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Legendary OG hemp bud

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Being a legend is not about constantly earning glorious victories. It is also about suffering devastating defeats, but in the end, taking all of it and learning from it. That means to live, to be memorable, to be a legend, and it sounds pretty much like you.

That is why you would need an excellent hemp flower to be your rest and your reward. The Legendary OG is an excellent Indica-dominant hemp strain with a total of 19.97% cannabinoids, and a stunning 17% of that amount is CBD. Being an exceptional offspring of the famous OG Kush, there is much this strain has to offer to make your story an epic one.  

Key Takeaways

  • Legendary OG is an indica-dominant cross between OG Kush and an unknown strain.
  •  With CBD levels reaching 20%, expect Legendary OG to melt away stress and anxiety, relieve pain, and leave you feeling blissful.
  • Legendary OG has a sweet, creamy, and citrusy overtone, with notes of fuel, skunk, and lavender on the exhale.

What Is the Legendary OG Hemp Strain?

Legendary OG is an indica-dominant hemp strain made by crossing OG Kush with an unknown strain. The result is a CBD-rich strain with virtually no THC, with a CBD to THC ratio of 30:1.

Thanks to the high CBD content and its indica-dominant nature, it’s a perfect strain for a day of relaxation.

For those days when I want to mellow out both my mind and body, and I just feel like chilling out at home, the relaxing and de-stressing effects of Legendary OG are what I go for.

CBD isn’t intoxicating, so Legendary OG won’t get you high, but I find that in spite of its lack of psychoactivity, it’s one of the best strains for a day of doing nothing.

Legendary OG Hemp Strain Appearance

Legendary OG hemp buds are large and elongated, easily the size of a fully grown man’s finger but much thicker. They are light and fluffy and easy to squeeze together.

They feature a medium green hue with both lighter and darker green accents, an abundance of orange pistils, and one of the thickest layers of trichomes that I’ve ever seen on a hemp bud.

It’s not overly vibrant, but remember that it’s those trichomes that contain all of that delicious CBD!

Legendary OG Hemp Strain Genetics

The Legendary OG hemp strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. The exact ratio of indica to sativa genetics is unknown because one of the parent strains remains a mystery.

Legendary OG Hemp Strain Lineage

Legendary OG Hemp is a cross between the OG Kush and an unknown CBD strain. OG Kush comes from Florida, where it was bred in the nineties by crossing Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Hindu Kush.

The result is a heavily indica-dominant strain with high potency and flavors of skunk, fuel, and spice. OG Kush is one of my favorites for relieving stress, and it’s likely a part of the reason why Legendary OG is so relaxing as well.

Legendary OG Hemp Strain THC/CBD Content

Legendary OG may contain 11 - 20% CBD, with THC levels usually below 0.3%. 

I prefer this because the lack of THC means that Legendary OG doesn’t get me high or put my head in a fog, but the CBD content is enough to soothe away stress and relax my mind and body.

Thanks to the lack of THC and the soothing effects of CBD, as well as the indica-dominant nature of Legendary OG, I think it’s perfect for beginners and experienced cannabis connoisseurs alike. It’s a great strain for those days when you just want to sit back and relax.

Legendary OG Hemp Strain Terpenes

Like many newcomer strains, Legendary OG’s terpene profile is unknown. However, I will discuss the strain’s flavor and aroma below.

Legendary OG Hemp Strain Effects

What I enjoy about the Legendary OG strain is that it’s relaxing and soothing. CBD is well known for relieving stress and anxiety, both effects that I notice in a big way, especially after consuming more than 0.5 grams of Legendary OG. Although CBD isn’t intoxicating, I still feel a wave of happiness, euphoria, and bliss wash over me while all of my stress washes away.

CBD may increase serotonin levels in our brains, which is a feel-good neurotransmitter. The 20% CBD level of Legendary OG explains why it’s so effective at relieving stress and improving mood. That serotonin boost also explains why I feel happier and less depressed when consuming a high-CBD strain like this. It’s just a great mood booster.

Legendary OG is also slightly sedating, thanks to its indica genes, although it’s not so pronounced that it puts users to sleep like a high-THC indica strain. I also enjoy this strain because it helps relieve the inflammation in my joints and thus gets rid of some pain, which is ideal for a day of relaxation.

Legendary OG Hemp Strain Reported Flavors

Legendary OG smells like a damp forest or lumber mill just after the trees have been cut. The smell of earth and wood that permeates the room is quite enjoyable.

The flavor starts with a distinct sweet and creamy taste, followed by a citrusy punch that hits the tongue hard. On the exhale, while I still taste that creaminess, I also get floral notes of lavender and a bit of gas and skunk (which comes from the OG Kush parent strain).

Legendary OG Hemp Strain Growing Info

Legendary OG hemp is easy to grow, as it is hardy and resilient to the elements. It can be grown both outdoors and indoors. When grown indoors, the buds are much more potent, while you get higher yields outdoors. Expect around 400 grams/㎡ when grown indoors or around 550g per plant when grown outdoors. The flowering time is about 9 weeks.

Strains Like the Legendary OG Hemp Strain

If you are looking for strains similar to Legendary OG, each with its unique flavors, two of my other favorites include Island Sweet Skunk Hemp and Watermelon Haze Hemp.

Where to Find the Legendary OG Hemp Strain

When it comes to CBD strains like Legendary OG and many others, Botany Farms is a great place to be. We’ve got an extensive selection of high-quality CBD flower that’s ready for you to try.

Legendary OG is a perfect Indica strain that any user would love to own, and it is always crucial to buy from a trustworthy vendor. Thinking about you, Botany Farms brings you an Indica strain that does a fine job as Legendary OG. The popular Bubba Kush Hemp Strain will not disappoint you. This is the opportunity to try the CBD version of the famous Bubba Kush lineage.

Why Choose Botany Farms?

Botany Farms is a leader in the hemp and cannabis industry, both for its ethics and product quality. We take all of our ingredients from reputable sources right here in the USA, making sure that all cannabinoids and flower we have meet the rigorous standards demanded of us.

Our products are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are safe and free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins.

With everything from growing to packaging being done in the USA, you can be proud to purchase homegrown and locally sourced products that benefit the communities around you.

All of our flowers are expertly cured and trimmed to provide you with the best-looking, most potent, and best-tasting buds the market has to offer. This attention to detail makes us a leading competitor in this industry!

Who We Recommend the Legendary OG Strain For

Here are some health issues that the Legendary OG strain might help with:

Chronic pain: With its high average THC level of 24.7%, Legend OG is an excellent choice for managing chronic pain. Its relaxing effects can provide relief1.

Insomnia and sleep issues: If you struggle with sleep, Legend OG may help induce a deep, restful sleep due to its sedative properties.

Appetite stimulation: This strain gives you the munchies! If you’re experiencing appetite loss or need to boost your food intake, Legend OG can help.

Muscle spasms and relaxation: Its indica-heavy effects make it suitable for muscle relaxation and easing tension.

Migraine relief: Some users find relief from migraines and headaches with this strain.

Stress and anxiety: The euphoric boost followed by deep relaxation can help manage stress and anxiety.

Remember to start with a low dose and consult with a healthcare professional before using any cannabis strain for specific medical conditions.

Final Thoughts

The Legendary OG hemp strain is a personal favorite of mine thanks to its ability to melt away my stress, anxiety, and pain while leaving me feeling blissful and slightly sedated. It’s a perfect strain to try if you like the sound of those effects!

Legendary OG Hemp: Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Legendary OG Hemp Strain Make Me Feel?

The Legendary OG hemp strain should make you feel very relaxed, pain-free, blissful, and potentially a little sedated.

Is the Legendary OG Hemp Strain Ideal for Beginners?

Thanks to its pleasant effects and lack of psychoactivity, the Legendary OG hemp strain is ideal for beginners and experts alike. 


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Important note: The information regarding cannabis strains presented here is for educational purposes only. It is essential to understand the regulations on cannabis and cannabinoids in your specific location before using or purchasing cannabis. Laws governing it vary widely, and what might be legal in one area or location might be restricted or prohibited in another.

It is vital to comply with the laws and regulations of your area in terms of cannabis use and possession. We support responsible consumption and urge our readers to consider this when reviewing cannabis products. At Botany Farms, we aim to share insights and information about cannabis for educational purposes while promoting legal and safe consumption per your locality's regulations.

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