How to Flavor Hemp Oil: Our Guide to Making Hemp Oil Taste Great

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After much longing and research, you have finally bought hemp oil to get a nice calm feeling and enjoy the benefits of it. However, if you are a sensitive eater, once you try it out you may feel the characteristic earthy, nutty, and overall grassy taste of hemp flower, which instantly puts you off.

Just like you, there are plenty of consumers who aren’t very fond of this flavor. Because of this, they have started to create their own methods to mask the distinctive, strong taste that comes with hemp oil. In this guide, you will learn some ways to improve the taste of this product and enjoy the several benefits it offers without having to put up with a strong taste.

Key Takeaways

  • Flavoring Hemp Oil: Combat the earthy taste of hemp oil by adding cold-pressed flavors like peppermint, chocolate, or cherry. Sweet drops of stevia can also tone down the taste without altering the oil's benefits.

  • Adding Terpenes: Enhance your hemp oil with cannabis terpenes for natural flavoring and additional benefits. Use terpene isolates carefully, as they are potent; a small amount can significantly change the flavor profile of your tincture.

  • Flavored Hemp Oil Options: If DIY isn't appealing, consider purchasing pre-flavored hemp oil products available in various tastes, from cinnamon to lavender, offering a pleasant experience without compromising hemp's benefits.

  • Alternative Methods: For those averse to hemp oil's taste, alternatives include mixing with honey or essential oils, creating chocolate blends, or making your own capsules for a taste-free option.

How to Make Hemp Oil Taste Better

Because of the naturally high levels of chlorophyll found in hemp, this substance remains in the multiple extracts from the plant. Although it is not common for a hemp oil to taste like grass, some products may have this flavor due to low-quality extraction processes. Before buying a CBD oil product, make sure that the brand you’re buying from has run lab tests on all its products.

Some flavored hemp oil products have started to be available on the CBD market. Even so, it can happen that you don’t like any of the flavored CBD oils sold by retailers, no matter how good they seem to be. In this case, you can try to flavor your own oil to best suit your palate without compromising the wide range of benefits it provides.

How to Flavor CBD Oil

The first method you can use to flavor your hemp oil is to simply buy your own cold-pressed flavor. When flavoring CBD oils, manufacturers often use cold-pressed organic flavored oil and mix it into their extracts. This option gives you a wide range of choices, since there are many different organic flavors on the market. Whether it is peppermint, chocolate, or cherry, you can take advantage of them to add it to your own CBD oil.

In case you don’t want to flavor your hemp oil but just tone down a little its strong taste, you can purchase sweet drops of stevia at a natural foods store.

Before jumping into the work, run a taste test to make sure you like the combination. Put a few drops of both your CBD oil and the flavor you chose on the back of your hand and taste before mixing it into your oil.

Once you have decided you like the taste of it, add the flavoring into your natural CBD oil and shake well. Don’t rush, and perform small taste tests while you add the flavor until it suits your preferences.

That 's it! Even though the earthy flavor of hemp will be there, you will most likely get a better hold of your preferred flavor. It is a nice technique if you want to keep using your CBD oil for sublingual consumption, since it will give you better results by being absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Adding Terpenes to Tincture

Have you ever walked through a forest while heavily breathing in? You may have smelled tones like pine, wood and even roses. These aromas are created by terpenes, which give every single flower, fruit and herb -including hemp- their characteristics. Cannabis terpenes have been found to enhance the benefits of hemp in the human body while adding a nice scent and flavor to the products that include them.

So, why buy a flavor like peppermint, caramel, or cherry when you can use the wide variety of cannabis terpenes available on the market to flavor your tincture? You can find them in full-spectrum CBD products to experience a whole new level of relaxation, but if you already bought a CBD tincture that doesn’t include terpenes, adding them is not that hard.

First off, make sure to buy terpene isolates, since they offer endless blend combinations. Once you have picked your terpene, you need to take into account that these concentrates are highly effective; if you use too much you will end up ruining your tincture and overall experience.

Calculate the amount of CBD tincture you have and add 0.2 mm of terpene concentrate per gram. For example, say you have a 90 ml bottle of tincture and you want to add a nice flavor to it for you to consume, you would have to add 2% of the concentrate (about 1.8 ml). This would translate into almost 20 drops of tincture, but you may want to take it down to 12 drops or so, since it is very potent. After adding the terpene isolate, shake well and you will have a more natural CBD tincture.

Flavored Hemp Oil

If you don’t want to take the risk of ruining your CBD oil, you can still buy flavored hemp oil to match your tastes. Nowadays, there are plenty of offers of flavored CBD oils on the market that range from subtle aromas like cinnamon or lavender to chocolate or lemon. These products may be much better than the combinations you may try to carry out at home, and will still give you all the benefits—and maybe even more—that hemp flower has.

4 Ways to Make CBD Oil Taste Better

If you're looking to mask the taste of CBD oil while retaining its benefits, consider these methods:

  1. Honey: Mix CBD oil with organic honey to sweeten the flavor.
  2. Essential Oils: Use food-grade essential oils like lemon or peppermint to improve taste.
  3. Chocolate: Combine CBD oil with chocolate to complement its bitterness.
  4. Make Your Own Capsules: For a tasteless option, create your own capsules with the desired CBD oil dosage.

How to Avoid the Taste of Hemp Altogether

For those who prefer to bypass the hemp taste entirely, options include using CBD isolate oils, which lack the hemp flavor due to the removal of terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant extracts.

What do to if Hemp Oil Tastes Horrible

If you don’t want to add anything to your hemp oil but want to mask its flavor while still enjoying its benefits, there are some tricks you can try out to slightly reduce the strong taste of the product:

  • Eat something sweet or acid after you take your dose of hemp oil: you may want to pop your hemp oil under your tongue for best results, but if you don’t want the taste to remain for too long, hold the oil in your mouth for almost 30 seconds before eating chocolate or drinking orange juice to replace the taste for something more tasty.
  • Mix your hemp oil with a drink: Some say that the best way to get rid of the earthy taste of hemp oil is to drink something even stronger, like coffee. CBD oils go very well with hot beverages, like tea, and even some cold beverages, like smoothies. Either mix it with your hot drink or take a swig after having the oil under your tongue for almost a minute to disperse the taste across your palate.
  • Brush your teeth: before taking your CBD oil, brush your teeth to mask the flavor of the product. Your palate will be very busy breaking down the minty taste of toothpaste, making your intake of hemp oil much easier. Plus, a clean mouth will absorb less oil, which means that the product will not remain in the thin films that cover your mouth. If you don’t want to go through such a process, chewing a mint gum before or after taking your CBD oil will do the work.
  • Try CBD Isolate: this product’s taste is definitely not as overwhelming as a CBD oil, but it doesn’t come with all the cannabinoids and terpenes a full-spectrum hemp oil comes with. However, it could be used as a start if you are new to the consumption of hemp extract products while your palate gets adjusted to the taste.
  • Sublingual administration: while it may feel strong at first, once you have put your CBD oil under your tongue, you can add something sweet under it to mask the flavor. This method is a great way of taking your hemp oil without compromising the benefits it brings to you. Some raw honey or a small piece of chocolate can make a difference in your mouth, since your mind will be too busy focusing on the new, sweet taste.
  • Mix your hemp oil with food: its oily form allows CBD to absorb easily into cookies, snacks and even salads. Of course, it wouldn’t have the same effect as a sublingual administration, but you will still have the benefits of your daily dose of hemp oil.

Speaking of food, you can also bake cannabidiol edibles in brownies and cookies. In case you want a more suited product of CBD for food, you may want to try out Botany Farms Hemp Flower products, which would make a great edible out of some fresh nugs. Remember that hemp flower needs to be activated with heat.

  • Buy other CBD products: if you have come to this point of the list, it is possible that none of these methods seem to catch your attention. We get it, it shouldn’t be this hard to experience the amazing effects of hemp extract in your body. For this reason, you can always try to switch to other CBD products that still offer lots of the benefits of hemp flower.

You can try out some hemp flower in your food as we have mentioned before, or you can smoke it. Oral hemp products have a long-term effect on the body without leaving an oily and strong taste on your mouth. Botany Farms has some nice pre-rolls to try out, getting rid of the earthy flavor of CBD oil and giving you all the calm and focus you want to have through your day.

In brief, the discussion about the taste of hemp oil will never end. Some people have managed to put up with the flavor while some others aren’t very fond of it and will try to mask it no matter how much time and effort it takes. Whatever method you try to use, make sure you are completely enjoying the experience this amazing herb provides you. Quality hemp oil makes all the difference, so it is important to educate yourself about all the brands you want to buy from before giving away your money. Make sure CBD products have been tested and are free of any contaminants or artificial ingredients.

Enhancing Your CBD Experience

While the natural taste of CBD oil might not be everyone's favorite, there are numerous ways to improve it. From sweetening with honey or chocolate to utilizing essential oils or making your own capsules, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD oil without the strong hemp flavor.

Remember, the distinctive taste of hemp is a sign of its natural terpenes and flavonoids, which contribute to its health benefits. However, if you find the flavor too challenging, there are plenty of methods to make it more palatable.

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