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The use of hemp and marijuana is growing in many areas. This herb that many consider revolutionary is already helping people with weak joints, muscular strain, nausea, and even several mental disorders like Acute Epilepsy. Going beyond the bounds of medicinal use, CBD from marijuana is rebuilding human cells and hempcrete, building actual living structures. This multitasker of a herb is making its way to being redeemed and known as the 'Sacred Herb' that the ancients have called it. With so many uses, it has to be on the list of plants you'd want to grow in a worst-case scenario or if you decide to stay off-grid in the wilderness. The acceptance of hemp and marijuana is slow, but it is still moving ahead much faster than in the 70s. So even if you are a rare strain collector or would love to grow your hemp in the future, be it 20 years down the line, storing seeds from your weed flowers shall be done skillfully. Let us teach you how to store marijuana seeds to make this process easier. Thanks for stopping by! Why not give something from our garden a try?

How do You Store Your Cannabis Seeds?

At a single glance, the marijuana seed, and most plant seeds for that matter, look pretty tough to be affected by anything. Well, some of them certainly are pretty savage as little plant embryos一 just think of the will and determination of the dandelion seeds. They germinate anywhere, so no need for storage. Germination of seed is when it receives the three primary plant needs: sun, soil, and moisture. That's when the seed shell bursts, and out comes a tiny green friend that makes the world a little more breathable. So it is the point when the seedling shows and starts growing into a plant. Ungerminated seeds are living organisms, too, just like a baby in its embryonic form. If you want to get the same properties of the strain from which the seed originated, or to at least protect the seed enough to germinate and reproduce, here's what you need:

Dark Spots

Yes, that sounds a bit eerie, but it's not Count Dracula's den. You need to store it hidden from light, just like someone would hide a personal supply of cannabis. Keeping away light, especially sunlight, is essential because that's the factor that initiates germination in plant seeds. Your seeds will start the germination process and empty the nutrition reservoirs inside the shell needed for sprouting. Cannabis requires a few hours in the sun. That's why it grows best in places with shorter daylight. You shall thus keep the seeds in the dark until germination is required. Keeping it in dry cardboard boxes is just one way to keep the light away while moving stuff.

Dry Areas

All plant seeds need to remain dry when being stored for any period. Seeds being in moisture is a bad idea for storage because it softens the seed and starts germination. It may also cause the seeds to rot. Thus, areas with humidity are a no for storing seeds. If you're keeping the seeds for a few months, 20% to 30% humidity won't cause any damage and will sustain the germination capability. However, if you want to go longer with the seeds, say two years, you must make sure you go lower than 10%. For more extended storage periods, you can use the silica pouches that usually come with shoes, water bottles, bags or can be bought over the counter. Please keep it in the container with the seeds and change the silica gel pouches every five months.

Cooler Areas

You can certainly store the seeds anywhere cooler than your room's normal temperature. Temperatures of the area of storage matter because too many fluctuations in temperature will cause failure in germination when you try to grow your plant. Only a few strains of marijuana can survive rapid fluctuations in temperatures. So when the season changes from winter to spring, you need to find a cooler place for your seeds too. Essentially for common land-grown strains, the temperatures can be about 59°F, and that for the ones grown essentially for extracts and medicinal compounds shall be nothing more than 42°F. Keeping seeds cool is the only way to attain those 'chill vibes' from your future harvest.

No Oxygen Flow

Plants give out oxygen in their capacities, but they certainly need oxygen for growth and repair. Hence, the air's oxygen and moisture will again cause germination to concur without enough nutrients or soil. Keeping your seeds in an airtight or vacuum-sealed place is necessary.

Consistent Conditions

The factors mentioned above will make it successful or at least worthwhile only when the conditions are kept consistent with time. So better make sure that when you move your seeds to another place, you either do it quickly or use dry and airtight boxes for longer journeys. An excellent gelatin storage pack might be an investment to lean upon if you're on the move.

What are the Best Containers to Store Cannabis Seeds?

Now that you know how to store marijuana seeds, you may wonder if there’s such thing as the perfect container to store seeds. The best practice to store anything organic is to use a vacuum sealer. Using a vacuum seal will keep the moisture and the oxygen for as long as you store the seeds. Depending on your choice, you can store it later in an outer glass or plastic container. Here’s a look at various ways you can store marijuana seeds.

Glass Jars

They are the most popular seed containers. Mason jars made of glass are great at keeping out air and moisture. The only thing is most of them are transparent and have to be kept in corners and cupboards. If you can lay hands on opaque clay jars, it's perfect.

Plastic Cans

Mostly, camera reel holders or medicine bottles are great at storing seeds for more extended times if kept in refrigerators. Sealable plastic pouches can also store seeds, given a vacuum sealer is being used. You can also use paper pouches and store them in the cupboard.

Which Places Store Seeds Best?

A refrigerator is an amazing place for your seeds if you're storing them in plastic cans with silica gel inside. Also, please keep it in the corner of the fridge to avoid sudden temperature changes. If you don't want it disturbed, choose your basement if you have one, as it keeps the temperature steady and cool. You could even try to go deeper and store your seeds underground in the backyard. Go deep enough, and the temperature will stay on point, given you have added enough silica to avert the moisture. Even after all the proper calculations, most marijuana seeds can only be stored for five years. If you keep the steps perfect, you can germinate most of them. Moreover, giving them a decent condition from all the options above will help in the elongation of the seed's life before you germinate it manually. Choose your storage time and choose the right choice.

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