Jupiter Hemp Strain Review

Jupiter hemp strain

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Table Of Contents
Jupiter is known as the planet of expansion and freedom. That is why the breeders of The Jupiter OG strain decided to name it after the biggest planet of our solar system. Its sole purpose is to produce a great calmness in its consumers. Due to its potent effects, you will experience a level of relaxation that will make you feel like you are defying gravity. The Jupiter hemp strain is an ideal bud for individuals with a higher tolerance for both the taste and effects of CBD flower.


Its aroma is earthy-like, very intense with slight hints of spicy pepper, which are notable once you try it. The Jupiter hemp strain has an overwhelming diesel scent that can be too much for low-tolerance users to handle. On the other hand, its aroma and taste can delight the senses of experienced people, including its long-lasting aftertaste. When finishing your smoking session, you will start to taste a refreshing herbal flavor, which creates an unparalleled combination once it is mixed with the gasoline scent. Just as its name states, Jupiter’s nugs are oversized, and its round, dense buds contain various hues. You can appreciate an olive, mint-green at the bade, and dark violet undertones with orange pistils covered with white trichomes.


The Jupiter hemp strain was made so that its effects relax the body completely. Although you can end up taking a nap, this is a manageable bud and allows you to maintain wakefulness despite the drowsiness. Its effects kick in as soon as you take the first drag; your system will begin to feel as if you were defying gravity. It effectively treats severe stress, accumulated tension, and discomfort of the muscles for extended periods. Aside from the calmness the Jupiter hemp strain produces, you will sense an uplifting feeling. Once it has reached its maximum potency, you will begin to feel like satisfying your hunger, as this bud stimulates appetite. Make sure to have some snacks within reach to enjoy this ride fully. As mentioned before, Jupiter is an intense strain. For this reason, we don’t recommend it to new users.

Jupiter Hemp Strain Genetics

Although we know little about the Jupiter hemp strain genetics, it is well-known that one of its parents is OG Kush. Although the other one remains unknown, some say that the possibility of it being an Indica-dominant cultivar is pretty high given that Jupiter is a full Indica strain.


OG Kush is a unique hybrid with a nice variety of terpenes that boasts its lemon-pine aroma and flavor with hints of fuel and spice. It became a worldwide staple and has been used to create numerous famous strains, resulting in many different phenotypes of OG Kush.

Growth Information

The Jupiter OG strain can be grown both outside and indoors. However, an optimal month for harvest is unknown, which can affect outdoor plantation.

Flowering Time

65-70 days


Indoors: 12-16 ounces per square meter. Outdoors: 20 ounces per plant. If you love the immense calm that the Jupiter OG strain produces, then you will also indeed love the Sour Special Sauce strain, a pure Indica well-loved by experienced consumers. It promotes relaxation, a clear mind, and it helps with chronic pains and extreme muscle tension.

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