Island Sweet Skunk Hemp Strain Review

Island Sweet Skunk hemp strain

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Sometimes you need a moment to be on your own, a personal oasis of calm and solitude. It is your island. It does not need to be a private place in the middle of the sea; it could be your room, your balcony, a quiet place in nature in which you could have a moment of peace and mind clarity thanks to Island Sweet Skunk hemp strain. Sweet Island Skunk is an 80% Sativa and 20% Indica hybrid. A good quantity of this strain is a ticket to another plane with its THC levels between 16% and 23%. In low amounts is an effective remedy for mild aches, nausea, and appetite loss to use during the day, while the Sativa effects will give you the energy to live a great day. We don't have this specific strain, but check out our other sativa dominant flower:


The limonene terpene does its job. Even before opening the jar, you can already smell the sweet grapefruit inviting you to enjoy the Island Sweet Skunk experience. The refreshing citrus fragrance resembles the warm wind of going outside, while the earthy notes that come along remind you of hiking, visiting the beach, or just going for a walk. It is a pleasure to break down the buds to discover the power of their smell in the bitterness of the skunk; it makes you wonder how it will taste. The touch on the palate is spicy like cinnamon, while the sensation of the smoke moving from your lungs to the tip of your tongue is smooth and tingly. The aroma of the smoke cloud seems therapeutic and seductive. This profile empowers the entourage effect of the strain due to the relaxing, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory effects of the terpenes profile next to the Sativa energizing incidence.


The dominant Sativa characteristics of the Island Sweet Skunk hemp strain will give you the energy necessary to make a great story of your day. This strain is also a mood booster that will take away any emotional ache while replacing them with a happy and optimistic uplifting sensation. Because of the above, this strain is a perfect start for your day. The body effects of Island Sweet Skunk get all your muscles relaxed in a matter of a few minutes without causing couch-lock. Instead, your body feels light due to the energizing impact, and your mind is now clear without anxiety or stress. The clear-minded effect helps you increase your concentration and creativity, improving mental tasks. The range of benefits for medical users is wide. This strain alleviates mild aches and chronic pains like arthritis, helps against nausea and appetite loss and reduces stress, anxiety, and significant mood changes.

Island Sweet Skunk Genetics

The offspring of Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Kunk #1 has a set of genetics that delight with its terpenes profile and the proportions of cannabinoids due to the desired effects of recreational use and the medical benefit train. The amount of hairs covering the flower like a blanket is evidence of its most wanted medical properties.


Sweet Pink Grapefruit is a favorite among users because of the sweet citrus taste that resembles just like juicy grapefruits and leaves your tongue with such a pleasant aftertaste. The uplifting and euphoric effect of this strain is an experience to remember. Skunk #1 is the father of a wide variety of cannabis strains as it has been around since the 1970’s, irradiating its skunky fragrance in the user’s room. Along with its pleasant earthy notes, this hybrid causes a natural buzz that boosts your energy and improves your creativity while fighting stress and appetite loss.

Growth Information

The Island Sweet Skunk hemp strain grows well indoors if you can manage the space, so the plant has enough room to grow freely as it were outdoors. The resistant structure of the buds allows this plant to grow in a very humid climate while you keep under a warm environment between 65°F and 80°F and bright light.

Flowering Time

7 to 8 weeks


You can expect an indoor yield of 21oz/ m2, while the outdoor yield is around 39oz/ plant.


If you want to own the seeds that guard this fantastic strain, you can buy them online. Get a package of 3 seeds for 29.99 USD, 10 seeds for 99.99 USD, or 25 seeds for 229.99 USD. If you are lucky, you can find the seeds of the CBD version of the Island Sweet Skunk hemp strain. Island Sweet Skunk is a lovely strain to use during the day to get energy and to enjoy the expanded mind state it offers. Botany Farms cares about your experience, which provides the Delta-8 THC Pineapple Haze to boost your mood and raise your spirit and Island Sweet Skunk.

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