Is THCA Legal in Tennessee?

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Legal hemp and cannabis products have recently become extremely popular in the great state of Tennessee. That said, there are now so many different cannabinoids out there, that knowing which ones are legal and which ones are not can be quite confusing.

You might know that the federal government technically legalized hemp products for sale and distribution, but what does this mean for specific cannabinoids such as THCA? If you live in Tennessee, you might see THCA products for sale in local shops and online, but are these products legal?

The simple answer here is yes, they are generally considered legal, but there are some nuances that you need to know about. Let's take a closer look at the legal status of THCA at the federal level and in the state of Tennessee.

What is THCA?

THCA is Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, the acidic precursor to THC (Not to be mistaken for THCV). There are a few important things that you need to know about it. 

First and foremost, THCA is not psychoactive or intoxicating. Due to its molecular structure, and the extra carboxyl chain it has, it has a very weak affinity to bind with your cannabinoid receptors, specifically your CB1 receptors. This leads to a distinct lack of psychoactivity, or in other words, it should not get you high in any way.

Furthermore, that extra carboxyl chain, once it is removed through the process of decarboxylation, which is the application of heat, effectively turns THCA into Delta-9 THC. Delta-9 THC is of course psychoactive, and this is the substance that most people look for when they want to get high. 

THCA is non-intoxicating, but through the application of heat, has the potential to become regular THC. Without THCA, you would not have THC. Check out some high THCA hemp strains right here

THCA and Federal Law

In 2018, The United States passed the so-called Farm Bill, which regulated the production and sale of industrial hemp and related products. This 2018 Farm Bill officially legalized cannabinoid products that are derived from the hemp plant, as long as they do not contain more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

Technically speaking, this means that THCA should therefore be legal, just like CBD. When a cannabinoid product containing THCA is tested, as long as it comes back with THC levels under 0.3%, it should be considered legal.

This means that THCA flower can be purchased all across the United States, even in individual states where cannabis or Delta-9 THC is still technically considered illegal. This is of course very interesting to note seeing as THCA turns into Delta-9 THC through nothing more than the application of some heat.

Tennessee State THCA Laws

Tennessee State laws appear to fall in line with federal laws. The Tennessee State Legislature passed HB1164 in 2017, which allowed for the production of industrial hemp as long as the THC level was 0.3% or less. Senate bill 279 then clarified the legal status of all hemp-derived products.

The bottom line is that as long as any cannabinoid product, whether flower or tincture, with THCA does not contain more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, it should be considered legal in Tennessee. 

However, the future of the legal status of various cannabinoids in the state of Tennessee is somewhat questionable. There is a new bill that was just introduced which would prevent the sale of any hemp-derived cannabinoid product to people under 21 years of age.

Is THCA a Controlled Substance in Tennessee?

A controlled substance in the United States is defined as any type of substance that has no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.

Both the FDA and the DEA say that THCA is not a controlled substance and does not fall within any of the five controlled substances schedules.

This is of course interesting because cannabis or THC itself is considered a controlled substance in Tennessee, and all it takes for THCA to turn into THC is a bit of heat.

THCA Possession Limits in Tennessee

As long as the product falls within the parameters discussed above, there are no specific possession limits for THCA in Tennessee.

At this time, according to both federal and state laws, it would appear that THCA is totally legal for purchase and consumption in Tennessee.

Is THCA Safe?

Although there is a bit more research required on this front, at this time, there are no indications that moderate quantities of THCA are in any way unsafe, toxic, or life-threatening.

Where to Buy THCA in Tennessee

If what you’re looking for is that classic THC high, and you want products that are totally legal and compliant with federal and state laws, we here at Botany Farms have got you covered.

We have a fantastic selection of products to choose from, with some of our best-sellers being these Nano Delta-9 Sample Pack of Gummies and this Mixed Flavor Delta-9 THC Gummy Pack.

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