How to Unclog A Delta 8 Disposable

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Vaping alternative cannabinoids such as Delta 8 THC might be one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get into the world of smoke, but it does have some occasional pitfalls. One of these is every Delta 8 enthusiast’s number one headache: a clogged cart.

To prevent future frustrations down the road, we have composed this quick guide to help you understand how to unclog a Delta 8 disposable, why clogged vapes happen in the first place, and how to prevent your Delta 8 cart from clogging or seizing up further down the road.

Why Does My Delta-8 Cart Clog?

There are several reasons why clogs tend to happen. While we won’t cover absolutely all possible scenarios, we mention the most common causes of clogged carts that you’re likely to deal with sooner rather than later.

Vape Oil is Too Hot

Extreme temperatures generally don’t bode well for vape carts, and particularly high heat can quickly ruin your sesh if you don’t watch out. Make sure to never leave your vape in direct sunlight for long stretches of time for the best results.

While extreme heat is not likely to damage your vape cart permanently if it is just a one-time occurrence, your Delta 8 disposable likely won’t manage to create a good puff before it cools down, which can take quite a while. Better to not allow it to overheat in the first place!

Vape is Too Cold

On the flip side, chucking your cart in the freezer is not a good idea either. Extreme cold can solidify and thicken the juice inside the cart, which can easily lead to a clogged Delta 8 disposable.

As with damage caused by high heat, your best bet when this happens is to transfer your cart to a room-temperature environment free of direct sunlight and allow it to stabilize with time.

Vape Left Unused

Like musical instruments, cars, and even the computer or mobile device you’re using to read this article, vape carts are designed to be used and don’t respond well to being left alone for long periods of time.

If you put your Delta 8 cartridge away for long – even if you stored it in a perfectly safe environment – it might hesitate to create good smoke when you pick it back up. Thankfully, reviving a cart in this case is usually not too hard, and we will go over the steps you need to follow in order to do so effectively further down below.

Plain Old Normal Use

If you have applied due diligence and none of the above causes seem to apply, then it is likely your Delta 8 disposable is fatigued from long, consistent use and is worn out.

While there are plenty of things you can do to make sure that your carts last as long as possible, they are not meant to keep going forever, and eventually, you will need to replace yours if it starts showing signs of weakness.

How to Unclog Delta 8 Vape

When you’re faced with a cart that just won’t work no matter what you do, it can be a frustrating experience. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy things you can try to fix this problem. The following serves as a quick guide on how to unclog your Delta 8 vape. If one method doesn’t work immediately, don’t despair, and try another!

Still, if your cart has simply given up the ghost, it’s always a good idea to keep a spare in your pocket. Our Berry Blossom Delta-8 THC Cart is an excellent all-rounder and also happens to be among the most potent on the market with a cannabinoid concentration of over 94 percent! Based on the powerful Indica strain of the same name, Berry Blossom provides a sweet, earthy flair that goes well with nearly any occasion and time of day.

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While this makes it more balanced than some of our heavy hitters at about 72% in total cannabinoids content, make no mistake: this cart still packs a huge punch, especially thanks to the entourage effect provided by those additional terpenes and minor cannabinoids! Speaking of which, if you like experimenting with something new and would like to try a cart specifically designed to get the most out of some of those lesser-known cannabis ingredients, we got you covered.

Botany Farms was among the first worldwide to pour substantial resources into the creation of products like our unique Delta-10 THC Cartridge. With an even smoother, calmer, and less psychoactive high than Delta-8, this is a peak chillout cart excellent for long evenings on the couch. Dose it right, and you also got a mildly euphoric companion for the day that won’t inhibit your productivity!

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On the other hand, if you’d rather have something that went in the opposite direction – doubling down on Delta 8’s intensity while avoiding the pitfalls associated with higher-potency Delta 9 – then an HHC Vape Cartridge could be just right for you.

Ours is loaded with an extremely purified, highly concentrated Bubba Kush extract. We found that the taste and effects profile of this legendary Indica played well with HHC’s euphoric, intense highs. If Delta 8 doesn’t move you at all and Delta 10 just puts you to sleep, maybe this can be your wake-up call.

Try Taking Hits With No Fire

First, try an easy (if unconventional) trick and pull in air through your cart’s mouthpiece without lighting it up. If there’s a hard, solidified clog inside, you might actually feel it loosen up as you pull in air. This can be a quick and dirty way to free up a seized Delta 8 cart in less than a minute, and it works more often than not!

Warm Your Cart

If your cart got clogged due to temperature extremes, try to gently heat it up. A good, safe means of doing so is by using a hairdryer. Alternatively, some vapes offer a “preheat” setting that might do the trick just as well. This can help to liquefy any debris or gummed-up liquid on the inside, potentially removing the clog.

Clean Out Your Cart

Speaking of debris, sometimes there’s no way of getting the gunk out of your cart except manually. For this, you need something that can easily reach into the tight opening of the mouthpiece – a toothpick or a blunt sewing needle should work fine. Try gingerly scraping around the inside of the cart. With luck, this will free up any sticky resin and other kinds of gunk, allowing your cart to fire normally again.

How to Prevent Carts From Clogging

Of course, knowing how to unclog a Delta 8 disposable is one thing. But wouldn’t life just be so much easier if you didn’t have to spend your free time messing with broken carts to begin with? Don’t worry – carts don’t just decide to clog up randomly, and there are more than a few things you can do to maximize your Delta 8 cart’s longevity. 

Draw Extra Air

It’s a good habit to practice extra deep inhales when using your cart. In particular, try drawing in a little more air after you’ve already stopped firing your cart. Doing this regularly helps to slush around the liquid Delta 8 inside, and that movement prevents resin from settling in and forming a clog.

Hit Your Vape Softer

Harsh hits can not just cause clogs – they’re bad for the life of your Delta 8 cart in lots of other ways, too! You’d do yourself some good by trying to draw softer, gentler hits. It will make the experience more enjoyable for you and protect your gear in the long run!

Keep it Vertical

In general, vape carts operate best when kept vertically. This doesn’t just apply while using your vape – in storage, carts also last longer if kept upright. This orientation ensures that the coils inside the cartridge remain saturated even when the Delta 8 is running low, preventing burns and clogs from forming with time.

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