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Kushberry strain

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Every memorable story has bittersweet moments, just like Kushberry, which is a combination of Blueberry strain and OG Kush strain. It has the best of the sweetness and citrus of berry with the dank bitterness of the 1990’s legends.

This is a perfect strain to wind up the evening between the Indica effects and the unique aroma and taste of the terpenes profile. We don't have this specific strain, but check out our other indica dominant flower.

What is the Kushberry Strain

Kushberry is a 70% Indica cannabis strain, companion of a unique experience that gets better with every minute you spend among the citrus and sweet aroma of blueberry and the woody taste of its thick cloud of smoke.

This Indica hybrid has a potent relaxing, almost soothing effect that will take all stress and anxiety away, just like reading a nice story before bed with some cannabis magic in it.

Kushberry Strain Appearance

By looking at this attractive flower, you know that the story will be one to repeat. This flower provides a view of beautiful large dark green buds decorated with orange hairs and appealing snow-white trichomes to catch your eyes. It is almost a shame to break it down to feel its resin—all in all, a fabulous flower to show off to your friends.

Kushberry Strain Genetics

The cross between Blueberry and OG Kush is a genuine cause of expectation. The Kushberry strain is a remarkable member of the Kush family. It inherited the berry flavor of Blueberry and the strong Indica effects of OG Kush, making Kushberry a memorable strain with desired genetics to breed and create new fantastic offsprings.

THC/CBD content

Although there is a CBD version of Kushberry, it is more common to find this Indica Hybrid with an outstanding 20% to 22% THC concentration. Kushberry is perfect for winding up the evening in deep relaxation, fighting appetite loss and insomnia in small doses.

Kushberry Strain effects

Kushberry is a strain to take in small doses because of its potent effects. It starts with a buzz just behind the middle of your eyes, like opening the door to the cerebral effects to come inside.

The Kushberry strain gives you an uplifting sensation, intense happiness, and optimism without a narcotic numbing. Then comes the physical effects that remind you that Kushberry is an Indica strain. Sit down and feel the warm hug that releases all muscular and mental tension. Your body feels pleasantly heavy as a warm sensation runs from your core to your limbs, taking you to Morpheus’ arms slowly.

It is difficult to find any similar experience to this combination of effects. Kushberry is a fine strain for recreational and medical users. However, do measure the dosage to avoid after-effects like mild headaches and dizziness.

Kushberry Strain Reported Flavors

The blueberry scent is always sweet and citrusy. Nevertheless, the earthy aroma and dank notes are dominant and strong. As soon as you open the jar, the smell of humid earth strikes, and the room will be full of it in no time. The Kushberry strain buds release the berry to all its extent, waiting for you to taste it.

When Kushberry enters your mouth, the berry taste covers your senses in citrus and sweetness. It is a sensation that expands from your palate to your mind. Inhale deeply with your eyes closed and exhale, feeling the thick smoke cloud forming from the tip of your lips while sensing the bitter aftertaste and the smell lingering in the air.

Where to Buy Kushberry Strain

Kushberry is a most-wanted strain, a true experience any user must live. You can buy it online from 13.00 USD 1 gram, ⅛ oz for 32.00 USD, and up to 1 oz for 189.00 USD. Give yourself the present of Kushberry and enjoy sweeter evenings with your friends.

Kushberry Strain Growing Information

Kushberry is an easy plant to cultivate, but you must have some knowledge of the topic and the right conditions for this marvel of nature to give its best to you. It is easier to grow it outside where it develops a complex terpenes profile naturally when under a Mediterranean warm and mild humidity climate.

Flowering Time

  • 8 to 9 weeks.


Kushberry has an indoor yield of 14 to 18 ounces per square meter, while the outside yield is 18 or more ounces per square meter.


If you want to cultivate and be the happy owner of a Kushberry plant, you can buy online the feminized seeds of this strain. The Kush lineage is one of the most famous in the cannabis world, just like Kushberry is. Still, it is crucial to buy your products from a reliable vendor to care about their quality and your health. Botany Farms has the Delta-8 THC Bubba Kush to indulge your senses and live a top-quality cannabis experience.

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