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With a warm plate of lemon cookies in front of you, all you have to do is sit back, exhale, and forget about everything. And not the sugary, soft kind of cookies you’d associate with summer. This is about weed!

The new dessert you didn’t know you needed? Lemon Cookies strain. A hybrid of hybrids, Lemon Cookies is an equal marriage between Sativa and Indica effects. An energizer, a meditation bomb, Lemon Cookies give the body and mind the time to rest.

When life gives you lemons, pack a bowl with them. 420 regards this strain as something that may help you get a mellow vibe, even with a puff or two. That's why we do not sell Lemon Cookies Strain yet. Alternatives are good.

Key Takeaways

  • Lemon Cookies is a hybrid strain, a cross between Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Lemon Haze.
  • It's known for providing a sense of calm and relaxation while also offering an uplifting and euphoric feeling.
  • The Lemon Cookies strain has a high THC content, typically ranging between 21-28%.
  • The aroma is not overwhelmingly lemony but has an earthy, spicy scent with subtle citrus hints, along with herbal and sour overtones.

Lemon Cookies Terpenes

Lemon Cookies, though, are all about the terpenes. Limonene, which is the terpene that gives the strain its name and lemon-forward smell and flavour, takes centre stage. There’s so much limonene in this strain that it uplifts and enlivens you the instant you walk into the room, thanks to its bright, refreshing scent, but it also has a spicy, peppery undertone from caryophyllene, another abundant terpene that helps to balance out the tart nature of the lemon oil. The flavour profile is as complex and interesting as it is physically invigorating and comforting.

It also contains high concentrations of limonene and caryophyllene, which, along with myrcene, account for the strain’s slightly herbal, earthy overtones. In concert, these three terpenes contribute to the flavour experience and, just as important, are likely to influence the therapeutic effects of Lemon Cookies. Limonene has uplifting properties that may make it an effective stress reducer; caryophyllene’s affinity for CB2 receptors may confer anti-inflammatory, analgesic benefits; myrcene is often associated with relaxation and sleep.

All things considered, Lemon Cookies is a very good source of flavor and are potentially useful for those seeking an entourage effect, with a broad range of therapeutic possibilities. If folks are treating themselves to this strain for relief or just want to get high while enjoying a great aroma, Lemon Cookies makes for a satisfying experience.

Lemon Cookies Effects

While lemons bring energy and a bright feeling to any occasion, the Lemon Cookies strain is more calming and relaxing than its name suggests. Still, it generates an uplifting and euphoric feeling of happiness and ease, giving you a sense of comfort.

Your body will feel vibrant and relaxed, helping you release tension in the muscles and bringing an end to pain. That’s why several medical marijuana patients smoke the Lemon Cookies strain to combat inflammation.

Whenever you’re feeling lazy on a chill afternoon, the Lemon Cookies strain is the best way to make the rest of your day memorable, mellow, and fun. Those who consume high doses of this bud can experience a slight couch lock that can take them to sleep in no time.

Lemon Cookies Genetics

Lemon Cookies is a distinctive hybrid that merges the genetics of Lemon Haze and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), offering a unique experience that captivates users. Lemon Haze, known for its citrusy flavor and energizing effects, contributes to the strain's stimulating qualities, making it ideal for overcoming fatigue or mild depression.

Conversely, GSC, an indica-dominant hybrid, adds a deep sense of euphoria and relaxation, balancing the vivacity of Lemon Haze. This combination not only enhances Lemon Cookies' psychoactive and therapeutic effects but also promotes stable growth characteristics like robust structure and dense buds, thanks to the strong genetics of both parent strains.

Overall, Lemon Cookies exemplifies successful strain selection and breeding, delivering a balanced high with rich aromatics and versatile flavors, appealing to a wide audience.


Rumor has it that the delicious Lemon Cookies strain comes from no other than the Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Lemon Haze strains. With such potent strains as parents, we know that the effects of the Lemon Cookies strain are no joke.

Thanks to its amazing lineage, this bud won 3rd place under Best Hybrid Concentrate for the SoCal Cannabis Cup award in 2015. Moreover, its Haze lineage gives it strong medicinal properties, helping many medical marijuana patients in their journey towards wellness.

Growth Information

Lemon Cookies offers good growing traits, it’s a good plant for indoor or outdoor growing. It is a hybrid of Lemon Haze and Girl Scout Cookies strains, so it’s has the same sturdy characteristics as both parents. It’s got minimal training needs and grows well indoors and outdoors. With minimal training and space, it will still have quality without much breakage.

Its flowering cycle is about 8 to 9 weeks, making it a moderate flowering cycle strain. The buds are very dense and covered with trichomes. It’s a medium yielding plant for commercial and hobbyist growers. Proper maintenance must be done for a healthier plant.

Regular trimming and enough space to have good airflow and light penetration are needed to harvest a good product. With good maintenance and care, a good yield can be achieved.

My Personal Recommendation for Lemon Cookies Strain

As a long-time cannabis consumer, I can’t recommend the Lemon Cookies strain enough for its balanced effects and flavours. The strain is one of the best-smelling I’ve had the pleasure of coming across, with a bright, citrusy fragrance that’s immediately invigorating.

You take a hit, and the lemony-fresh sensation pervades your sinuses, as if every breath you take was sliced from a wedge of fresh fruit. This unique aroma is courtesy of the terpene profile of Lemon Cookies, a complex mix of limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene that traces its fragrance back through the generations with the lemony, spicy, earthy flavours we now associate with the strain.

What I love about Lemon Cookies is how it brings together the sativa headiness of Lemon Haze with the indica mellows of Girl Scout Cookies in a perfect balance of daytime effects. Whether you want to ponder things, paint green windows, or just take a break from the day’s stresses, Lemon Cookies can get the job done. But for me, Lemon Cookies is a perfect strain to enjoy in social settings or on my own; it works well to help alleviate low-level stress and perk up my mood a bit. I find its effects to be mild enough for the beginning cannabis user, but satisfying enough to keep toking veterans happy.

I’ve always found that the cleanest, tastiest way to inhale this strain is by vaping it. I can really catch the delicacy of its flavour through a good vaporizer, especially one that allows you to use temperatures extreme enough to efficiently release its tasty terpenes. Lemon Cookies could soon become your new everyday best friend.

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