty minutes, some might find this lift a bit overwhelming, to the point where the mind can get fuzzy. After acclimatizing a bit to it, most users should have no trouble retaining focus and mental clarity while sustaining the exceptional levels of alertness, motivation, and energy that the Honolulu Strange strain provides.

Compared to other, similarly potent strains, side effects are mild. Some may complain of a dry mouth or slight cases of paranoia, but there are no major risks to report with the Honolulu Strange strain.

Honolulu Strange Strain Reported Flavors

Due to its heritage, the flavor profile of Honolulu Strange is quite complex. With some woody notes masked by traces of vanilla and mango, this is not your average euphoric strain. Both sweet and sour flavors are equally well-represented, and they trade places as time passes, creating unique and even more complex aftertastes.

Overall, if you like hearty, woody, and even slightly diesel-tinged weed strains, then you’re really going to love Honolulu Strange. But fans of more fruity, sweet, and upbeat varieties need not walk away either since Honolulu Strange offers plenty of that as well.

Honolulu Strange Strain Growing Information

Similar to its parent strains, Honolulu Strange is not the hardest to grow. The flowers tend to grow tall, with very visible, if thin, trichomes. They provide a medium to large yield depending on the local conditions. Growth is not exceptionally quick, just slightly above average.

Most crops of Honolulu Strange are grown indoors to make temperature and moisture regulation easier. However, the plant can also thrive outdoors if the climate allows it.

Compared to other common strains, Honolulu Strange prefers somewhat more temperate, oceanic environments, with colder and more humid air that should have plenty of circulation throughout the day.

Strains Like Honolulu Strange Strain

If you enjoyed your first taste of Honolulu Strange, you’re definitely not alone! But, what happens when you don’t have much of a sweet tooth and would rather try something more complex and toned-down?

In that case, Sour Hawaiian Haze is your bud. With flavors of fruity mango and rich, woody pine, sprinkled with some sour accents, this strain has a unique feel that is very hard to replicate. It might be somewhat milder than Honolulu Strange, but its Sativa-dominant effects and moderately-high CBD count mean that you’ll still get to experience some of that trademark daytime happiness and focus.

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