How to Smoke a Pre-Rolled CBD Joint

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Every pro was once a beginner, and research is usually part of the process of becoming a pro at something. Especially when it comes to cannabis, it's best to be well-informed so you don't get unwanted surprises. But most importantly, you can start mastering the art of enjoying cannabis and its potential benefits like an expert.

For cannabis veterans, writing an article about how to smoke a joint may seem unnecessary. Nonetheless, cannabis is the most abused illicit substance, so you may find yourself in a situation one day.

So, if that situation arises one day, here's how to smoke a CBD pre-roll like an expert. But let's start by clarifying some basic concepts.

Key Takeaways

  • A CBD pre-roll is a pre-rolled joint with CBD flower instead of regular THC.
  • Smoking a CBD pre-roll is undoubtedly an art that can be mastered more and more with time and practice.
  • Although CBD can have powerful relaxing effects, a CBD pre-roll will not make you high.

What is a CBD Pre-roll?

A CBD pre-roll is one of the most practical and convenient ways to enjoy your CBD. But we know that although the name suggests it very clearly, some people may still need clarification about what exactly a pre-roll is.

A CBD pre-roll is a pre-rolled joint with CBD flower made in order to make things easier for some people when it comes to smoking their CBD. CBD pre-rolls may also be ideal for those who don´t know how to roll yet or want to avoid having to roll their CBD joints themselves.

CBD flowers are the buds that sprout from the hemp plant and that carry high concentrations of CBD. This type of cannabis bud is ideal for those who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD without having to experience the psychoactive effects of Delta-9 THC, the predominant cannabinoid in the type of cannabis that many of us know as marijuana.

CBD pre-rolls are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the potential benefits of CBD. CBD pre-rolls are an excellent option for enthusiastic users just getting to know cannabis and are not yet experts in the whole process of rolling a joint.

How to Light a Pre-Rolled Joint?

Lighting a joint is pretty similar to lighting a regular cigarette. Still, some details are important to consider when lighting a CBD pre-roll joint to do it properly.

You can light the pre-roll with a lighter or a match in case you don't have a lighter. After having your pre-roll and your lighter or match in hand, the first and most important advice is to be patient, since it is very likely that your CBD pre-roll will not light all at once.

In this sense, a CBD pre-roll is similar to cigars because it can take a bit longer to light than a regular cigarette. You know how long it usually takes for cigar smokers to light up!

Another helpful tip to ensure an even burn on your pre-roll is to rotate it slowly while applying the flame to the end you are trying to light before taking it to your mouth. The flame doesn't need to touch the joint; the heat of the fire can ignite your pre-roll. Keep your fingertips away from the flame, so you don't get burned.

Which Side of a Pre-Rolled Joint do You Light?

Most CBD pre-rolls available for sale usually come pre-rolled with a filter on one of the ends, which is the one that you place in your mouth when you puff your pre-roll. The side of the joint that you must turn on is the opposite side of where the filter is.

Some users like to roll the tip of the joint to make it more pointy, creating a paper overlap that allows for a slower, more even burn. Some people like to remove this excess paper, but the truth is that it is optional to do so.

How to Smoke a Pre-Rolled CBD Joint

Once you've lit your CBD pre-roll, it's time to smoke it. Although smoking a pre-roll is not rocket science, enthusiastic users may still have questions about how to smoke a pre-roll properly.

Smoking a CBD pre-roll is an art that can be mastered with time and practice. Most expert users recommend starting your CBD pre-roll with small puffs rather than inhaling giant puffs of smoke. This way, you prepare your lungs to receive larger amounts of smoke and avoid damaging your lungs and causing an uneven burn to your joints.

Another recommendation when smoking your CBD pre-roll is not to inhale the joint while lighting it. This is another feature that sets CBD pre-rolls apart from regular tobacco cigarettes. This is important because inhaling while lighting the pre-roll makes it harder to see what's happening at the joint's tip and can cause a fast and uneven burn that can ruin the pre-roll.

Some experts also recommend drawing the smoke into your mouth first when smoking your CBD pre-roll before inhaling it into your lungs and using the diaphragm on both inhalation and exhalation.

Another helpful tip when smoking your CBD pre-rolls is not to hold the smoke in your lungs for too long. Some users may believe that retaining the smoke for as long as possible causes increased effects. But contrary to this belief, the lungs absorb CBD within the first few seconds, so holding the smoke in for too long can actually be harmful to your lungs.

Ideally, just take deep puffs that fill your lungs with CBD smoke and exhale 1 to 3 seconds after inhaling. With that time, it is more than enough for your lungs to absorb the CBD and start enjoying the benefits of this cannabinoid.

How to Put out a CBD Pre-Roll

Once you've finished smoking your CBD pre-roll, the right thing to do is either dispose of the remnants in an ashtray or make sure you completely extinguish the glowing embers burning inside the joint so that once it's smothered and cool, you can throw it away.

You can also try to have a doob tube, snap-top test tube, or whatever type of container you prefer so that, in case you don't smoke your CBD pre-roll entirely in one session (which is very common), you can save what you have left for later in a practical, discreet, and odorless way.

Although some users may smoke the entire CBD pre-roll at once, many others tend to smoke a pre-roll in 2-3 sessions, so it can be very convenient to have a container on hand to store the leftovers of your CBD pre-roll in case you don't smoke it completely.

Does Smoking a CBD Pre-roll Get You High?

This is a common question among people who are just getting started on cannabis, hemp, cannabis, and cannabinoids in general. And it is understandable since, with the great expansion of the cannabis market, novel cannabinoids have appeared, such as HHC, Delta-10, and Delta-8, which makes some people wonder if Delta-8 pre-rolls get you high or how much THC they contain.

The good news is that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to CBD pre-rolls. Although CBD can have powerful relaxing effects, a CBD pre-roll will not make you high. This is because CBD is not intoxicating and does not generate psychoactive effects.

The effects of CBD pre-rolls may vary depending on whether the CBD flower is an indica, sativa, or hybrid. When smoking a CBD Indica flower, you might feel like sitting back and just relaxing at home or with your friends. It might even help you sleep better.

When you smoke a CBD Sativa strain, you may experience more energizing effects. These effects might make you want to go out and enjoy some time in the fresh air or do some activity that allows you to unleash the boost of energy and good spirits that you will experience.

When the strain is a hybrid, you will likely experience balanced effects that can vary and be more or less energizing or relaxing depending on the Indica: Sativa ratio of the strain you choose to smoke.

How Long Will a Pre-Rolled Joint Last?

Pre-rolls and pre-rolled cones are some of the most popular cannabis products by far, accounting for a large portion of cannabis product sales globally and ranking 3rd best-selling cannabis products. Some users love pre-rolls, and it is common for some people to buy pre-rolls in bulk, especially when a rare or hard-to-find strain comes out in a pre-roll form. But, this leads to a logical question, how long will the pre-rolls last?

Under normal conditions, a pre-roll can last 3 weeks to 4 months. Nonetheless, if the pre-rolls are packed in doob tubes or airtight containers and stored under the right conditions, they can last from 6 months to even a year.

But we don´t recommend storing pre-rolls for long periods, since they may develop mold or dry up, causing the cannabinoids to degrade, lose their flavors, aromas, and, of course, their precious medicinal power.

It's best to smoke your pre-rolls the first couple of weeks after you buy them since, in addition to how long you'll have them in storage, you need to factor in how long they may have been sitting in the dispensary before you bought them.

How to Open Pre-Rolled Joint Container?

In general, manufacturers make pre-rolled joint containers to be airtight, child-resistant, and waterproof. But there are different types of pre-rolled joint containers, and there may be some differences in how each one is opened. So, let's go through them one by one.

Pre-roll Tubes

The pre-rolled packages that you will find most commonly are the pre-rolled tubes. Pre-roll tubes are also called pop-top tubes, and the name explains how these containers are opened. Pop-top pre-roll tubes usually do not have the flap that a regular tube container usually has.

Manufacturers make these tubes this way to make them safer and child-proof. To open this type of pre-roll container, you just have to squeeze the tube stop under the flap until the lid pops up and the tube opens. Some pop-top tubes may require you to squeeze a bit more forcefully than others, but they still follow the same principle.

Push-and-turn Bottle

Another popular container type is the push-and-turn bottle, which pretty much explains how to open it. The push-and-turn bottle is popular with pharmaceutical companies. It may not be common in cannabis shops, but don't be caught unawares should you find one.

These containers usually have instructions on how to open them on the lid of the container. But generally, you just need to press down on the center of the cap and turn clockwise to open it.

Closing Jars

Finally, the best container for pre-rolls, flowers, and concentrates is the closing jar. This jar comes with a lock on the airtight lid and a key that offers complete protection for your pre-rolls, dab concentrates, or buds. These containers are not that common.

However, they can be very functional if, for example, you have children at home and you want to keep your cannabis edibles entirely out of reach or if you want to keep your favorite rare-strain pre-rolls safe from other people.

Where to Buy CBD Pre-Rolls

The signing of the 2018 Farm Bill brought many beneficial changes for the cannabis market, medicinal users, and hemp lovers. One of these changes is that hemp and hemp-derived products are completely legal in the United States. Of course, this includes CBD pre-rolls. Therefore, getting CBD pre-rolls is quite simple these days.

However, with the increasing demand for hemp products and the fact that these products do not need FDA approval to be marketed, malicious retailers abound. In fact, there have been user reports about retailers offering dubious-quality CBD products.

This is why it is best to get your CBD pre-rolls from reputable brands. These ones offer customers quality and third-party-lab-tested products, giving you the best way to get value for your money.

Fortunately, if you are searching for high-quality, flavorful CBD pre-rolls, good for you! At Botany Farms, we have a varied catalog of pre-rolls of the best CBD strains and the best Delta-8 pre-rolls currently available on the market.

If you are looking for an energizing CBD pre-roll, try our delicious Sour Hawaiian Haze pre-rolls, which can contain up to 15% CBD and sweet flavors of guava and mango with subtle hints of pine.

If you are looking for a CBD strain that provides balanced effects, perhaps the ideal option for you is our Super Sour Space Candy pre-rolls, which take the game one step further with 16.4% CBD and a sweet lemon twist flavor.

If you want to see what other CBD pre-roll options we have available, just take a quick look at our online store. Go ahead and make your order now!

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