Las Vegas Triangle Kush Strain

A bud of Las Vegas Triangle Kush strain floats in front of the backdrop of a Vegas casino.

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Do you want Kush-like cerebral bliss and a heavy-hitting high coupled with the balanced, controllable nature of a moderate hybrid? Las Vegas Triangle Kush promises just that. Let’s try it out and see how it measures up in this quick review.

What is the Las Vegas Triangle Strain?

A high-powered 50/50 hybrid, Las Vegas Triangle Kush is a relative newcomer to the scene. Billed as an evening-friendly relaxant that doesn’t entirely numb you down, it is said to instead combine its strong body high with plenty of euphoric spice to keep you entertained and in focus.

LVTK, as the strain is also known, is becoming increasingly popular among both recreational and medicinal users, especially thanks to its high potency and reliable physical stimulation. But does it really cut the mustard or are there better alternatives out there? Let’s find out!

Las Vegas Triangle Strain Appearance

With small, dark buds shimmering in an inviting array of shades of green, LVTK’s looks are fairly understated, yet promising. This extends to the mesh of bright orange hairs and the thin coat of snowflake-like trichomes that cover the strain neatly from top to bottom.

Las Vegas Triangle Strain Genetics

With its roots in the classic Triangle Kush strain crossed with the Las Vegas Lemon Skunk Sativa hybrid, LVTK’s genetics reek of long years of breeding expertise on the hunt for the perfect blend of effects.

Thanks to the influence from strong Indicas such as Triangle OG and San Fernando Valley OG as well as equally impressive Sativa blends including Skunk #1 to boot, Las Vegas Triangle stems from an eclectic mix of lineages and features that combine to make for a very unique experience in daily use.

THC/CBD Content

As you would expect given its genetic profile, Las Vegas Triangle is very much a high-THC strain through and through. We measured average concentrations at around 24-28%, making this a very powerful strain indeed.

We’d caution beginners and those with a low tolerance to be careful and consider microdosing this strain first to get used to the high potency. CBD diehards will be disappointed to hear that Las Vegas Triangle Kush doesn’t have too much to offer in this department – CBD levels top out at about half a percent if you’re lucky.

Las Vegas Triangle Strain Terpenes

The dominant terpene in LVTK is terpinolene, which lends a vibe of fresh pine and woody, herbal aromas to the strain.

Las Vegas Triangle Strain Effects

Now, while LVTK does look like a very promising and unique hybrid strain, all of that would arguably go to waste if it didn’t measure up in the field. We’re glad to report that the strain does not disappoint. In fact, we found the effects are the highlight of the experience with Las Vegas Triangle, as befits any high-quality weed strain.

The high comes on hard and quick with a powerful shot of euphoria. Your mind will be free to settle into this state and explore as feelings of lightness and connectedness with the world around you take over. Soon enough, physical stimulation will swell up, soothing and numbing your nerves in waves.

As we mentioned above, LVTK is a fairly powerful strain, so don’t be surprised if this sends you to the couch in no time at all! While not exactly sedating like some more high-octane, thoroughbred Indica strains, Las Vegas Triangle Kush is nonetheless excellent at providing a feeling of blissful relaxation and should serve well in therapeutic use to treat pain, anxiety, mood disorders, sleep problems, and more.

Creatives love the inspired aura that it gives them, similar to many high-THC Sativas, whereas others swear by LVTK as one of the best aphrodisiac strains around. In other words, the strain’s diverse background and complex profile make for very versatile effects with lots of strengths. All the excitement of a Las Vegas USA Casino win, without having to leave your couch.

Las Vegas Triangle Strain Reported Flavors

Further accentuating the pleasant experience of using Las Vegas Triangle is its complex flavor profile. With a spicy bite and some fuel-like notes, this is no easygoing sweet-and-easy strain, but it rewards you for each and every inhale with herbal and flowery details. The aroma plays along and displays both classic Indica skunk as well as more restrained, but no less entertaining patterns of pine, fresh spices, and earth.

Las Vegas Triangle Strain Growing Info

LVTK is an easy grower in nearly any kind of environment and does well both indoors and outdoors. If you use responsible growing practices and care for your flowers, they should not be a demanding strain to keep.

Because of its convenient leaf-to-flower ratio, Las Vegas Triangle Kush is very easy to trim and keep in shape. You won’t really be needing to do that much though, as the plant neither races to the ceiling nor covers much ground – a positive side effect of those complex hybrid genes.

Yields are solid at around half a kilo per plant if grown outdoors. The flowering period, too, won’t break records but will keep most growers happy at a steady seven to eight weeks on average.

Strains Like Las Vegas Triangle Strain

Las Vegas Triangle Kush reveals itself to be a formidable and fairly unique hybrid strain that takes some Sativa lightness, some Indica muscle and juggles the two of them with some exciting and attractive flair. If your interest is piqued by LVTK and you’re hungry for more of a similar vein, take a look at our favorite, Zombie Kush.

Named after its characteristically heavy body high, this is a pure Indica through and through – perfect for those with a cannabinoid tolerance as high as their appetite who feel they’ve outgrown relatively leaner hybrid strains. With super-high cannabinoid concentrations and a classic fruity taste, it’s a fun strain to smoke, too!

While Zombie Kush shares its pine-heavy terpene profile with Las Vegas Triangle, it does differ in displaying much higher CBD counts – particularly in the case of the special high-CBD variant available here at Botany Farms.

If that THC bite is something you cannot do without, but you’re still looking for something that’s a little more unique than your standard Indica fair, check out Delta-8 Zombie Kush. With the same old character but chock-full of all-new and exciting Delta-8 THC, this is a perfect gateway strain to an experience many are calling the next big thing in the world of weed!

And if even that doesn’t pack enough of a punch for you, allow us to introduce Delta-8 Bubba Kush. With over twice the THC concentration of Zombie Kush, this is one of the leanest and meanest Indicas around, and in a new shiny coat of Delta-8, it looks, tastes, and feels better than ever.

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