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Kryptonite cannabis strain

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There is only one thing that can weaken your super-stress; it is green and glows with tiny little crystals. We're talking about Kryptonite, an Indica-dominant strain blessed with a mighty THC content. Even Superman himself would have a hard time handling its out-of-this-world potency.

Sit back, relax and let us persuade you into what should be your next green purchase. We assure you it’s going to take you right to Happyville. We don't have this specific strain, but check out our other indica dominant flower:

​What is the Kryptonite Strain

From America’s first cannabis college, the Kryptonite strain is an Indica-dominant (85:15) hybrid developed in Oakland’s Bay Area. Breeders at Oaksterdam University created the ideal strain for relaxing and unwinding after a busy day.

Kryptonite will drain all your stress and pain thanks to its incredibly potent effects, leaving you in a long-lasting calm state. This variety we’re talking about shouldn’t be confused with Pÿramid Seeds’ Kryptonite, a Sativa-dominant strain with different effects and health benefits.

​Kryptonite Strain Appearance

The Kryptonite strain will tempt you with its vibrant green appearance and its generous white crystal-like trichome coat. Protruding from the calyx, brownish-orange pistils grow, announcing the strain’s great psychoactivity and narcotic effect. Breaking the resinous buds of this variety isn’t an easy task and will surely leave your fingers sticky.

​Kryptonite Strain Genetics

This mysterious variety is a clone-only hybrid, which is technically a variety you can’t get from a seed. Breeders at Oaksterdam University took a cutting of a stable mother plant and provided the necessary conditions to guarantee its growth until it developed into a genetically identical plant. This mother plant resulted from the cross between the hugely popular Mendocino Purps strain and the well-balanced hybrid, Killer Queen.

Thanks to this last parent, Kryptonite has a touch of the infamously potent G-13 in its lineage, the super strain smuggled out of the federal government's only pot farm back in the 60s, according to urban legends. To finish with Kryptonite’s genealogy, this unique strain has three known descendants: Blue Knight, White Kryptonite, and Kryptonite OG.

THC/CBD content

When we look at the results of the lab tests, the highest recorded THC content in a Kryptonite strain sample was approximately 27%, while the lowest was 17%. High THC strains typically have less than 1% CBD content, but Kryptonite is not from this world. Its CBD level is slightly higher than the average, rating between 1% -1.9%.

​Kryptonite Strain Effects

Unlike Superman’s kryptonite, which could severely weaken the Kryptonians while making them suffer from excruciating pain, this Kryptonite will ease your muscle tension, stress, anxiety, and aches with its potent body buzz.

As your lungs expand, a tingling sensation will travel through your spine right into your brain. You will soon feel how Kryptonites’ uplifting energy expands through your whole body, packing you a significant euphoric punch led by happy thoughts. In its early stages, this strain generates feelings of euphoria and happiness, offering temporary relief from the symptoms of mood disorders like stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.

Added to this, users have reported an amplified sense of touch, which you can enjoy through activities like taking a bath, getting a massage, lying on the beach, or having intercourse. After this early strong cerebral head-high, the Indica side emerges. You become more spacey, and creative thoughts come alive, flowing through until you start to think more abstractly.

At this point, you might need to fasten your seatbelt because sooner or later, you’ll start levitating due to its powerful sedative effect. That is why consumers recommend this strain for practicing yoga or meditation.

The Kryptonite strain is very popular among the medicinal cannabis community due to its several health benefits. Besides the ones we have mentioned before, this Indica-dominant strain has analgesic properties that may help to relieve acute or chronic painful conditions like migraines, lower back pain, muscle spasms, and arthritis.

Moreover, its consumers report that Kryptonite improves appetite and eases gastrointestinal issues, including nausea. Nevertheless, you might experience some side effects when consuming the Kryptonite strain, such as dry mouth (cottonmouth), dry red eyes, or drowsiness. It is not recommended for novices or users with low tolerance, as it may induce heightened anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness.

​Kryptonite Strain Reported Flavors

If you thought that its genetics were complex, just wait to see what the Kryptonite strain has to offer when it comes to aroma and taste. These pungent buds emit a sharp, earthy, skunky scent framed by tantalizing hints of tropical fruits.

When smoked, Kryptonite reveals its incredible versatility. As soon as you inhale, a smooth sour grape smoke trickles down your throat. Then, during the exhale, the smoke swirls out of your mouth, leaving a lingering sweet berry taste inherited from one of its grandparents, Cinderella 99. Beneath this sugary taste, you can recognize musty undertones of black hash and pine.

This complex mix of flavors and aromas is possible thanks to terpenes, the aromatic oils that determine how things taste and smell. The most abundant terpene in the Kryptonite strain is myrcene, which provides that earthy, herbal side with the added health benefit of promoting relaxation. Following this significant terpene, we find caryophyllene (pepper) and pinene (pine).

​Where to Buy Killer Kryptonite Strain

Kryptonite is most prevalent in legal markets in the West and Southwest United States. To buy its flowers online, you can visit Daily Marijuana Ganja 4 Life, where you can find a fantastic Kryptonite strain variety packed with an outstanding 25% THC content.

Kryptonite Strain Growing Information

Growing the Kryptonite strain may be challenging. As a clone-only strain, it only grows from mature female Kryptonite plant clippings. To do so, growers will have to trim the branches of a mature variety, just underneath a dense canopy of where buds are forming. With good care and nutrient-rich soil, a clipping can turn into a beautiful two-and-a-half to six-foot-tall plant with emerald green buds covered with orange pistils and a generous coat of shiny frosted resinous trichomes.

Alternatively, Kryptonite clippings can be grown hydroponically, too. As a hybrid, it’s possible to grow a Kryptonite plant outdoors, indoors, and in greenhouses. Indoor growers can expect their clippings to start flowering between 8 to 10 weeks and yield around 11 ounces per square meter.

Experienced Kryptonite growers recommend using the Sea of Green method. This low-stress growing technique involves cultivating a considerable number of small plants in a limited space with the help of artificial light. Although indoor plants produce a relatively modest yield, this strain has a much more generous yield when growing outdoors, especially under a temperate, warm climate or in a sheltered area protected from inclement weather.

As it grows, this variety requires support due to its thick and dense buds. If you choose to grow outdoors, the ideal time of year for harvesting the Kryptonite strain is between mid-September to early October. This Indica-dominant plant produces an average yield of 22 ounces per plant. Kryptonite is a one-of-a-kind strain, full of particularities and surprises.

This complex cannabis gem will absolutely drain all your stress, just like our Sour Special Sauce, which brings calm while keeping the clarity. We, earth-lovers passionate about what we do and grow, have created a top-of-the-shelf selection to enchant all who want to enjoy cannabis benefits while remaining clear-headed and present. Check our shop and savor our unique craft.

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