Juicy Fruit Hemp Strain Review

Juicy Fruit hemp strain

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Sweet, fruity, and ready to make your day. The Juicy Fruit hemp strain is here to lift your spirit, give you clarity, and leave you calmed and relaxed. This Sativa dominant strain, also called Fruity Juice, is one of the closest hemp varieties we get to the original landraces.

Its ancient lineage brings us the flavors of the tropics in a sweet, enlightening, and long-lasting experience. The 20.7% CBD content of the Juicy Fruit hemp strain proudly places it in the coveted 20%+ CBD flower club.


Deep yellow-green leaves wrap the Juicy Fruit hemp strain nuggets as if enveloping a precious gift. Bright orange crisscrossing hairs and glittery trichomes cover the buds in a beautiful decoration that also carries the powerful chemistry that characterizes this strain.

When you open your present, it will release a strong, sweet, fruity aroma that will make your mouth water. A careful sniff will reveal floral hints as well as tea, hop, and gasoline undertones. The dense trichomes trapped inside the nuggets will leave your fingers sticky and eager to break them and smoke them right away.


One of the best gifts bestowed by cannabis on humankind, terpenes are complex aromatic oils that give the different hemp varieties their distinctive aroma and flavor while also carrying health benefits. Fruits, vegetables, and herbs owe their healing properties to the terpenes they produce.

The terpene profile of the Juicy Fruit hemp strain is a remarkable one. Its main components are humulene, alpha-pinene, and caryophyllene, with secondary appearances from terpinolene and myrcene.

  • Humulene is responsible for the herbal undertone of the Juicy Fruit aroma and taste. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and appetite-suppressant properties.
  • Alpha-Pinene: With a comforting pine smell, this terpene amplifies the effects of the Juicy Fruit hemp strain. It has many medical effects, such as pain relief, anxiety regulation, bronchodilator, and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Caryophyllene: Also an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent, caryophyllene protects the inner digestive tract lining. It has a spicy herbal aroma that makes you feel uplifted, enhancing its antidepressant properties.
  • Terpinolene: When you enjoy the sweet aroma and taste of Juicy Fruit, remember that they come from this terpene. It is a calming compound that will soothe your anxiety and give you an uplifting, happy feeling.
  • Myrcene: The citrus and mango aromas of this terpene complete the sweet candy-like flavor profile of the Juicy Fruit hemp strain. Besides enhancing the effects of CBD on your body, myrcene will leave you sedated at the end of your smoking session (depending on its percentage).


The first thing you will notice about the Juicy Fruit hemp strain is its dense, thick smoke. Its rich texture can be a bit rough on your throat, and its intense flavor may take you by surprise.

A fruity mix will explode in your mouth, with sweet flavors like mango, pineapple, and citrus with soft floral and hoppy accents. When you exhale, you will feel like you smoked a different strain as the minty and gasoline tones become predominant. You will start feeling the uplifting effects of the Juicy Fruit hemp strain right away, starting on your legs and slowly filling you up to the crown of your head.

This strain brings a cognitive euphoria that will boost any creative work you set your mind to, a relaxing walk around nature, or sitting down with a beloved book. The confidence and general wellbeing will get you into a “time warp” effect that lasts at least three hours. You will end your day with happy sleepiness that will leave you napping on your couch or ready for a good night’s sleep.


The terpenes present in the Juicy Fruit hemp strain help deal with chronic pain, inflammation, and neurological distress coming from anxiety, depression, or work-related stress.

Side Effects

Juicy Fruit has a thick, mildly aggressive smoke that may irritate your throat. If you are sensitive or inexperienced, you might get trapped in a coughing fit. It can also leave you dry and thirsty, so be sure to have some water nearby to soothe your throat and keep hydrated.

Juicy Fruit Hemp Strain Genetics

The qualities of this prominent strain come from its inheritance from the landraces of Afghani and Thai. These landraces are two of the native varieties of cannabis growing worldwide before humans started crossing them to obtain the spread of new cultivars we know. Their chemistry, effects, and healing abilities are the closest we can get to the original purebreds that enchanted humankind.


The Indica-dominant Afghani is a potent strain and a favorite of patients with insomnia, anxiety, or chronic pain. As its name implies, this strain comes from Afghanistan, and it is likely one of the oldest strains in historical records. Juicy Fruit takes from its parent the sweet, earthy flavor and its relaxing and happy effects that you feel at the end of the smoking session.

On the other side of the aisle lies the Sativa-dominant Thai, a preferred appetite enhancer and creativity inducer. Native to the tropical jungles of Thailand, this strain passes down to its daughter its characteristic fruity, floral flavor and the cerebral effects you get during most of your experience.

Growth Information

Despite the difficulties in growing both of its landrace parents, the Juicy Fruit hemp strain is a relatively easy cultivar. Inexperienced growers will find this pest-resistant plant an incentive for both indoor and outdoor farming. Juicy Fruit thrives in warm and sunny environments as long as it has the space to grow.

Flowering time

  • 7-9 weeks


The Juicy Fruit hemp strain can grow up to 5 ft tall. Having a yield of 1 to 3 ounces per square foot of growth allows for big harvests.


Depending on the seeds you get, you can have stocky Indica-style plants or thin Sativa-style phenotypes without any difference in flavor or effects. You can get feminized seed to start your crop at Pacific Seed Bank, Sunwest Genetics, or BC Seed King.

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