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Legal cannabis has made its way to Minnesota. Or at least it seems so. As you may have heard by now, Minnesota recently passed a law allowing the sale of some THC edibles. This definitely puts the state one step closer to the full legalization of cannabis. But, every change brings about new questions. If you're in Minnesota and want to better understand the legal status of gummies and other THC products within the state, this post is for you.

The new Minnesota Board of Pharmacy law allows the purchase and sale of beverages and foods, such as hard candies, chocolates, and gummies that contain up to 5 milligrams of THC per serving and up to 50 milligrams per package.

However, these products must contain 0.3% THC by dry weight and must be clearly identified, just like CBD products. These products can only be sold to people over the age of 21 and must come in child-resistant and tamper-evident packages and have well-defined serving sizes. Containers of these products must also be labeled "keep this product out of reach of children."

Although the legality of THC-containing products in Minnesota has opened up a bit with this new law, they must come from legally certified hemp and cannot contain more than 0.3% THC by weight. The new law does not establish how many CBD or THC products can be purchased nor regulate who can sell them.

What is the Difference Between Hemp-derived THC and Marijuana-derived THC?

Technically there is no difference between hemp-derived THC and marijuana-derived THC in terms of chemical structure or effects. Both compounds come from the Cannabis Sativa plant.

Hemp with trace amounts of THC has been cultivated for centuries for its fiber to manufacture textiles, and ropes, among other products. It's also been selectively cultivated to develop a higher THC content and generate psychoactive effects.  

Will Hemp-derived THC Get Me High?

Hemp-derived THC can get you high. It doesn't matter if it comes from hemp or marijuana because both types of THC are identical in terms of their chemical structure and method of action in the body. Therefore, they will cause the same effects regardless of whether they initially came from hemp or a THC-rich cannabis flower.

Taking this into account, an edible of 5 milligrams of THC can cause a feeling of high in new or occasional users. But, people with a higher tolerance to THC may need a larger dose to get the same effects.

It is essential to highlight that edibles take much longer to take effect than other methods of cannabis consumption. Therefore, we recommend starting with small doses and waiting a couple of hours for the effects to take place before deciding to increase the dose. By doing this, you avoid taking an excessive dose of THC, which can cause unwanted effects such as anxiety or even states of paranoia when the dose is too high.

In case of a THC "overdose," it is best to remain calm and wait for the effects to wear off. Drink enough water, eat some sugary food without THC, take a bath if you can, inhale some black pepper, or just relax and take a nap while the negative symptoms of THC overdose pass. Avoid alcohol when using THC, and remember not to drive or try to do anything that requires too much concentration while under the effects of this cannabinoid.

Can Hemp-derived THC Show Up On a Drug Test

The chemical structure of hemp-derived THC is identical to the THC that comes from marijuana, so yes, it can show up on a drug test. 

Can Products Contain More than One Cannabinoid

Yes, the new Minnesota Board of Pharmacy law allows cannabis products to contain multiple isomers of tetrahydrocannabinol such as Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10 as long as the total THC content is 5 milligrams per serving and 50 milligrams per package. 

What Does the New Law Mean for the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in Minnesota

Although there are still hurdles to overcome for the full legalization of recreational cannabis in Minnesota, the new law is definitely a step in that direction. In 2021, the DFL-controlled Minnesota House of Representatives passed a bill to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for people 21 and older. Tim Walz, the governor of DFL, supports legalization.

However, the 2021 bill failed to receive a vote in the GOP-controlled Senate. While Republicans hold the upper chamber, legalization appears unlikely. The new law of the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy that came into force on July 1, 2022, allows the marketing of food products and beverages containing THC for people over 21 years of age as long as the content of this cannabinoid is up to 5 milligrams per serving or 50 milligrams per package.

But the THC-rich cannabis flower and all products derived from it are still illegal for recreational use in Minnesota. Therefore, the laws regarding the recreational use of cannabis remain aligned with federal law. This means that any cannabis product containing more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis is not allowed for recreational use within the state.

Additionally, some cities in Minnesota have temporarily banned cannabis edibles since the new law went into effect. Marshall in western Minnesota and St. Joshep in central Minnesota have passed moratoriums stopping the sale and manufacture of hemp-derived foods.

On the same note, Stillwater officials in November of last year implemented a one-year moratorium before lawmakers drafted the new law in an effort to preempt the state in the event of full legalization of recreational cannabis use. Prior Lake and Waite Park are also considering moratoriums. 

Where is Delta-8 THC Legal?

The new law approving THC edibles in Minnesota has caused quite a stir among cannabis users in the state. This leaves many people wondering if other cannabinoids like Delta-8 are now legal in Minnesota. 

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp and all its derived products, including its cannabinoids, are legal as long as they contain up to 0.3% THC. But, this law explicitly refers to Delta-9 THC. So as long as Delta-8 comes from legally certified hemp, it is legal and allowed under federal law.

Nonetheless, each state and city has its own regulations regarding cannabis and its derivative products. So if you are wondering if Delta-8 is legal, it is best to check the laws of the your state and city.

Where to Buy Legal THC Gummies in Minnesota?

The new law allows retailers to sell THC products but does not require manufacturers and distributors of hemp-derived products to be licensed. But, this law does prohibit restaurants, bars, or any other type of establishment that prepares food or beverages for on-site or takeaway consumption from marketing products that contain cannabinoids.

Therefore, the most viable option remains shopping online, where you can usually find more reliable retailers and a greater variety of products. If you want to make use of your rights according to the new Minnesota law and are looking for some delicious cannabis-infused gummies, come to Botany Farms.

We have an excellent and varied catalog of products, such as our 5mg microdose blue raspberry gummies of Delta-9 THC or our pineapple Delta-9 THC gummies. We also have our popular Delta-8 gummies, or our sweet peach-flavored CBD gummies.

And if you're unsure how to buy edibles online, you have nothing to worry about. It's as easy as entering our online store, choosing your favorite product, and placing your order. Our team will be more than happy to deliver your order to your doorstep quickly and discreetly.

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