King Gee Hemp Strain Review

King Gee hemp strain

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Table Of Contents

Make way for the king! Extend the carpet all the way to the couch throne. Live the the way you deserve with a royal hemp strain. The King Gee hemp strain, also known as King's Kush, is a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa bud with an incredible 1:1 CBD: THC ratio. This outstanding member of the Kush family is just perfect for giving your day the best ending.


This strain features a fully Kush terpene profile. The legendary combination of woody acre aroma with a dank scent transports you to a calm walk in a forest where you can breathe deeply to fill yourself with good vibes.

It is a unique delectable rustic fragrance that makes it pleasant to think of the thick smoke that comes with it. The taste of the King Gee hemp strain releases a solid citric flavor on your tongue, which accompanies a sweet sense with a creamy texture ending in a lavender aftertaste. The taste is predominant gassy, with constant skunky notes characteristically of the royal Kush lineage

The entourage effect coming from the terpenes profile and the strain results makes its usage a fantastic experience that sets the mood to an incredible time alone or with your friends. Whatever the king or the queen prefers.


This Indica strain will make you feel relaxed at all times since the beginning. Your muscles free their tensions, starting with a pleasant tingly sensation from the base of your neck that becomes wider and stronger, going down your back, your core, and your limbs.

Within minutes, you will feel warm and heavy. The King Gee hemp strain is perfect to rest on the couch at the end of the day. The mental effects are underlined by a peaceful happiness that comes with a boost in concentration as it clears your mind. You will feel sleepy some minutes after, and any creative task turns difficult.

The medical benefits of the King Gee hemp strain cover a wide specter as it relieves aches. King Gee will give you a break from stress, anxiety, and depression, and for sure, it will take away your insomnia.

King Gee Hemp Strain Genetics

King Gee is the offspring of the beautiful Grape Kush strain flower and the famous OG Kush. Bright greens and orange hairs clumped throughout decorates its fluffy buds, and some crystals cover it gracefully. The King Gee hemp strain’s set of effects, appearance, and terpenes make it a must-own for any user.


OG Kush has become an icon for the cannabis industry since the nineties. This is an Indica hybrid with a diverse origin that took over consumers' preferences from Florida to all over the United States and abroad. Its terpene profile with spicy and skunky fuel-like flavor and aroma are nowadays a banner for users.

Grape Kush is another remarkable Kush linage member, a balanced hybrid with a beautiful phenotype characterized by a purple bud with tiny brown hairs. This strain has made a name because of its spicy flavor and robust fruity aroma of dark grapes.

Growth Information

The King Gee hemp strain has an intermediate growth difficulty. To grow appropriately, cultivators need some experience and knowledge so to get maximum benefits and yield.

The optimum conditions are a warm Mediterranean climate and a mildly humid space. So if you would like to own some of these royal seeds, it is better to have a greenhouse to give all the love King Gee needs.

Flowering Time

  • 9 to 10 weeks.


  • King Gee has a large yield of 800 g/m² indoors and up to 900 g/m² outdoors.


The seeds of the King Gee hemp strain are some of the most wanted in the market, so vendors keep them available to sell at all times. To get some sources, you can easily buy them online.

It is essential to buy your products from a vendor you can trust. Botany Farm offers top-shell products like the Bubba Kush Hemp Strain, which brings the best of the legendary strain in CBD top-quality buds. Enjoy the richness of its terpenes and live like a king.

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