Lemon Cookies Strain

Lemon Cookies strain bud

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A warm batch of lemon cookies is all you need to lay back, breathe in, and let go of your worries. No, we’re not talking about the soft, sugary cookies that remind you of summer.

The Lemon Cookies strain is the new dessert for those times when you need to find peace of mind. This hybrid strain is the perfect balance between an energizing sativa and a meditative indica, giving both body and mind time to rest. You know what they say, if life gives you lemons, pack a bowl with them. We don't currently have the Lemon Cookies Strain, but we have worthy alternatives.

Lemon Cookies Lineage

Rumour has it that the delicious Lemon Cookies strain comes from no other than the Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Lemon Haze strains. With such potent strains as parents, we know that the effects produced by the Lemon Cookies strain are no joke.

Thanks to this amazing lineage, this bud has won 3rd place under Best Hybrid Concentrate for the SoCal Cannabis Cup award in 2015. Moreover, its Haze lineage gives it strong medicinal properties, helping many medical marijuana patients in their journey towards wellness.

Lemon Cookies THC Content

Since both parents contain high levels of THC, it's only natural for the Lemon Cookies strain to have a high THC content as well. 21-28% THC is the usual level for this strain, making it potent enough to send you to a super euphoric state when not used with caution.

As a result, the Lemon Cookies strain may not be the best bud to try if you are a beginner. Those who are more tolerant of THC will find its content delightful, giving them the effects described below without feeling anxiety or paranoia.

Lemon Cookies Effects

While lemons bring energy and a bright feeling to any occasion, the Lemon Cookies strain is more calming and relaxing than what its name suggests. Still, it generates an uplifting and euphoric feeling that brings happiness and ease, giving you a sense of comfort.

Your body will feel vibrant and relaxed, helping you release tension in the muscles and bringing an end to pain. That’s why several medical marijuana patients smoke the Lemon Cookies strain to combat inflammation.

Whenever you’re feeling lazy on a chill afternoon, the Lemon Cookies strain is the best way to make the rest of your day memorable, mellow, and fun. Those who consume high doses of this bud can experience a slight couch-lock that can take them to sleep in no time.

Lemon Cookies Flavors

The Lemon Cookies strain owes its tantalizing flavor to limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene. Imagine lemon drops awakening your senses, followed by sweet hints of vanilla and nuts to complement the taste. If you’ve had real lemon cookies before, you’ll notice this bud tastes exactly the same.

Lemon Cookies Aroma

The aroma of the Lemon Cookies strain isn’t as lemony as you’d imagine. Instead, an earthy, spicy aroma fills the air, with subtle hints of citrus making your nose tingle. Herbal and sour overtones appear once you burn the nugs, revealing a pleasant nutty scent that invites you to inhale once and for all.

Lemon Cookies Growing Info

If you want a batch of these warm Lemon Cookies, you’d be pleased to know it isn’t a hard strain to grow. When grown indoors, Lemon Cookies grows to a lesser height and matures in around 63 days.

The plants develop medium heights at harvest season and grow light-green buds with a white trichome dusting. When grown indoors, Lemon Cookies grows to a lesser height and matures in around 63 days.

Lemon Cookies Benefits

Besides its mellow effects and smooth high, the Lemon Cookies strain has several benefits. For instance, those who deal with depression, anxiety, or stress might find solace in this bubbly strain, giving them clarity and relaxation.

However, its effects aren’t reserved to the mental realm only. Because of its higher-than-usual caryophyllene content, the Lemon Cookies strain is perfect for reducing pain and inflammation, as well as chronic fatigue.

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