How to Make CBD Isolate

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There is something marvelous about handmade cannabis products. They have heart and soul in them added by their maker. Trust us; it is implicit in the recipe. Now imagine making your own CBD isolate to enjoy whenever you want and feel proud in the making. Do you like how it sounds? If you’re going to make CBD isolate, we should talk about what exactly it is before getting to work.

What is an Isolate

Isolates are the purest form of a cannabinoid. Typically, cannabis buds have resins, trichomes, and terpenes, which create an assemble effect. The experience of sensing all of these components together is awesome regardless of whether your burn or add them in some edibles recipe.

However, there are several ways to enjoy cannabis. Even though cannabinoids do not have a flavor or taste, isolates are different from your regular cannabis joint.

What is CBD Isolate

Given the above, you could already tell that a CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD. It is the primary substance sought in hemp for its medicinal and recreational properties that promise to free you from physical and mental stress or pain. The best isolates are over 99% pure CBD, so indeed, they are potent.

This is a fascinating topic that expands the possibilities of cannabis usage. These paragraphs are just an entrance to CBD isolates, so feel free to immerse in the reading of What is CBD Isolate? to learn more about it.

How does Crystallization Work

As with other cannabis concentrates, the best extraction method is distillation. Distillation catches a particular substance in the form of vapor to separate it from the hemp’s present components. Then, we cool the steam to turn it into liquid, but a good portion of it solidifies, becoming a crystal of the distilled substance.

The yield of crystallization depends on the manipulation of temperature. The temperature must be high at the beginning of the process when getting the vapor and low at the end when cooling it. The wider the temperature differences, the more crystals you get.

How to Make CBD Isolate

Making CBD isolate takes time and can be tricky sometimes, but it sure is worth a shot. In the end, you will have the source of several fantastic experiences that you could live in your intimacy or share with your friends, all made by your hands and soul. Let’s roll up the sleeves!

Grow your Hemp

The best way to achieve a high-quality, over 90% cannabinoid purity is to grow your hemp organically. Industrial hemp is also great when you get it from a reliable vendor. Still, if you have some knowledge and can grow your own plant, you might prefer to take care of it on your own so that you can maximize the diversity and potency of the hemp’s compounds.

Extracting CBD from Hemp

Now that you have your premium hemp ready is time to extract the CBD via oil and distillation extraction methods. Extraction methods require patience and caution to be safe and successful. Still, they are simple and effective.

Crude Oil Extraction

The most common way to do a cannabis crude oil extraction is based on alcohol. Think of alcohol-infused with CBD that works as a tincture. You need to make this tincture to proceed with the extraction.

We explain how to do tinctures easily in the article How to Make CBD Tincture, it is already a product you can use to make great things, as we explain in the article, but it is not an isolate yet.

Before going into distillation, it is crucial to remove fats and waxes by winterizing your tincture. Place your tincture into a freezer and let it chill until the grease and waxes solidify. Then remove it gently.

Crude to Distillate

Once you have the tincture, proceed to heat it slowly and cautiously to evaporate the alcohol. Remember that alcohol is flammable, so be careful and patient in this step. The resulting substance is a crude oil rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and other minor compounds.

Distillation turns your crude oil into a purer substance. The distillation equipment removes volatile components and contaminants like fat and waxes, leaving a CBD distillate behind, which you will use further to create isolate from the distillate. Most extraction processes end in the distillation step, and with proper equipment, you can already get a 99% purity CBD isolate in the form of crystals via precipitation.

Distillate to Isolates

Isolates have an extraordinary purity that producers can only achieve by the isolation process. You can separate CBD and other desired compounds by utilizing a flash chromatography technique. Indeed it is not something you usually have at home. Still, that is the best way to get an effective isolate when not getting it from distillation.

Testing your Isolates

How do you make sure how pure is your isolate? It is necessary to have it tested by a lab. The same goes when you want to buy an isolate or any product. Make sure it has a COA (certificate of analysis) by a laboratory.

How to Make CBD Oil from Isolate

Serving size: 30 ml Prep time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 5 minutes Total time: 10 minutes Cuisine type: Cannabis recipe


  • Spoon or funnel
  • An oral syringe
  • 1 oz. glass bottle with dropper lid


  • 1g CBD isolate powder
  • One and a half tablespoons of MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil or Coconut oil

    Step by step

    Step 1

    Measure how much oil you wish to make. For every gram of CBD isolate, we will use 30ml of the carrier oil. In this recipe, we are using 1 gram of isolate and 30ml of oil.

    Step 2

    Use the spoon or the funnel to pour the 1g of CBD into the 1 oz. glass bottle as well as the 30ml of carrier oil using the syringe. Optional: Before adding the CBD powder, you can put the oil in a pot and place it in low heat until it simmers. Then, add the CBD powder and stir gently with a wooden spoon until fully absorbed. Let it cool and pour into the 1 oz. glass bottle.

    Step 3

    Close the bottle well and shake it gently for 30 seconds or a minute. It takes some time for the powder to dissolve in the oil, but it will not crystallize anymore once done.

    Benefits of Making CBD Isolate

    Making your isolate is cheaper than buying it. Besides, there is some magic in making your products. Cannabis is about freedom and joy, and you can get such gifts from learning and going through the making yourself, not even telling how good you can show your friends what you have done. Feel proud of it and indulge in the experience!

    CBD Isolate vs. Full-spectrum CBD

    It is all about what you are searching for. If you want a pure CBD product without any trace of terpenes or THC, then isolate is your thing. Isolates are excellent to make tinctures, blend in lotions, and other topic and skin-care products. And if you want to make an edible recipe that does not have the taste of cannabis, isolate is a perfect choice.

    On the other hand, full-spectrum CBD contains an ample diversity of components like terpenes and other cannabinoids, and each one has its benefits. Together they create an ensemble effect, which empowers the therapeutical incidence of all compounds being together. Full-spectrum CBD has all the hemp potential within.

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