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If you want to see what spring is like on Jupiter or Mars or play among the stars, these rocks are definitely the right ones to fly you to the moon. In the world of cannabis, there are undoubtedly endless eccentricities.

For some people, these moon rocks may look just like one of them. Nevertheless, if you are one of those users who truly appreciates all the benefits cannabis can offer, moon rocks are one of those must-try cannabis products that deserve a place on your bucket list.

Perhaps the term moon rock makes you think more of asteroids than weed. But the truth is that these flowers, repowered in therapeutic potency, live up to their name since they could leave more than one user petrified. You don't have to go to NASA to know more about moon rocks, much less travel on a space shuttle to access them.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about this cannabis marvel, how they are made, how to smoke them, and why they are an excellent option for any stoner who loves intense sensations. Are you ready for the takeoff? Fasten your seatbelt and get prepared for this recognition trip to lunar geology!

Key Takeaways

  • Moon rocks are cannabis buds dipped in hash oil or concentrate, and then rolled in kief.
  • Moon rocks can contain up to 50% THC and produce a very strong high.
  • Moon rocks are fairly cost-effective when compared to flower and concentrates.
  • Smoking moon rocks in a bowl is preferred by many.

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks, also known as “Caviar,” are high-quality buds dipped or sprayed with hash oil and then coated in a rich and thick layer of kief, which is a potent therapeutic powder made of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that fell off the cannabis plant.

Combining these cannabis products results in super recharged buds with a unique and spectacular appearance that offers a high like no other. Initially, manufacturers used the Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain to make the first moon rocks. Today, dispensaries and manufacturers use various strains and almost any type of extract and kief to produce these potent high-inducing wonders.

Although some people and dispensaries dispute the origin of Moon Rocks, many cannabis connoisseurs agree that the Starbudz60 dispensary was the first to mix the powerful elements that gave life to the first moon rocks. On the other hand, those responsible for popularizing moon rocks were the famous west coast rapper Kurupt, who even has a trademark called "Kurupt Moon Rocks" available for sale, and the famous Mr. Zodiac.

Mr. Zodiac, a partner and vice president of the famous 90's hip hop label, Death Row Records, also had his trademark. In fact, the most known original moon rock products of that time were labeled under the brand "Mr. Zodiac's Moon Rocks" and claimed as the most potent buds in the universe.

Why Smoke Moon Rocks?

In addition to their eye-catching appearance, moon rocks live up to their name because they have enough power to take you on a journey to the moon and back. Moon rocks are capable of generating extremely potent highs. This is why many stoners love them.

Furthermore, moon rocks offer you the delicious high-terpene flavor coming from the kief coating they have. When you light them, they produce the densest and most therapeutic-potent clouds of smoke that you will see in the cannabis universe. No cannabis strain can compare or match the power of moon rocks by itself.

Another reason some users retain a spot among their favorites for moon rocks is because of their price. While buying the flowers, the concentrate, and the kief separately would cost more than $100 at least, smoking moon rocks costs you around $30.

Moreover, moon rocks are among the favorite products of medical cannabis users who need to obtain large doses of THC. They offer a really effective option that gives an out-of-this-world high at a sustainable price that does not hit your bank account so hard.

How Strong are Moon Rocks?

One of the main attractions of smoking Moon Rocks is precisely their great therapeutic power. Moon rocks' potency may vary from batch to batch, and the materials used to produce them can also change the final high they generate.

Still, moon rocks are generally twice as strong as the highest THC strains. To put this into context, the strongest cannabis strains can contain up to 25% to 30% THC, a regular moon rock can contain at least 50% THC.

Moon rocks will get you into a spaceship with the first few hits and generate cerebral effects that you will immediately feel traveling from head to toe. As the high progresses, you will begin to feel like you are in alien territory.

However, if you are not so used to spacewalks, we recommend caution as there are reports of users who had to miss work or have woken up 12 hours later without knowing what the hell happened to them after a Moon Rock session.

Pros Of Smoking Moon Rocks

Perhaps at this point, you have already drawn your conclusions about smoking moon rocks. However, to summarize, here is a small list of the advantages of choosing moon rocks over other cannabis products:

  • It is one of the cannabis products that have the power to get you as high as humanly possible.
  • It is a perfect option for medical cannabis patients seeking therapeutic benefits or users requiring vast doses of THC.
  • Moon rocks offer cost-effectiveness. Additionally, a gram of moon rock is significantly cheaper than buying flowers, concentrate, and kief separately.
  • They can be a great mood enhancer and the perfect product to put you in a chatty mood. Plus, they're a great conversation starter novelty.

Cons Of Smoking Moon Rocks

Like all things in life, moon rocks can also have their downsides depending on which perspective you look at. For some users, some of the cons of moon rocks may be:

  • An extreme high that, in some cases, can get a bit uncomfortable. Even for experienced users, the high can be so potent that it can literally take you out of this world for a while.
  • They can be a bit disastrous - never try to grind your moon rocks in a grinder, or you will end up with a major disaster on your hands. It is best to break moon rocks with your hands or by using a fork and knife. You can also use scissors, but you should keep in mind that the inside of the moon rocks is sticky, and probably a part of the concentrate will stick to the scissor's blades.
  • Moon rocks usually require a glass piece to enjoy their full potential as it is the most comfortable way to smoke them. You can also put them in a joint or blunt, but you must apply the correct technique to not end up with your joint all clogged or badly burning.
  • You must correctly store them, always in a cool and dry place. Heat can turn moon rocks into a sticky, mushy ball that will not return to its original shape if you let it melt.

Best Way To Smoke Moon Rocks

So how do you smoke moon rocks?

The best way to do so is in a glass bowl or pipe. Although some users prefer to place pieces of moon rock in their joints to season them with extra therapeutic power, in a glass piece you can appreciate the full potential of moon rocks more comfortably and practically.

To smoke your moon rocks, you just have to take one of them and break it into smaller pieces. We recommend putting some ground flower under the moon rock to ensure uniform burning. Once you pack your bowl with ground flower and small pieces of moon rock, you can proceed to light it.

The bowl will probably fire up due to the combination of concentrate, kief, and flower, but don't worry, because when smoking moon rocks in a glass piece, this is completely normal. You can either let it go out on its own or use the glass container your moon rock came packed in or the back of a lighter.

How Do You Feel When You Smoke Moon Rocks?

To put it short, names are a good suggestion of how moon rocks can make you feel. You'll feel as high as on a space trip to the moon and back. Smoking moon rocks produces the densest clouds of smoke, fragrant and full of terpenes and flavonoids thanks to the kief coating.

The moon rock high hits immediately after the first few puffs and starts off as a powerful hit of cerebral effects that spreads quickly throughout your body to your toes. As the high progress, it becomes even more potent, which is why we advise caution when smoking these.

For some users, the high from moon rocks can be so strong that it induces increased heart rate, anxiety, paranoia, dizziness, drowsiness, impaired memory, dry mouth, and in some cases, headaches.

Nevertheless, if smoked in appropriate doses, moon rocks can generate a really pleasant and powerful high perfect for users looking for high doses of THC, for an afternoon of sharing with friends, settling on your couch to watch a movie, or simply enjoying one of the most potent highs that exist in the world of cannabis.

A hand tossing a moon rock

How Do You Break Up a Moon Rock To Smoke?

Due to the composition of Moon Rocks, a regular grinder is not a viable option for breaking up moon rocks. Most people break moon rocks by hand to the ideal size for smoking. But for some people, it can be uncomfortable as moon rocks are grainy and sticky due to the kief and concentrate.

As a result, the correct way to break the moon rocks is with a fork and knife. The truth is that using utensils is easier and results into a cleaner outcome. Doing it is simple; you can use a plate or a tray to roll to avoid dirtying your table.

Then, just take your moon rock and press it with the tips of the fork to hold it in place. With the help of the knife, start cutting small pieces of your moon rock until you get pieces small enough to be able to smoke them.

Rolling Moon Rocks

Although the most practical way to smoke moon rocks is usually in a glass pipe or bong, rolling them is entirely possible and not nearly as complicated as it might seem. However, it is better to roll your moon rock joint in a certain way to ensure a uniform burning and not end up with an un-smokable joint.

To roll your moon rocks, take one of them and break it into the smallest pieces you can. Then take some regular ground flower and, on your rolling paper, put the filter in place, then lay a base of ground bud to ensure the joint burns properly.

Proceed to place the small pieces of moon rock evenly spread across the ground flower bed you just made over the rolling paper. Once you’re done with this, roll the joint like any regular joint. Always take care not to tighten it too much or to leave it too loose.

Then lick the glue band on the edge of the rolling paper and close the joint. With the help of a pencil, fork, or thin stick, gently push the ground weed and pieces of moon rock further into the joint. Make sure you don't pack it too tight, or it will be challenging and uncomfortable to smoke. You may even end up wasting your precious moon rock and weed.

If you have a lot of rolling paper left without material, fill it with a little more ground flower and small pieces of moon rock if you like until you get the size of joint you want. Once you do all this, you are ready to light up this rocket with a direct route to the moon. Talk of feeling like Neil Armstrong taking that historic moonwalk.

Sun Rocks vs Moon Rocks

By pitting Sun rocks vs moon rocks, we started a pitched battle between night and day in the stoner skies. There will always be people who prefer one over the other, so we will talk a little about both products and let users decide if the sun or the moon is the winner.

If you are still here, we presume you already know a little about moon rocks. But did you know that there is a similar but quite different version called sun rocks? That's right, sun rocks are nothing more than delicious buds, usually from OG Kush treated in a way that takes the game to another level.

But, what are the differences between sun rocks and moon rocks? The main difference is that the GSC strain is used to make the original moon rocks, but the concentrate and kief can be from other strains. Also, the THC level ranges between 50% to 60%.

On the other hand, to make Sun Rocks, manufacturers use concentrate and buds from the same strain (usually from OG Kush), raising the aromas, flavors, and THC levels to 80% or more. Another feature that distinguishes sun rocks from moon rocks is that the former do not have the characteristic kief-coated feature that covers the bud of moon rocks.

This can be an advantage since sun rocks are high-quality buds sprayed with wax or shatter so you can still see the original bud. In fact, you realize that they are coated in concentrate only from a certain distance. Overall, sun rocks look like delicious buds caramelized with cannabis concentrate from the same strain.

Doing it this way raises THC levels and enhances the terpene profile, aromas, and flavors to stratospheric levels. With moon rocks, you also get a genuinely flavorful, terpene-rich, and dense smoke cloud on every hit. However, the bud is hidden behind the kief layer, so you usually can't tell if it is a quality bud until after you buy the moon rock and break it to see inside.

In some cases, malicious retailers take a bad bud, cover it in poor quality cannabis oil, and coat it in the cheapest kief they have. Therefore, it is always better to obtain your moon rocks from reliable dispensaries to ensure the quality of the product. Nonetheless, if you get good-quality moon rocks, you will have one of the most exquisite products in the cannabis universe in your hands.

Additionally, nowadays, moon rocks present some freedom in the materials used for their production. Therefore, you can get exquisite and select products from reputable dispensaries. Therefore, if you search well, you might be able to find moon rocks as good as sun rocks. Or, if you want, you could make yourself a version of moon rock at par with sun rocks.

As long as you have the necessary materials, in principle, it is just a matter of imagination to decide what type of concentrate, kief, or even cannabinoid crystals to use when making your own Moon Rocks.

​Step By Step Guide On Smoking Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are undoubtedly one of the finest and most popular products acclaimed by cannabis connoisseurs, and there are a couple of ways to enjoy them. Here is a step by step guide on smoking moon rocks.

How to Smoke Moon Rocks in a Glass Piece?

Either in a regular glass pipe or in a bong, smoking your moon rocks in a piece of glass is the most recommended way to enjoy your "Caviar." And doing so is much easier than it may seem as shown in the following steps:

  1. Take a rolling tray, a moon rock nug, and break it into pieces small enough so that you can place them inside the bowl of your pipe. You can do this with the help of a fork and knife or scissors.
  2. Once you have broken the moon rock into small pieces, grind some regular buds from your favorite strain or the strain you have on hand. You can use the same strain that moon rock is made from to enhance the flavors and aromas of your smoking experience.
  3. Now take a little ground regular bud and fill half the bowl of your pipe with it. This will create a base that will ensure a more even burn when lighting your pipe.
  4. Once the bowl of your pipe is half full, finish packing the bowl with the small pieces of moon rock inside. Try to keep the moon rock chunks small enough to be easily lit.
  5. Now you packed your bowl with ground flowers and pieces of moon rock, just proceed to turn it on and enjoy the most delicious and aromatic puffs available on the market. The bowl will likely raise a small flame due to the mixture of oil, kief, and bud, but this is entirely normal. Just let the flame go out on its own or extinguish it yourself to avoid wasting the material.

How to Smoke Moon Rocks in a Joint or Blunt

This option is for those users who want to turn their regular joint or blunt into a whole space shuttle with an extra charge of therapeutic power. But to do it the right way and not end up with a clogged joint, you need to follow certain steps:

  1. Just like smoking moon rocks on a piece of glass, you need to break the moon rock into as small pieces as you can. You can also use a rolling tray and scissors or a knife and fork if you want to avoid dirtying your table.
  2. Once you have your moon rock broken into small pieces, grind up some regular flowers to make a bed on the rolling paper or blunt wrap for the moon rock pieces.
  3. Now make a filter, take your blunt wrap or a rolling paper, and place the filter on one end of it.
  4. Then place a little ground regular bud on the rolling paper. Don't place too much, just enough to make a bed for the moon rock bits to ensure an even burn.
  5. Now spread the pieces of moon rock evenly throughout the rolling paper or blunt wrap, and proceed to roll just as you would with a typical joint.
  6. Once you close your joint, gently push the content in to compact it. Make sure not to apply too much pressure to avoid over-compacting your joint. If there's too much space left after doing this, you can pour in some more ground bud and moon rock bits and keep compacting until you get the desired joint size.
  7. Now your space rocket is ready to ignite. Take smooth and even puffs, and you will see how your moon rock joint generates the most enormous and most aromatic clouds of smelly smoke that will lift you straight towards the moon.

How to Make Moon Rocks

Unlike making dabs, shatter, or other concentrates, making moon rocks is very easy because you don't need to process anything. Yes, you are going to need kief that is already dried out. You'll also need a cannabis concentrate of your choosing, with something like hash oil working very well.

Remember, your cannabis concentrate needs to be thin enough so that you can spread it around on your cannabis buds. There are just a few things that you will need here, which include your hash oil or other concentrates, your dried out cannabis kief, a high-potency strain, a liquid dropper, and some tweezers.

On a side note, the whole point of moon rocks is to be extremely potent, so you may as well use a very strong strain of cannabis, something that contains very high levels of THC.

You also want a strain that features very hard and dense buds, as this will hold the ingredients together very well. You don't want a very light and fluffy strain, because light and fluffy buds are going to fall apart when you try to cover them and concentrate and roll them in crystals.

Follow the steps below to make your own moon rocks.

  1. Take your bud of choice and hold it with your tweezers.
  2. Using your dropper, cover the exterior of the bud with your half oil or concentrate. If you are using a thick concentrate, you'll have to heat it first. It will be too thick if it is not heated up.
  3. With the outside of the bud covered in your concentrate, now it is time to roll it in the kief until the exterior features a thick layer of those awesome crystals.
  4. You now want to let your newly made moon rock set in a dry and warm area.
If you’d rather make sun rocks instead of moon rocks, check out this article. If you want to take things one step further, you could even try making your own moon rock infused pre-roll joints.

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