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You’ve probably heard the saying, “that’s the way cookie crumbles” but what about CBD? Can it crumble? All puns aside, yes, CBD can be turned into this honeycomb, gritty-like extract that is known as a crumble.

Crumble is pretty much an extract that has a stronger concentration of cannabinoids. It can be smoked, dabbed, vaporized, and even eaten, making it a uniquely versatile way to enjoy the full potential of the therapeutic and recreational benefits of CBD.

With that said, there’s a lot of information on the internet. So before you jump into building a small chem lab and trying to make some by yourself, we’ve gathered some basic information in this article and some of the most important things before you consider CBD crumble.

What is CBD Crumble

Let’s get down to the basics. CBD crumble is a concentrated extract of Cannabidiol, basically making it one of the most potent ways to enjoy this cannabinoid. Crumble itself is not something new, as it's part of the concentrated family that has been part of Cannabis culture for a while.

Crumble gets its name thanks to its consistency, which basically “crumbles” when light pressure is applied. This concentrate is usually made through a chemical process that involves the distillation and concentration of CBD into a really fine honeycomb-like product.

This concentrate can be anywhere in the range of shades of orange, yellow, brown, and tan. But honestly, one of the best parts of CBD crumble is its purity level ranging anywhere from 90 to 98 percent of pure CBD.

As a small refresher, CBD is a compound that’s naturally found in major quantities in the hemp plant. This cannabinoid has no psychoactive effects and plenty of therapeutic and wellness effects. We’ll delve into this further down in the article.

CBD Crumble Benefits

Crumble is a pretty neat way to get everything CBD has to offer. Besides being all-natural and giving you strong sedative effects, crumble can also be used with both wellness and recreational objectives in mind.

CBD crumble is very concentrated, so a small amount can have the job done with a few tokes. Hence why some effects like muscle relaxation are even stronger with crumble.

Other benefits that are heightened from CBD in the crumbled form are improving your mood, aiding digestion, getting natural sleep relief, and alleviating certain external stressors that could help with anxiety and stress symptoms. It can also potentially help with inflammation in general, helping the body regulate its fight-and-flight and even pain signals.

CBD can also support our appetite, sleep cycle, and even nervous system regulation. In the end, the sedative and relaxing wellness effects of Cannabidiol can be enhanced through this kind of extract. So if you feel like you’ve formed a resistance to this cannabinoid, maybe crumble can make it a better experience.

The short answer is yes, CBD is completely legal in the US. As long as it complies with the 2018 Farm Bill, all hemp and hemp-derived cannabinoids, including CBD, are fully legal. So don’t worry about trying out or exploring concentrates to get the most out of your favorite flower.

One of the important things to look out for is that CBD products cannot have over 0.3% THC in their content. So be sure to check that out, as any product above that limit classifies the product as marijuana, which is illegal federally.

How to Use CBD Crumble

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s get into the fun part. CBD Crumble is pretty versatile and easy to use, but you might need a few extra tools to enjoy it. With that said, it’s nothing out of the ordinary and you can even cook with it, so don’t fret. Let’s check some ways you can enjoy Crumble.


Smooth vapor with lots of flavors? Vaporizing is for you. This method is done through a concentrate vaporizer or even a refillable cartridge. Just add the honeycomb-like product to the camber, heat it, and inhale.

One of the great things about vaporizers is that you don’t need anything else but a battery or a fully charged device. Cleaning up is minimal, and it’s pretty easy to start smooth smoking.


Dabbing is one of the preferred methods of trying crumble in general. The general process is sort of delicate, but it can be a little more efficient than vaporizing and it needs fewer devices and technology to work.

First, you’ll need a dabbing rig, nail, or even banger. This works as an extra chamber that you can add to a bong or pipe, and it’s usually made from strong heat-resistant materials like titanium.

Once it is set up, you’ll have to put a small ration of CBD crumble. We are talking about the size of a grain or a small pearl as the portion. Then you’ll need to heat the nail or banger with a hand torch or similar device until there is a glow. Just make sure you turn it off to avoid any fire hazards and wait about 45 seconds.

About 30 seconds later, place the CBD Crumble pear in the bowl and heat it with the nail. This is a quick process so be sure to be ready to inhale and pull through the mouthpiece. Just pull as much as you want and you can handle it.


Now we can go to the fun part. You add crumble to your favorite CBD flower, like a delicious tropical flower like our Sour Hawaiian Haze with guava, mango, and even pine notes.

By adding some concentrates while rolling your flower, you can potentiate your favorite jay or pipe session. If Sativa strains are not your favorite, Sour Space Candy is a full-on hybrid that has fuel-like and spicy notes. This one is also great to add some CBD crumble with, as it can potentiate the best of both Sativa and Indica strains to help you relax without making you sleepy.

Just make sure you are using an ash catcher or dab rig if you are using a pipe. This is mainly to ensure the cleaning isn’t too messy and of course, to prevent inhaling actual crumble or flower bits in general. You can also try a rig with flower and concentrate in a bubbler or bong to have the best smoking experience with smooth smoke.


If you wanted to get creative, crumble is a perfect extract to experiment with. You can add it to your favorite cake, cookie, or pastry and you’ll be making the perfect enhanced edible. Try to add it with the oils or butter in the recipe for better absorption as well.

Eating CBD can extend the crumble’s effects for a long time. As with most edibles, CBD can also be metabolized through your digestive system, making it less immediately than other forms but making the effects last much longer. The hemp-infused good might kick in anywhere from half an hour to an hour mark, so let your body respond before having a bigger dose.

This method is perfect to check out how the cookie crumbles with some delicious CBD-infused chocolate chip cookies to enjoy its relaxing effects. And best of all, you won’t have to decarb your hemp flower, as the crumble is already activated with the oven’s heat.

How to Make CBD Crumble

Making CBD Crumble is a little complicated, and usually made with specific equipment. First, it needs Butane to create BHO. While you can make crumble at home, butane is a very dangerous and flammable material and you need special equipment and safety protocols to guarantee your safety.

Commercial CBD Crumble involves several steps. From harvesting the fresh flower, then frozen and eventually extracted through the use of a solvent. The chemical used for this last process is butane. Once that is done, the cannabinoid-rich solvent is then cooled down and removed from the mix.

This is the actual extraction part, as it concentrates the cannabinoids from the other agents and part of cannabis. Lastly, the mix is purged and purified and then placed into what is known as a vacuum oven. This device doesn’t let the air out and heats the result between 110°F and 134°F for three days.

The final product is a crumby, honeycomb-like mix that is then whipped to its final form before packaging. Complicated right? While some things can be done at home, we don’t recommend that much making crumble at home. Instead, buy from a renowned brand and fill that creative void with some crumble cooking or rolling some extravagant joints with some of your favorite CBD flower.

Alternatively, try CBG strains like our White CBG flower over here. If you have the craving though, Reddit users have a method without actual butane by using cannabinoid distillate. Users then used a heat-resistant pot and get it to 500°F with a heat fun, and then added the distillate and preferred terpenes in.

After this, you shake it up and spread it on a silicone mat in a tray or container, then pop it in the freezer once it cools down and it can give a similar crumbly and wax-like feeling. You can read more about this home trick in this subreddit thread we found.

Now that you know the basics of CBD Crumble, remember to stay safe and enjoy the benefits of this potent extract, that can potentiate the wellness and recreational effects of hemp.

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