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Kali Mist Strain

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With great fanfare, we blast our way and roll out the red carpet to the throne of the quintessential queen of all Sativa strains, the world-popular, award-winning, lush, and exquisite Kali Mist. This 90s girl undoubtedly ranks as a favorite strain among enthusiasts, cannabis experts, artists, writers, and creatives worldwide.

This strain’s already intense scent profile intensifies as soon as you break the buds, and its tropical and spicy flavors will leave you no doubt on why this Sativa queen of medical cannabis strains is one of the favorites of the entire cannabis kingdom. We don't have this specific strain, but check out our other indica dominant strains.

What is the Kali Mist Strain

We can say with certainty that the Kali Mist strain is a true wonder of nature. It is an almost pure Sativa-dominant strain that has the distinction of producing truly lifting and energizing effects that turn out to be the opposite of the infamous sedative effects of Indica strains.

Kali Mist turns out to be an excellent tool to combat stress, anxiety, depression, and discouragement while maintaining a focused and motivated state when carrying out your tasks. However, this bud is quite powerful in effects that will definitely give you a great mental high on the first few hits.

This strain, cataloged as the queen of Sativa strains, is a truly unique champion; it has been around for decades and has won several awards worldwide as it carries one of the best-reported effects of cannabis strains.

Kali Mist Strain Appearance

Kali Mist's appearance is on par with its fame and the enjoyable effects it can deliver. The buds of this irresistible strain are usually a vibrant neon green interspersed with some yellow tones and sometimes some darker green tones that can turn purple.

Orange and brownish hairs are also present in all the flowers, packed with an abundant coating of bright sticky trichomes that are filled with that revitalizing and uplifting power that characterizes the Kali Mist strain.

Kali Mist Strain Genetics

Kali Mist is an almost purely Sativa hybrid strain, with a balance of 90/10. However, a certain mystery surrounds the genetics of this strain since the predecessors are still unknown, and the original growers have them as a very well-kept secret. This 90s lady comes from crossing two still unknown Sativa dominant hybrid strains.

Although her lineage is a mystery, this has not impeded growers worldwide from experimenting with Kali Mist. Many have used it as a starting point for other strains that have also gained popularity, such as the Kali China and the Kali 47 strains.

THC/CBD content

Regarding the THC content and the cannabinoid cocktail of this queen of cannabis, we could say that Kali Mist has nothing to envy any other strain in the kingdom. This plant can reach a reasonable 19% THC content and can present low percentages of other cannabinoids such as CBG, which has concentrations of up to 1% in this strain, and CBD, which generally remains at 0.5%.

This combination of cannabinoids in synergy with the terpene profile and the Sativa nature of Kali Mist makes it a characteristically lifting strain perfect for all types of users as long as they take care when dosing.

Kali Mist Strain Effects

Kali Mist produces a mostly cerebral high that will also make you feel its effects on the body in a calm and vitalizing way. Many would describe the effects of this strain as clear-minded, energizing, and euphoric, perfect for maintaining focus and productivity throughout the day.

These characteristics make this Sativa-dominant strain a perfect choice for a wake and bake as it will give you all the therapeutic power and relaxation of a potent medical cannabis strain.

Likewise, it will also maintain and even increase your energy levels as you tackle any pending activities of your day. With the first few hits, Kali Mist will melt away any stress and negative thoughts, so it's a perfect tool to combat depression, anxiety, and minor aches and pains. It can also help you with appetite problems, nausea, and fatigue.

In addition, the Kali Mist strain effects’ active and energetic nature makes it an ideal daytime strain as the high it causes will keep you moving and chatty for quite a while.

Kali Mist Strain Reported Flavors

According to user reports, the predominant flavors of Kali Mist are woody and earthy sweet notes, with some fruity, citrus, grapey, and cranberry-like undertones. However, some users report certain diesel clues in the smell of this strain.

The dominant terpene in this Sativa wonder is myrcene, which accentuates those herbal scents reminiscent of hops and field flowers and plays a leading role in the synergistic effect that Kali Mist generates. One of the characteristic aspects that we can highlight about this strain is the intensity of its smells and flavors, which mostly maintain their presence until the end of each puff.

Where to Buy Kali Mist Strain

In addition to being a widely popular and recognized strain around the world, Kali Mist is easily accessible and highly available in a large number of dispensaries and online stores.

There is a wide variety of sites that offer different batches of Kali Mist to users all over the country and feminized and regular seeds for those adventurers who want to live the experience of growing this queen at home. Some of the places where you can get Kali Mist nugs and seeds are:

Kali Mist Strain Growing Information

Kali Mist is available in both feminized and regular seeds. It can grow perfectly outdoors and indoors. For feminized seeds, the growing process can be considerably easier than when growing outdoors.

Still, the Kali Mist strain is an inexperienced-grower-friendly plant since it doesn't require too many growing skills or elaborated care. When grown indoors, Kali Mist needs about 80 days to flower, growing at a medium height. The yield this Sativa-queen gives is usually between 300gr and 500gr per square meter.

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