How to Make a Geeb

Homemade geeb

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Thanks to years of experience and curious consumers, we have plenty of alternative ways to smoke the cannabis flower. Whether you are out on the street or at a party with friends, some new ways to get your dose of cannabis come in handy when you don’t have the classic tools. Among these genius methods of consumption, we find the popular gravity bong.

What Is a Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong or a geeb is a method of consumption that requires two empty plastic bottles and uses air pressure and water to funnel smoke out of the device. This way, the smoke is pushed into the consumer’s lungs. This is a fairly easy method to consume cannabis in case you don’t have your smoking devices on you. Moreover, learning how to make a geeb is very simple. You will only need a few items that you probably already have around the house.

How to Make a Geeb

If you want to make a geeb all by yourself, these are the elements you have to gather:
  • An empty and clean plastic bottle. Any size works, but 16-20 oz is the most common choice.
  • A bucket or 2-liter plastic bottle
  • A piece of aluminum foil, or a downstem and bowl
  • A knife, scissors, or box cutter
  • A toothpick or any other poking device

Step 1: Cut the Smaller Bottle

Use your knife or box cutter to remove the bottom of your smaller bottle. If the top half of the bottle is larger than the bottom half, the hit you receive will be much stronger.

Step 2: Cut the Larger Bottle

Take your 2-liter bottle and cut the top of it. Then, fill it with water. This last step also applies if you are using a bucket. Don’t fill it all the way to the top, since you will have to push the smaller bottle into the water.

Step 3: Create the Bowl

There are two ways to go in this step. First, you can use a downstem and bowl, just like in a regular rig. For this purpose, take the cap of the smaller bottle and use the box cutter to make a hole in it. It should be big enough to allow the downstem to fit, and it has to be as airtight as possible. Alternatively, you can make your own bowl by simply taking a square piece of foil and folding it in half to give it thickness. Then, place the aluminum foil on the cap and wrap it, creating a small “bowl” for your cannabis. Next, use the toothpick to poke about 3-5 holes in the foil.

Step 4: Pack Your Cannabis

Pack your bowl with a pinch of your favorite strain. If you are not sure which are the best strains to smoke, we recommend you choose one of the best hemp flowers to smoke. Don’t screw the cap yet.

Step 5: Submerge Your Geeb

Hold the smaller bottler in one hand and push it down into the water. Then, take the cap and carefully screw your bowl back onto the bottle. The cap must remain above water.

Step 6: Light Your Cannabis

While the bottle remains submerged in the water, use a lighter or hemp wick to ignite your herb. You will see how the bottle fills with smoke. Slowly pull the smaller bottle upwards out of the water. However, don’t lift it all the way out. In case your geeb is not filling with smoke, you have to make sure your cap is correctly screwed on. Also, check the bottle to ensure there are no holes or gaps in the side.

Step 7: Inhale

Now that the bottle is full of smoke, remove the cap and place your mouth over the bottle opening. This time, gently push the bottle back down into the water. This creates an effect that will force the smoke to go up into your lungs. If you don't want to finish the entire bottle at once, continue holding it in the water and put the cap back on top to trap the smoke. You may cough a bit more than you normally do since gravity bongs can collect more smoke than a traditional water pipe. In such cases, prepare a glass of cold water beforehand. Geebs are certainly not for the faint of heart, and an inexperienced cannabis smoker may want to stay away from this device until they have fully mastered the smoking basics. There you go! Now you know how to make a geeb with basic home supplies. However, you must be aware that the plastic bottles you used to make your gravity bong contain PET. This releases chemicals when heated, and you may pull these chemicals into your lungs when smoking cannabis from a geeb. If you choose to make a geeb, be aware of the risks and make sure you don’t use this method of consumption too often.

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