How to Flush CBD Out of Your System

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CBD has become increasingly popular for its plentiful health benefits over the past years. As an alternative treatment to an extensive list of health conditions, CBD is often more effective than traditional over-the-counter and prescription drugs while offering fewer undesirable side effects for most people.

Unfortunately, there is a catch – while CBD itself is legal federally and in every state except Idaho and Nebraska, standard drug tests intended to detect illegal THC often display false positives when there is CBD in the bloodstream. As a result, you might wonder how you get CBD out of your system fast.

Well, that is just what we are going to take a look at in this guide. Read on below to find out everything you need to know about how to flush CBD out of your system in the quickest, easiest way possible.

What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the hundreds of different cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD is incapable of producing a “high.” However, it carries plenty of significant health benefits, which has made it a popular dietary supplement and an alternative remedy for various conditions.

CBD has been shown to lessen pain and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and reduce inflammation and stress while also helping the skin heal and keep it looking fresh. Not bad for one single plant-based chemical, right?

Nowadays, companies sell CBD in many forms, including tablets, edible gummies, liquid tinctures, creams, etc. You can also buy raw CBD hemp flowers in some places, which will give you a tasty, smooth smoke.

At Botany Farms, you have a very broad and diverse selection of CBD products to choose from. Our Live Resin CBD + THC Tincture combines the relaxing bliss of a full-spectrum CBD extract with the slight added ‘kick’ of some natural THC. This tincture is formulated for high potency and is excellent for pain and stress relief, general relaxation, and calming the senses.

In order to make our fan-favorite liquid CBD tinctures, we first take a batch of our Sour Space Candy CBD flowers, grown here at Botany Farms. This is a hybrid strain with a complex terpene profile that is both fruity and sour at the same time, with a particular diesel note that has amassed a lot of popularity over the years.

Another one of our all-time favorite strains, Sour Hawaiian Haze has become the quintessential CBD flower for many. That’s no wonder, considering its pleasant aroma evoking tropical fruits and sunshine and a sativa-leaning effects profile that relaxes quickly and thoroughly across the whole body and mind.

If edibles are more your thing, why not give our CBD Gummies a try? Unlike most edibles on the market, these gummies are a real joy to consume – none of that nasty, sour aftertaste here!

Available in eight vibrant, fruity flavors, we infuse all our gummies with natural full-spectrum hemp oil. This gives you the benefits of all the complex cannabinoids and active ingredients that cannabis can provide – minus the high and the unpleasant side effects that THC can cause.

How Does CBD Work?

The key to CBD’s effects on the body and mind lies in the endocannabinoid system, also referred to as the ECS. The ECS consists of a vast network of neurotransmitters that interact with bodily functions in dozens of tiny ways. Anything from our appetites to the activity of our immune system, our moods, and sleep quality depends to some extent regulated by the endocannabinoid system.

Generally speaking, cannabinoids released by the ECS are called endocannabinoids, and those we ingest through our diet are called phytocannabinoids. When there is any kind of imbalance within the ECS, the body will try its hardest to reach homeostasis – a state of biochemical equilibrium.

However, the ECS’ ability to produce its own endocannabinoids is quite limited, and this is where CBD comes in. CBD can help your body regulate its own resources by augmenting the endocannabinoid system's resources and interacting with its neurotransmitter network. This is why it can help us feel more relaxed, at ease, and pain-free.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

How long CBD’s effects take to appear and subsequently wear off, not to mention how long it takes for any traces of it to escape the bloodstream, depends on many factors. Apart from wild cards such as genetic factors, age, sex, dosage, and intake method are the biggest influences.

Ingested via the most common means – as a gel-based edible containing CBD oil – CBD takes about 15 to 30 minutes to be fully metabolized. From then on, effects set in quickly. Tinctures and oils are much more fast-acting. Smoked or vaped, CBD acts quicker and lasts longer as well. The effects of CBD generally wear off within a few hours.

After that, trace amounts will keep lingering in your system but should prove undetectable within 1 to 3 days. However, as we said above, these numbers are quite rough and depend on many intersecting factors. In some cases, CBD can remain in the blood for up to a week or more. By contrast, common drug tests such as urine can detect marginal amounts of CBD up to 15 days after consumption.

If you have a scheduled drug test coming up soon, you might want to make sure you know how to clear your system of CBD to prevent any unfortunate accidents or misunderstandings. In the following section, we will show you how.

Fastest Way to Get CBD Out of Your System

Anxious about an upcoming drug test? No worries – it happens even to the calmest of us. While CBD is perfectly legal and drug tests aim to catch illicit THC, certain CBD supplements (especially full-spectrum CBD products that retain many healthy cannabinoids from the hemp plant) may show a false positive on these tests. To prepare yourself and ensure a hassle-free experience, we’ve compiled a list of quick tips on how to flush CBD out of your system.

Increase Water Intake

This one is a no-brainer: if you want to avoid failing an upcoming blood test, drink lots of fluids through the upcoming days. This helps flush your system because a higher water intake will prompt the body to excrete more toxins and other material from the liver.

This includes trace amounts of detectable cannabinoids such as THC. We recommend drinking at least 2 to 3 liters a day for as many days as you can afford leading up to your scheduled drug test.


A diuretic can provoke increased urination, which accelerates the excretion of toxins. This can help flush CBD out of your blood more quickly. To make it even more effective, combine a diuretic with increased hydration.

However, do note that many diuretics can affect the color of your urine. If you use a diuretic too close to the date of your drug test, this can cause the results to be rejected.

Increase Fiber Intake

Eating more fiber is one of the best ways to flush CBD quickly. Fiber accelerates digestion and metabolic activity, helping to remove CBD from the blood. Whole grains, nuts, seeds, fresh fruit, and vegetables are great sources of fiber.


By boosting the metabolism and promoting sweat production, exercise can quicken the release of toxins from your body, including CBD. Good cardio can also make it easier for you to stay hydrated, reinforcing the earlier point about water intake.

Detox Pills

Detox pills are a last resort that can work well when you are short on time. Of course, like everything else on this list, they are best used to complement some of the other methods above, but if you have no choice, detox pills are very effective on their own.

By promoting a strong metabolic reaction and forcing your body to flush out a lot of toxins at once, detox pills can help you minimize the levels of detectable CBD in the blood.


We get it. You’re likely reading this guide because you were looking for an answer to, “How to flush CBD out of your system fast?” The last thing you want to hear is that waiting is a good solution.

Like it or not, patience can and does pay off like so many other things in life. The longer you can afford to wait before your drug test, the better your chances to pass with flying colors. If you know you have a scheduled test coming up, the best thing to do is stop taking CBD at least two weeks before that date.

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