Lemon Cherry Gushers Strain

Lemon Cherry Gushers strain bud

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These days, most fruity-flavored weed strains are of the lighter variety, aiming to transport you into a relaxed, summery headspace with a gentle touch of sugary sweetness. But hidden underneath, there’s a lot of potential for a true knockout bud. Some high-THC lemon strains have demonstrated this in the past, though we can’t say many have exploited it to the fullest before. Enter Lemon Cherry Gushers. This new and unique hybrid strain aims to combine the very best of potent citrusy strains with the attractive aromatic profile of sweet cherry. If you want to know if this bud has the potency you’re looking for, take a look and find out below! While we don't currently carry this strain, why not give some of our flower a try?

What is the Lemon Cherry Gushers Strain?

As an Indica-dominant hybrid, Lemon Cherry Gushers is a potent fruity strain with a heavy-hitting effects profile and dessert-like qualities in taste and form. It’s meant for very much punching above and beyond the usual repertoire of fruit-based strains, which often tend to be on the lighter side. The Lemon Cherry Gushers strain is unique, from its complex and multi-faceted effects to its characterful aroma and appearance.

Lemon Cherry Gushers Strain Appearance

The buds of Lemon Cherry Gushers grow relatively thick, moderately dense, and exhibit very fine crystalline trichomes. Light colors, from grassy green to whites, light greys, slight yellows, mint, and even teal dominate.

Lemon Cherry Gushers Strain Genetics

While the Lemon Cherry Gushers strain itself is still relatively new, its parents are anything but. Lemon Cherry Gelato is an infamous Indica-dominant hybrid known for its slightly euphoric cerebral highs and citrusy flavor. Some of the faint hints of sourness emanating from Lemon Cherry Gushers are basically watered-down cues taken from this stain. Gushers, also sometimes called White Gushers, is one of those evergreen high-THC mellow strains, perfect for relaxing nights or afternoons. It's gotten particularly popular over the past decade, not just because of its pleasant and easy-to-manage effects profile but also because it is just as easy to grow, even for the inexperienced.

THC Content

The range of THC content quoted for the Lemon Cherry Gushers strain varies widely – especially so because both of its parents experience strong sample variation depending on the climate they’re grown in, among other factors. On average, though, we have seen THC in the range of 20-25%, and sometimes a few points higher. This makes Lemon Cherry Gushers a very potent, high-THC strain. Combined with its rather low, single-digit percentage CBD concentration, Lemon Cherry Gushers displays all the hallmarks of a powerful Indica hybrid in its composition.

Lemon Cherry Gushers Strain Terpenes

With loads of caryophyllene and limonene, Lemon Cherry Gushers exhibits what it says on the tin: almost excessively sweet aromas colored by a thick sour coating of fresh lemon. There are some earthy tones in there too, and even a slight hint of skunk to add depth to the smoke.

Lemon Cherry Gushers Strain Effects

In terms of effects, the Lemon Cherry Gushers strain does what only very few in its class have managed to do. Its high washes over you within a surprisingly short amount of time, quickly allowing all pains – mental and physical – to evaporate. Euphoria soon follows and lasts for quite a while. Surprisingly given its ancestry, this strain behaves much like a Sativa for most of the duration of the high. Stimulation and carefree mental exploration are the names of the game here. Do note, however, that Lemon Cherry Gushers is one of those two-faced hybrids. Coming down from the peak, it very easily and without much warning casts a thick layer of relaxation fatigue over mind and body, beckoning you to the nearest bed or couch. Like its parent, Lemon Cherry Gelato, this is also a strain particularly known for provoking bouts of the munchies.

Lemon Cherry Gushers Strain Reported Flavors

The taste of the Lemon Cherry Gushers strain closely follows its aromatic profile very closely. Expect strong overtones of sour lemon coated with sweet hints of cherry and wild berries. The pungent skunkiness that permeates the strain's smell mostly fades away on the palate, though some particularly sensitive tongues might still notice it as a drop of spice on the exhale.

Lemon Cherry Gushers Strain Growing Info

Lemon Cherry Gushers is a relatively unproblematic, beginner-friendly strain to grow. Whether indoors or outdoors, Lemon Cherry Gushers doesn’t need much special attention in terms of atmospheric conditions. The buds start out dry and become noticeably sticky with thick resin just before they’re ready to harvest, so you can easily gauge the proper growth period yourself. Since this strain’s aroma is also particularly strong, you can take it as a cue as well – just wait for the sour lemon to hit the air before you harvest your flowers! Do note that this strain grows fairly thick and bushy, so prioritize area over height and feel free to trim the tops ever so slightly if necessary.

Strains Like Lemon Cherry Gushers Strain

If you enjoyed Lemon Cherry Gushers, you’re not alone! Though young and still lacking a solid reputation, public opinion on this unique strain is quickly shaping up, and we might see plenty of derivatives and new strains based on LCG coming out soon. For now, there are a small handful of excellent alternatives that are sure to satisfy those who are looking for a fun complement to the already exciting Lemon Cherry Gushers strain. We can only recommend Sour Space Candy, one of our longtime favorites among complex, high-THC hybrids. With its slightly skunky, sweet-sour taste and spicy aroma, it’s sure to both delight and challenge existing fans of Lemon and Cherry-based strains like LCG. At Botany Farms, we carry many varieties of Space Candy, some patterned after the original and others entirely new spins on the same formula. Consider Super Sour Space Candy: the same frosty, woody buds but loaded with loads of additional CBD, CBN, and more concentrated terpenes for an even more intense experience! There’s also the more specialized Delta 8 Sour Space Candy, which is just right for those who enjoyed the effects of something like LCG but would prefer to be able to do without the sometimes uncomfortable side effects of Delta 9 THC. Likewise, the original Lemon Cherry Gelato might be right up your alley if you enjoyed its younger sibling! Like LCG, it combines a fruity character with punchy, cerebral high-THC effects and lots of playful interchange between Sativa and Indica features (though it should be noted that Lemon Cherry Gelato does lean a bit more towards expressing Sativa-like effects).

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