Kompolti Hemp Strain Review

Kompolti hemp strain

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From the distant Celtic regions of the Carpathian Basin, spread all across Eastern Europe and now taking the rest of the world, Kompolti is an enormous hemp strain of Hungarian origin that has become very popular all over Europe.

Nowadays, the Kompolti hemp strain is one of the most sought-after hemp buds in the European market due to its excellent performance and high-quality hemp flowers with CBD content ranging from 8 to 16%. The Kompolti hemp strain comes from pure Sativa landraces from Hungary.

However, it results from decades of careful study and a perfect genetic selection made by prof. Bósca. All the time and dedication invested in this excellent hemp strain’s breeding and selection process makes Kompolti a remarkable CBD flower strain.


This high-yielding Hungarian behemoth has the characteristic of exuding a comforting balsamic scent with mild earthy tones and hints of citrus, lemon, and notes of mango and pine. All in all, the Kompolti hemp strain emanates a refreshing smell that will lift your senses and get you into a chilled but active mood.

Despite the popularity that the Kompolti CBD strain has recently gained in Europe and around the world, there is still a long way to collect scientific data on the terpene profile that generates the final aroma of this bud.


The Kompolti hemp strain is a mostly Sativa bud that will consequently produce vitalizing and mood-elevating effects, although some users have reported some Indica qualities in this CBD strain. European manufacturers of hemp fiber and hemp seed oil widely use Kompolti as it is a big-sized hemp strain that produces massive amounts of seeds and fiber materials.

Nonetheless, this strain is also used to produce CBD flowers and blossoms due to the popularity of this cannabinoid and its multiple benefits and therapeutic uses have gained.

The Kompolti hemp strain is perfect for helping relieve physical pain and relax during the day. It will make you experience a comforting feeling of calm without affecting your energy levels, allowing you to tackle any activity or task that you have pending.

Kompolti Hemp Strain Genetics

Kompolti is a descendant of Hungary’s mostly Sativa hemp landraces. However, this hemp strain is nothing but the result of more than 20 years of dedicated work and effort on the geneticist Prof. Bósca.


Being a descendant of mostly Sativa strains, the Kompolti hemp strain shares a vast family tree of more than 125 Sativa species and the resulting hybrid crosses. For the development of this surprising strain of mass production, enormous height, and high resistance, Professor Bósca used Hungarian, Chinese, and probably Italian materials that give this strain a characteristic vigor, abundant flowering, and high adaptability to different types of climatic conditions.

Growth Information

The Kompolti hemp strain has a medium range of difficulty when it comes to growing it as it requires a little more time than other hemp strains and specific care during growth to ensure that THC levels remain stable and below 0.2%. Due to this, it is recommended not to feed the plant too much or fertilize it during its vegetative and flowering phases.

This plant can reach an incredible height of up to 3.5 meters when grown outside in the right conditions. The Kompolti hemp strain presents remarkable adaptability to a great variety of environments where regular hemp strains would difficultly grow to their best.

This incredible Hungarian hemp strain can produce vast amounts of seeds and non-flowering material for industrial production. Because of this, Kompolti is a perfect strain for the production of hemp seed oil and CBD cold distillates.

Flowering Time

  • Indoors: 52 to 68 days
  • Outdoors: 160 days (recommended cycle)

Our warehouse has the right bud for you if you are looking to experience the effects of a mostly Sativa strain with citrus and fruity scents. This time, we joined the Herb team and prepared a batch of the delicious Sour Lifter, especially for you.

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