How to Consume CBD

Woman consuming CBD flower

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Table Of Contents
Although there has always been a stigma around CBD, it has been proven that it can be highly beneficial to your health. Some people reject the idea of consuming it because they do not like the thought of smoking a joint or smoking in general. However, there are many ways of consuming CBD for people who want to try it, get to know its effects, and enjoy its benefits. The best one will depend on your preferences and necessities. Learn with us how to consume CBD.

How to Consume CBD


This method is one of the most popular and most effective ways of consuming CBD, as it will take a couple of hours to kick in while the liver and digestive tract break it down. The best thing about edibles is that they allow you to have a precise and on-the-go dose. For this reason, many users prefer to use this discrete consumption method. There are endless food options like brownies, bread, or gummies that will allow you to absorb up to 30% of CBD.


CBD oil is a high-quality method that offers unadulterated doses of CBD and terpenes. If you do not like the taste of it on its own, you can always get CBD oil and add it to your food or drinks, and it will have the same effect. On the other hand, you can easily flavor CBD oil to your liking.


This method might be the quickest to enjoy CBD benefits. You can smoke and vape cannabis flower in a joint- or buy prerolls if you want to accelerate the process of doing it yourself. You can also consume CBD through a bong, pipe, or even inhale CBD concentrates through vape pens. Inhalation is an excellent alternative if you want the same concentration and maximum effect but without the harsh feeling of smoking. The CBD will go directly into your bloodstream by inhaling it, meaning you will feel the results much faster than with other methods, absorbing up to 56% CBD.


Nowadays, you can even find CBD-infused topicals like creams, lubricants, lotions, balms, salves, and ointments for your skin. Topicals are great for sore muscles, as one of the most significant benefits of CBD is treating inflammation and protecting nerves from damage. Moreover, topicals are excellent for treating localized pain, so you will want to buy one with a high CBD percentage and apply it generously in a particular area to provide a concentrated relief.


A tincture is a cannabinoids extract, which is obtained by soaking the plant in different solvents like alcohol or food-grade oils for several weeks. This method has many benefits as it is one of the easiest to dose, and you can adjust the amount to take once you have figured it out to obtain the desired results.

How Much CBD to Consume

No matter the condition you want to treat with CBD, you need a proper dosage for it to work. This might be hard as there is no recommended dosage provided by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, studies have analyzed that humans can consume up to 1.500 milligrams per day. Luckily, some CBD products, such as gummies or capsules, tell you how much is in a single serving in the packaging. However, some factors affect the amount of CBD you can take, like your body weight, the condition you want to treat, your body chemistry, and the CBD concentration of the product you will consume. Before trying CBD, make sure you consult with a doctor to get an appropriate dosage and stick to their recommendations to avoid potential risks, especially if you are using other medication. If your doctor does not recommend anything, it is better to start microdosing CBD- begin with a small dose and gradually increase it until it reaches the desired effect. A suitable dosage to start and treat severe pain would be 40 mg, and you can increase it to 5 mg per week to make the pain bearable. It is crucial that you keep track of how much CBD you are taking and if it is helping ease your symptoms.

How to Consume CBD Tincture

CBD tinctures are taken sublingually and absorbed by the bloodstream by capillaries located in your cheeks, gums, and under your tongue. For starters, shake the CBD tincture bottle to ensure proper saturation, measure the amount you will consume, and apply the desired amount under your tongue. Then, proceed to rub it into the tissue inside your mouth for approximately 3 minutes, so it absorbs better, and lastly, swallow. When you swallow the remains, the digestive system is in charge of processing them. Compared to other methods of CBD consumption, tinctures are an alternative that mitigates potential harms that can come with smoking or vaping. CBD tincture does not need any additional equipment and does not contain any sugar or preservatives like many edibles. Moreover, it produces immediate, long-lasting effects with even a small dose. CBD is one of over 60 active compounds known as cannabinoids that one can find in cannabis. It is not psychoactive, which means that it will not get you ‘‘high’’ but will help you improve your sleep, reduce anxiety, stress, seizures, and soothing pain and inflammation. Although there are not many studies about it, the ones that have discovered its health benefits show that it is a very safe treatment, and it is an industry that keeps growing every day. As you can see, there are numerous ways you can consume CBD, and each has its advantages. You can read more about them before deciding and see which one adapts more to the condition you will treat.

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