How to Take CBG Oil?

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As research progresses and knowledge about cannabis grows, we can safely say that as the mysteries about this plant are unraveled it becomes even more fascinating. Cannabis is a complex gift with incredible potential that nature increasingly dazzles us with. However, it is in the organic compounds, the compounds that make up the complexity of this plant where the real magic lies. Such is the case of Cannabigerol, or CBG, an inherent compound of cannabis that many researchers often call the “mother cannabinoid.” Although when hearing about cannabinoids, many immediately think of THC or CBD, you should know that there are more than 110 cannabinoids discovered by science so far. Of these, CBG has a characteristic that separates it from the rest; other major cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, derive from it. This is why CBG is known as the original cannabinoid or mother cannabinoid. Like all other cannabinoids, Cannabigerol carries a wide range of potential benefits and medicinal applications. The enigmatic therapeutic potential of CBG is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Consequently, the popularity of products containing this cannabinoid is also increasing; such is the case with CBG oil. Considering that CBG oil is relatively new on the cannabis market, we know that there may be a lot of users with doubts about how to take this oil correctly. If you consider yourself one of the curious, potential users looking for a comprehensive guide on CBG oil, look no further, you have come to the right place! Read on, and you will find everything you need to know about the mystical CBG.

Key takeaways

  • "CBG oil, just as the name implies, is an extract of the essential oil of cannabis or hemp plants rich in this cannabinoid.”
  • “Although they may appear almost identical at first glance, the truth is that the differences between CBG and CBD are significant enough to make CBG better in some cases and CBD better in others.”
  • “...there are different ways in which you can take your CBG oil, and its effectiveness depends both on the potency of the CBG oil and the way of consumption you choose.”

What is CBG Oil?

CBG, or Cannabigerol, is one of the many cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. CBG carries incredible therapeutic potential and possible benefits for human health, like CBD and THC. One of the most interesting facts about Cannabigerol is that cannabis scientists and researchers call it "the mother cannabinoid" since other major cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, derive from cannabigerolic acid or CBGa, the acidic form of this fascinating cannabinoid. CBG oil, just as the name implies, is an extract of the essential oil of cannabis or hemp plants rich in this cannabinoid. Generally, the CBG present in cannabis or hemp plants converts into THC or CBD, respectively, before the time of cultivation. This is why finding CBG-rich cannabis plants were rare and often expensive. Nevertheless, given the wide range of potential benefits that CBG could bring to human health, growers have taken on the task of developing new strains rich in Cannabigerol. CBG oil can be derived from hemp or cannabis and is usually supplemented with a carrier oil to facilitate absorption. CBG oil is usually nothing more than CBD oil enriched with high levels of Cannabigerol. Being a "new" cannabinoid on the cannabis market, many people are still not well aware of the properties of CBG, and even many have doubts about whether CBG can get you high. The good news is that CBG is a non-intoxicating compound and, therefore, does not possess the psychoactive and mind-altering properties associated with THC-rich cannabis plants. Due to its lack of psychoactive properties CBG is gaining a greater reputation among medical cannabis lovers as being similar in effect to CBD; it offers a viable option for those who want to experience the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the need to go through the intense high caused by the THC. CBG can, in some cases, even help counteract the psychoactive effects, anxiety, and even paranoia that THC can generate.

Benefits of consuming CBG

From a health point of view, CBG also carries many of the potential benefits that CBD provides, with the difference being that its effects on the mental level can be somewhat different. One of the reasons why CBG is gaining such incredible, growing popularity among medical cannabis users is due to anecdotal reports and information pointing to the possible qualities that Cannabigerol has in promoting motivation, reducing mental fatigue (known as brain fog), and even helping develop productive “flow” states in its users. Additionally, CBG can provide all of these potential benefits without causing the controversial high and psychoactive effects associated with Delta-9 THC, isomers like Delta-8 and Delta-10, and other mildly psychotropic cannabinoids like HHC or CBN. In addition to these potential benefits already mentioned, CBG could also provide users with other potential health benefits and therapeutic uses, including:
  • Inflammation-reducing qualities, similar to those of CBD.
  • Ability to reduce irritation and redness.
  • It can help fight bacterial infections.
  • Promotes a healthy appetite.
  • Promotes the development of essential bodily functions to maintain optimal general well-being.

Ways to consume CBG

As with other more popular and well-known cannabinoids, there are several ways to consume CBG. Many of these ways are similar to the existing methods of consuming CBD. As with Cannabidiol, CBG also comes in various product forms ranging from CBG-enriched hemp flowers to oils, tinctures, cartridges, vaping, edibles, and other CBG-rich extracts and concentrates. The most significant difference between these methods or ways of consuming CBG is that each way of consuming CBG varies in terms of the final bioavailability of CBG. This means that, depending on the form of consumption, the amount of CBG that remains available in the bloodstream for the body to metabolize and assimilate can vary significantly. Therefore, the intensity or efficacy of the effects and benefits that CBG could provide can also vary. Although there are a lot of different CBG products available on the market today, we can group all of these products into four main groups or ways to consume CBG. Each of these ways presents a different bioavailability that affects the onset, peak, and duration of CBG's effects. Based on this principle, the four ways to consume CBG are:
  • By inhalation: this includes CBG flowers, CBG vape cartridges, CBG-rich dabbing concentrates, and any CBG product that involves inhaling this cannabinoid to make it available in our body. Inhalation produces the fastest onset of effects, having an almost immediate onset range and a time of between 30 to 40 minutes to reach its peak. However, inhalation presents the lowest bioavailability and duration of effects of the four ways of CBG consumption. By consuming CBG this way, the effects can last for around 3 hours and, with luck, a little longer.
  • Topical Application: This method includes creams, ointments, and topically applied oils and tinctures. The topical application of CBG presents a slightly longer onset of effects, taking from 10 to 20 minutes to start feeling its effects and up to an hour for them to reach their peak. The duration of the effects can also be less than when you inhale CBG, lasting between 2 to 3 hours. However, the bioavailability is higher than inhalation. Our skin is full of endocannabinoid receptors, and it takes less time for CBG to pass through our epidermal tissue and access our bloodstream.
  • Sublingual application: This includes the different types of CBG oils and tinctures currently on the market. The sublingual application is the perfect option for those users looking for fast and efficient absorption of CBG into their bloodstream. This is because when we take CBG sublingually, it enters our body almost immediately, causing an almost instantaneous onset of effects. The peak of the effects of CBG by sublingual administration can come shortly after an hour after ingesting the oil or tincture. The effects of this cannabinoid by a sublingual application can last up to 5 hours, and the bioavailability is much higher than other consumption methods.
  • Ingestion: This includes capsules, edibles, candy, or other CBG-enriched foods or beverages. The onset of CBG effects from ingestion takes the longest on this list. This is because, to start feeling the effects of CBG when ingested, our stomach and liver must digest and process the CBG to become available in our bloodstream. The effects peak takes place around one to two hours after ingestion, and depending on the amount of CBG ingested, the effects can last up to 8 hours after consumption. Another essential factor to highlight about the ingestion of CBG is that other organic compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids that usually complement CBG products might be lost during digestion. In addition, the bioavailability of Cannabigerol also depends on our liver's ability to metabolize it, which can vary significantly from person to person. This makes it more difficult to calculate the exact dose of CBG that will remain available in our body after its metabolization.


While CBG and CBD are very closely related, they also have specific characteristics that make them significantly different. If you wonder who would win the battle between CBD vs. CBG, the answer is: it would depend on who is the referee in said battle. This is because classifying one of these cannabinoids as better or worse than the other would depend mainly on the specific needs and conditions to treat in each user. Although they may appear almost identical at first glance, the truth is that the differences between CBG and CBD are significant enough to make CBG better in some cases and CBD better in others. In this sense, it is best to be clear about these differences to make the best choice between CBG or CBD, depending on the circumstance. The main difference between CBD and CBG, from which all the other discrepancies derive, is that both are organic compounds with different molecular structures. Although CBG is the precursor cannabinoid of CBD and their chemical structures are similar, their subtle differences translate into different effects and, therefore, variations in their therapeutic applications. What they do have in common is that both CBG and CBD are non-intoxicating cannabinoids that, unlike THC, do not produce psychoactive effects. Regarding therapeutic benefits and as we already mentioned, CBG and CBD share some similarities; both cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anxiolytic, and antidepressant qualities. But, each of these cannabinoids also carries specific potential medical benefits that set them apart from each other. On the one hand, CBG has antibacterial, neuroprotective qualities, inhibitors of keratinocyte proliferation, and alleviates some glaucoma symptoms. On the other hand, CBD could function as a regulator of immune functions and as a sleep regulator. It should also be noted that CBD has more significant analgesic and pain-inhibiting qualities than CBG. Regarding appetite, CBG is famous for causing the popular “munchies” that some THC-rich cannabis strains cause. Ironically, it seems that CBG also promotes the fat-burning qualities of the body. Secondly, CBD works more as an appetite regulator and could even be a great tool to reduce cravings and help with weight loss. Both CBG and CBD can come from hemp flowers. The difference is that as a precursor cannabinoid to the major cannabinoids, CBG occurs in all early-stage cannabis plants. In other words, CBG occurs naturally in cannabis and hemp plants alike, except that at a particular stage of plant maturation, CBG is synthesized into THC or CBD, respectively. On the other hand, CBD is naturally abundant in hemp flowers that are already ripe and ready for harvest. Nonetheless, expert, CBG-loving breeders have managed to develop some cannabis strains that are naturally rich in Cannabigerol. The thing is, these kinds of CBG-rich varieties may be rare and potentially hard to get, while CBD flowers are plentiful on the cannabis market today.

How to Take CBG Oil?

Currently, there are different types of CBG oil available on the market, and you can even find guides on how to make your own CBG oil at home. But even before learning to take CBG oil, it is vital to understand that there are several types of CBG oil and that one of these types of CBG oil may best meet your needs, depending on the concentration of CBG in the product and the CBG oil type you choose. The main types of CBG oil that exist are:
  • Full Spectrum CBG Oil: This is the most complete type of CBG oil and is generally the most sought-after by users. Full-spectrum CBG oil contains highly concentrated CBG, accompanied by CBD, trace amounts of THC, terpenes, and flavonoids. This amplifies the synergistic effect that occurs when all of these compounds work together as they boost the effectiveness of each other's qualities.
  • Broad Spectrum CBG Oil: This oil is a blend of CBG with other cannabinoids and terpenes without any trace of THC.
  • CBG Isolate Oil: Pure or Isolate CBG Oil, as the name suggests, is an oil made from pure CBG and does not contain any other cannabinoids or terpenes, allowing you to experience the effects and benefits of CBG in its most pure and potent form.
  • CBG/CBD Isolate Oil: This is one of the most common blends on the market and contains a specific ratio of CBG/CBD without any other cannabinoids or terpenes.
This said, we must emphasize that there are different ways in which you can take your CBG oil, and its effectiveness depends both on the potency of the CBG oil and the way of consumption you choose. The most common ways to take CBG oil are:
  • Sublingual administration: involves placing drops of the desired dose of CBG oil under the tongue, holding it there for one to two minutes while absorption occurs, and then swallowing the remaining oil.
  • Add to Food and Drinks: As easy as it sounds, you can add your daily dose of CBG to your favorite foods or drinks to reap the benefits of CBG deliciously. You can add CBG oil to your salad dressings, sweet treats, or baked snack recipes. Other people prefer to add CBG oil to their shakes, smoothies, morning coffee, or tea. You can even add a few drops of CBG oil to your favorite cocktails or juices, and this way, the bitter, grassy taste of some CBG oils will mix with the flavor of your drink, and you may not even notice its presence.
  • Direct Inhalation: Vaping CBG oil is growing in popularity as it offers a viable alternative for users who want to inhale CBG but don't want to deal with the damage that combustion can cause to their throat and lungs.
  • Apply it on your skin: you can rub CBG oil directly on your skin, and it will absorb it quickly. It is enough to apply a few drops of CBG oil on the area affected by pain, inflammation, or redness to begin feeling the relief provided by the potential benefits of CBG. You can also mix your CBG oil with other oils that are beneficial for the skin, such as coconut oil. This blend of oils can be great for muscle or joint pain, and your body will smell good after applying it.

How much CBG Should you take?

At this point, we are already aware of many potential benefits CBG could bring to our daily lives. But, since CBG is a relatively new cannabinoid to the cannabis market, there may be users with some doubts as to what dose of CBG to take or even if CBG shows up in drug tests. The good news is that the answer is no. CBG alone will be very unlikely to cause you to fail a drug test, as these tests directly point to THC and its metabolites. However, if you usually take high doses of full-spectrum CBG oil, you should remember that this type of oil often contains traces of THC that, in those higher doses could show up on a drug test. It is advisable to keep your doses of full-spectrum CBG oil below 300 milligrams or use CBG oils that do not contain trace amounts of THC, such as broad-spectrum CBG oil or CBG isolate oils, to avoid these drug test failures. Either way, if this is your first time taking CBG, it's best to start with the lowest recommended dosage, just 5ml of oil per serving. You can even use CBG microdose and try amounts below 5ml to avoid any risk of experiencing adverse effects. Try to wait for one to two hours for the effects to kick in, and only increase the dose if you feel it is necessary. It is essential to mention that factors such as metabolism, weight, age, potency, and the type of CBG oil you choose can affect the final result. The idea is to implement the lower doses a couple of times a day when you start using this cannabinoid. The daily amount of CBG to reap the benefits of this cannabinoid is generally around 20 to 50ml. Some people report feeling a slight buzz that boosts energy and motivation, while others report feelings of relaxation and relief.

When is the best time to take CBG?

The most sensible answer is that there is no wrong time to take your CBG. Some people find it best to take CBG in the morning to take advantage of the boost of energy and good mood that many CBG users report. For others, the ideal may be to take CBG at night to take advantage of its relaxing and relieving properties and thus even be able to fall asleep better. But, if you are unsure about the best time for you to take CBG, you can check with your healthcare provider or try taking CBG at different times of the day to find the time that best suits your needs.

Where to buy CBG online

With the increasing popularity of CBG, it's becoming easier and easier to find products containing Cannabigerol even at your local dispensaries. However, the most reliable way to get high-quality CBG products is to buy online directly from trusted manufacturers and brands. At Botany Farms, we are aware of the myriad of potential benefits of CBG and the growing demand for products containing it. That is why we have prepared for you on our shelves a variety of top-shelf quality CBG products for different tastes and preferences. If you want to try the effects of a tasty CBG-rich hemp flower, we have a small batch of delicious Lemon Diesel CBG flowers ready to be shipped to your door. If you want to avoid the whole hand-rolling Lemon Diesel CBG joints thing or don't have the time to do so, we also have some flavorful pre-rolled 2 half-gram Lemon Diesel CBG joints perfectly assembled and ready to enjoy. If you want to add a slight touch of psychoactivity to the CBG experience, we also have a special presentation of Lemon Diesel CBG flowers with HHC. You can also get some of this exclusive CBG flower batch in the form of 2 half grams of pre-rolled joints of HHC Lemon Diesel CBG. But, in case you are looking for a full-spectrum CBG experience with psychoactive effects that kick in, we also have a select and exclusive batch of our delicious Delta-8 enriched Lemon Diesel CBG flowers and pre-rolls that will elevate your CBG experience to the next level. Best of all, getting any of these products is as easy as choosing your favorite product and clicking on order to see your product arrive directly at your home in such a fast and discreet way that you won't believe it! Thanks for stopping by! Why not give some CBG from our farm a try?

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