How to Unclog A Weed Cart

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Vaping is one of the most convenient and efficient ways to take a hit of weed with you wherever you go – that is when it works. While vape carts are by and large very reliable and simple devices, they need a bit of maintenance just like anything else. When they do, it’s nothing short of frustrating. Anyone who has tried in vain to just take a single hit while the tiniest puff struggles to come out of their vape pen knows that it can get maddening. So what do you do when this happens and you’re stuck with a clogged weed cart? Don’t worry, the problem is not impossible to fix. In this quick guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about how to unclog a weed cart, and how to make sure that you won’t get any more headaches from this issue in the future.

Why is My Cart Clogged?

When you find that your cart is clogged and no vapor will come out no matter what, it can be a confusing experience. There might not be any obvious cause for the problem, and that can make it difficult to diagnose. There are many reasons why a vape cart might be clogged. Broadly speaking, the issue can stem from the grade and potency of the extract to the way the cart was used, stored, or handled in the past. In any case, a clog can easily be identified by a poor (or nonexistent) flow of vapor through the mouthpiece. With a properly working cart, you should not have to strain or exhibit any great effort in order to create a good flow of vaping. Of course, if your cart is expired, then it might exhibit some of these symptoms as well. However, unlike a clogged weed cart, an expired one can’t be brought back to life and should be replaced.

Why Does My Cart Get Clogged?

Let’s try to answer the question of how you can know without much doubt why your weed cart got clogged. While there are, as we said, many reasons for why this problem might occur, a small degree of generalization can’t hurt much. Let’s go over some of the most common, widespread causes for vape carts clogging up that will apply to the vast majority of users.


One common cause of a clogged weed cart is poor operating temperature. You might not know about this, but almost all carts benefit from storage in a warm, stable environment with no excessive fluctuations in temperature. For example, many people notice that their vape pen stops working after they left it in the car for a while by mistake. The sudden change in temperature due to the greenhouse effect is the most likely cause in that scenario. While neither warm nor cold temperatures are not dangerous by themselves, it is extreme temperatures (and especially fluctuations between extremes) that are a real risk to your vape cart’s integrity. This is because temperature extremes change the viscosity of the liquid within the cart, to the point where it can’t flow as easily as it should. And that’s how you get a clogged weed cart! When in doubt, err on the side of storing your cart at slightly warmer temperatures rather than slightly cold. This is because when cold, the internal liquid gets thicker, whereas warmer temperatures generally cause it to get thinner – better for proper flow through the cartridge.


As with temperature, vape carts also tend to be quite sensitive to humidity. To ensure a long operating life, you should try to keep the ambient humidity of your vape cart low by storing it in a well-ventilated area. Too much humidity can cause a buildup of micro-droplets within the chamber – you can sometimes even feel these as you take a hit. Over time, they can cause the vape pen to jam completely.

Flooded Tanks

When a vape cart sits in storage for a long time, the fluid inside can thicken, eventually drowning and blocking out the coil completely. When this happens, the coil cannot heat up as much as it should to vaporize the liquid, and what you get is lackluster vape quality – or none at all.

Incorrect Airflow setting

In order to generate the proper amount of steam, the liquid inside your vape card needs to be able to flow freely. When filling, the cart should have its airflow holes closed all the way. When ready for use, the holes should be open and free of any slack or obstruction.

Oil Viscosity

The liquid inside the vape cart behaves like oil and can get very thick depending on the ambient temperature. When this happens, it might be too viscous to flow easily, clogging up the whole mechanism.

How to Stop Cart From Clogging

So now that you know some of the most common causes of clogging or jamming, the question becomes how to prevent this from happening in the future so that your existing carts last as long as possible. Read on below for some helpful tips that should be effective in the majority of cases!

Inhale Gently

Though it may seem counterintuitive to you, a strong inhale can actually be really counterproductive when vaping. That’s right – it is very much possible to accidentally draw in too much of the cartridge fluid, which promotes internal floods and thus clogs in the long run. Try to practice gentler, shorter inhales for an overall more enjoyable experience.

Twist Lightly

One cause of a clogged weed cart is overfilling the cart with e-liquid and then aggressively twisting it shut despite noticeable resistance. This can block the airflow holes, leading to clogs. Instead, make sure to not overfill and screw the cart onto the battery very lightly and carefully, minding the proper alignment of the holes.

Store Vape Warm

As mentioned previously, a vape cart benefits from being left in a warm environment in order to encourage a smooth flow and consistency of the e-liquid within. Aim for something slightly above room temperature with average to below-average humidity levels for optimal results in long-term storage.

Store Vape Vertically

Vape carts aren’t meant to be laid on their sides when not in use. You should always make sure to stand up your cart vertically when not using it, as that ensures there’s always just enough ambient airflow surrounding the liquid chamber to discourage clogs from forming.

Deeper Inhale

This step is not a must, but if you really want to do everything to keep your vape cart in good health, practice a few deep inhales with the vape pen turned off after you’re done using it. This will help to draw out any small particles of vapor and condensation that might otherwise linger inside, contributing to blockages.

How to Unclog Weed Cart

Knowing how to prevent a clogged weed cart is an essential skill if you want to preserve the value and efficiency of your gear. But what if you already have a clog on your hands? The good news is, there’s probably no need to throw away your cart just because it’s gotten clogged. Instead, take note of these easy tips on how to unclog a weed cart. A combination of the below should do the trick even for the trickiest and most stubborn examples.

Preheat the Vape Pen Cartridge

Before using your vape pen after leaving it in storage for some time, preheat the whole device carefully to loosen any solidified or thickened oil and allow the coil to wind up smoothly inside. You can do this by rubbing the pen between your hands a little – or, if you notice there is some serious oil buildup already, you can use a hairdryer on low heat.

Check Airflow Holes

The first thing you should do when suspecting your vape cartridge might be clogged is to inspect the airflow holes. Often, just accidentally covering these by poorly assembling the cartridge can cause the vape pen to stop working. Likewise, the condition of the holes will often be the first indicator of whether there is an internal buildup of solidified oil causing the clog.

Dislodge the Clog Manually

If you have identified a localized clump of material causing the clog within your vape cart, you should try to dislodge it manually. You can do this with a sewing needle, though it would be better to use one with a blunt tip so as to not damage anything accidentally. Anything small, thin, and pointy enough should do, which includes toothpicks, safety pins, and more.

Take Dry Hits

Sometimes, a few dry hits – taken without the battery installed – are all you need to bring your cart back to life. This is often the case when the cart isn’t entirely clogged and is simply lacking some airflow due to a buildup of condensation particles and vapor inside. Blow gently into the mouthpiece and take a few dry hits to try and remove particulate matter from the chamber. Often, doing this just a couple of times can be enough for a quick fix!

Take Gentle Hits

If you are not quite sure what is causing your cart to jam, you can take some gentle, careful hits – again with the pen turned off and preferably with the battery removed – and listen and feel for any blockages. This can help in trying to locate the source of the clog, but be sure to not be too forceful on the inhale or exhale. Doing so could accidentally make things worse by contaminating the chamber with more particulate matter instead of drawing the existing clog out.

Best Live Resin Vape Carts

Now you know how to unclog a weed cart! But the thing is, no matter how well you take care of the vape carts you have, you can always benefit from investing in something new. Whether that is to stock up on some old favorites or to explore beyond your horizons and taste something fresh and different, the world of vaping is vast and begs to be enjoyed to the fullest. This is especially true today, as new technologies and products are appearing at a rate we have never seen before! Take a look at our lineup of live resin vape carts, for example. Almost entirely unheard of until only a couple of years ago, live resins improve on traditional vape cartridges by containing a much higher concentration of terpenes and minor cannabinoids – thus being a more accurate reflection of the characteristics and unique effects of each individual plant strain. At Botany Farms, we offer a whole lineup of exciting live resin-based vape carts, each tailored to a particular flavor and use case. With our Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge, we strove to create one – if not the only – full-spectrum Delta-8 cart on the market, retaining all minor cannabinoids and important terpenes within the distillate! This makes for a relaxing, yet colorful and punchy experience that also happens to be one of the most potent currently available – at 94% pure Delta-8, this is something you shouldn’t underestimate! Our Live Resin Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge combines this winning formula with our existing CBD live resin extract, creating a hybrid cart that offers more of a relaxed, laid-back vibe. If you are really looking to experiment, take a look at our Delta-10 THC Vape Cartridge. We are proud to be one of the earliest adopters in offering true, full-spectrum Delta-10 THC vapes to the public, and we believe that combined with the exciting flavor of the fan-favorite strain Pineapple Haze, Delta-10 offers a wealth of untapped potential! But we’re not done yet – how about going all the way and giving some truly alternative cannabinoids a chance? Our HHC Vape Cartridge is available in Sour Elektra or Bubba Kush-based profiles, and thanks to a full-spectrum live resin extract, it’s one of the most concentrated and potent ones yet available. If you’ve never tried HHC yet, you should know it’s a minor cannabinoid that is gained from the pollen of the hemp plant. Its effects are similar, but not identical to those of THC, and it is more potent than Delta-8. Because of this, and our cart’s 99% HHC concentration, we recommend being conservative with your dosage and easing yourself into HHC usage very slowly. Also note that HHC oil runs thicker than THC oil, and therefore your cart might benefit more from being stored in a warm environment to ensure good flow. If you’re still feeling up for a challenge, but would rather do with something more laidback and easy rather than the loud and brash Delta-9-like effects of HHC, how about a CBG Vape Cartridge? CBG acts similarly to CBD, with strong physical relaxation and mental clarity as its most widely reported effects. Like all our other products, our CBG carts are created using our proprietary Full Spectrum blend, ensuring a high 82.3% CBG concentration along with other cannabinoids and healthy terpenes. For an exciting, yet easygoing experience, we chose the fuel-heavy fruity flavors of Lemon Diesel.

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