How to Buy Delta 8

How to buy delta 8

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It is undeniable that the science surrounding cannabis keeps making leaps and bounds year on year, with discoveries and revelations surrounding the inner workings of this still mysterious flower and its effects on our minds. But you would be mistaken in assuming that all exciting cannabis research is carried out just on the plant as a whole. Some of its unique ingredients have also gone under the microscope – including arguably the most famous cannabinoid and one of the most famous chemical compounds in the world, THC. We’ve gotten to the point where there are numerous forms of THC available for purchase that all differ from the “mainstream” THC we know and love from naturally-grown weed. One of these goes by Delta 8 – but what is it? Is it safe? Where is it available? We will thoroughly answer these and many other questions in our guide below. Read on and join us in discovering how to buy delta 8 THC.

What is Delta 8 THC?

While we like to think of THC as one solid “thing,” it actually consists of many different links and pieces that have to fit together in the right way to function the way they do. It should be noted that, as many tend to forget, the raw form of the cannabinoid found in cannabis plants is not actually THC, but THCA! THC, as we understand it (sometimes also called Delta 9), only forms during decarboxylation or decarbing. During this same chemical process, which involves certain environmental conditions and high temperatures, Delta 8 THC is also generated as an isomer. However, the amounts of Delta 8 that are produced through decarbing are so negligible that its effects are nearly impossible to detect except in laboratory conditions. That is why it took us so long to find out about this compound’s existence! It’s also why Delta 8 THC concentrates have become such a huge deal. They allow us for the first time to experience the true benefits of the delta-8 that we’ve been smoking all along – we just weren’t aware.

Does Delta 8 THC Get You High?

Make no mistake: Delta 8 is THC. Hence, it definitely gives you a high just like regular (Delta 9) THC would. However, for most people, the sensation is a bit more toned-down with Delta 8, with less pronounced peaks and not quite as much of an intense experience. Most users of Delta 8 report feeling more in control and less “spaced out” while using it compared to Delta 9, and it also seems to be a lot safer for people with pre-existing mental health conditions that can sometimes cause feelings of paranoia or psychotic episodes when exposed to stronger THC.

How Do You Use Delta 8 THC

You can consume Delta 8 in exactly the same ways and forms as Delta 9. It can be smoked in a joint, bong, pipe, or ingested in edibles, wherever your preferences may lie. Delta 8 THC products are also available as liquid tinctures, vapes, capsules, and in many other forms! You truly have a wealth of options here.

Side Effects of Delta 8 THC

Like Delta 9, Delta 8 exhibits some side effects in some people at higher doses. For instance, it can cause the familiar bloodshot eyes, or “redeye” as most of us call it. In addition, delta 8 has been shown to affect blood pressure in a population segment. While this need not be a concern for most, those with serious cardiovascular problems should check in with their physician before trying out Delta 8 THC.

Benefits of Delta 8 THC

Where Delta 8 really shines is in elevating and pronouncing many of THC’s proven medical benefits. It’s a powerful analgesic, providing relief from chronic pain better than many prescription drugs. It can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression whilst also preventing the growth of tumors and boosting our immune system. Delta 8 makes you feel calm and relaxed, with many users comparing it to a typical Indica strain. For that reason, you can enjoy its effects better at night. Unfortunately, the legal situation regarding Delta 8 is as complicated – and by and large as disappointing – as the story surrounding cannabis products in large parts of the world. In the United States, any synthetically-derived cannabis product is inherently labeled as a Schedule I drug, which is federally illegal to possess, manufacture, or distribute in any way. That includes Delta 8, because the only practical way to achieve an effective dosage is to produce it artificially in the form of a supplement or concentrate, often based on existing CBD or THC extracted from a live cannabis plant. However, do note that the legality of Delta 8 varies a lot depending on your state and country – more on that below!

How Long Does Delta 8 Stay in Your System?

The duration of Delta 8’s effects and the amount of time it stays in your system vary depending on your consumption method. Capsules and edible forms of Delta 8 last the longest, and you can maintain some noticeable effects for over 8-10 hours. Liquid tinctures, especially when taken in large doses, can also continue to be active within this range. Meanwhile, smoking or vaping Delta 8 is a lot more heavy-hitting, with stronger highs and a faster “coming down” period that is generally over after no more than 4 or 5 hours. As for how long Delta 8 stays in the blood, it depends on a whole range of factors that are often hard to determine and predict. Generally, you should expect measurable amounts of Delta 8 to remain in your system until at least a week after. Regular consumers might even have some D8 traces after 30 days. On the other hand, those who just tried Delta 8 for the first time might be able to process it fully within a matter of a few days.

How to Buy Delta 8?

Now for the magic question: how to buy delta 8 in 2022? We took a look and found a few convenient options for the curious ones out there – and don’t worry, we made sure only to select the safest and most trustworthy choices currently available!


Like many other cannabis products, Delta 8 THC is sold online via many stores and vendors catering to the cannabis crowd. Ordering from the internet is convenient, simple, and bypasses local supply issues many people might have where they live. That is why buying online remains the most popular choice for getting your hands on some fresh Delta 8 THC! Here at Botany Farms, we have a broad selection of Delta 8 products available, suitable for a wide variety of tastes. Delta-8 Bubba Kush is a wonderful way of experiencing Delta 8 for those who prefer a “natural” feel to their products. As the name implies, this is a strain of indica marijuana that has been infused with a highly-concentrated Delta 8 extract. This gives it a much higher Delta 8 count and a much higher overall THC concentration than any old home-grown strain of weed. At the same time, you are free to enjoy this Bubba Kush any way you normally would – by grinding and hand-rolling it into a spliff, smoking it through a pipe, or whatever you feel like! There is also our Delta-8 White CBG, which is a variant of this same strain that is optimized for a higher count of CBG. CBG is to CBD what Delta 8 THC is to Delta 9. In other words, in some ways weaker, in others just different isomers of the same chemical. For those really looking to experiment, give this one a shot! Some would rather smoke some energizing Sativa while still enjoying the unique effects of Delta 8. In that case, take a look at Pineapple Haze. Made using the same manufacturing and harvesting process as the two above, this Delta 8 THC flower flavor is based on a prominent and moderately-potent Sativa strain. If you prefer edibles, that’s fine too! The Delta-8 THC Gummies should be right up your alley. Each contains a healthy 30 mg of Delta 8, making them more potent than most other gummies. The sunny flavors of peach, mango, and pineapple are also colorful and gentle on the throat, with a genuinely sweet taste! Smoking Delta 8 THC is one of the most convenient ways to benefit from its many positive effects on our health. This is why Botany Farms also offers the Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge. With an over 94% overall Delta 8 count, this is one of the most potent products money can buy. The cartridge is sold in a selection of three profiles, each based on a different strain of weed and infused with a different flavor. You can choose between Sativa Tangerine Dream, Indica Cherry Blossom, and Hybrid Cherry Pie. Why not try out one of each and see which you prefer? For a slightly different spin on that formula, check out the Live Resin Delta-8 Vape Cartridge. Extracted from cannabis plants harvested almost two weeks early, this vape cart contains much higher terpene and CBD counts than its brother above. This does make for an overall lower concentration of Delta 8. On the other hand, you get to benefit from the full spectrum of cannabinoids, including significant amounts of CBD, something that’s quite rare in the world of high-quality vapes these days.

Local Dispensaries

Depending on where you live, you might be able to get some Delta 8 THC products from local dispensaries in and around town. This can be more convenient and easier than ordering online, and if you live somewhere where shipping costs would otherwise be high, you could save a lot, too! In states where cannabis products are only legal with a medical card, dispensaries might in fact be your sole legal option to get some Delta 8 THC. Try to look up if any such dispensaries are available in your area, and with luck, you might be able to buy some high-quality Delta 8 THC right around the corner!

Grow Your Own

Growing your own weed is a big subject, but how do you grow your own Delta 8 THC? Well, it’s quite an involved process, and certainly not for the completely inexperienced, but rest assured, you can do it. The most straightforward method of making Delta 8 is based on extracting CBD and playing with its chemical structure to convert it to Delta 8 THC. There are many methods out there, too many to go into in this quick guide, but rest assured that you don’t need a professional-grade chemistry lab to synthesize Delta 8 yourself (though it would make the results more reliable). As a word of caution for those who do want to try: almost all methods of creating Delta 8 THC at home require handling some potentially toxic and dangerous chemicals. Make sure that you have a safe space to experiment in, and wear safety gloves and goggles at the very least. We said earlier that Delta 8 THC is federally considered a Schedule I drug in the United States and most other cannabis products that aren’t directly derived from hemp. But is that all there is to it? Of course not! There are plenty of ways to enjoy Delta 8 THC legally these days. A certain list of states has deregulated, decriminalized, and in some cases, outright legalized more cannabis products than federal law allows for, which includes Delta 8 (and in some cases all other forms of) THC. The list includes Alabama, California, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia. Conversely, in the states of Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington, Delta 8 THC remains illegal. Connecticut is an exception: while the sale of Delta 8 is tolerated, it is very strictly regulated. You are only allowed to buy or possess Delta 8 THC if you are enrolled in the Medical Marijuana Program. This is because Delta 8 hasn’t been on everyone’s radar for more than a few years thus far, and in many places, definite judgments on its legal status have yet to be made! Always make sure to double-check sources for your specific locale to find out more.

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