Lemon Diesel CBG Strain

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If you are looking for a super tasty strain of weed that is going to make you feel energized, focused, and productive, then the Lemon Diesel CBG strain is definitely worth checking out. It features a fairly simple yet enjoyable flavor profile, it makes for a good daytime weed that won’t knock you out, and the CBG it contains has many benefits too.

In case you aren’t familiar with CBG as a cannabinoid, no worries, because this is something that we will explain in some detail today. Here's what the Lemon Diesel CBG strain is all about.

Key Takeaways

  • The Lemon Diesel CBG strain features CBG as the dominant cannabinoid, as opposed to THC or CBD.
  • The Lemon Diesel CBG strain has flavors reminiscent of lemon and citrus, pine, and diesel.
  • Although CBG won’t produce a psychoactive high per se, it does make you feel more energized, focused, and ready to tackle a long day ahead.

What is the Lemon Diesel CBG Strain?

The Lemon Diesel CBG strain is a special type of Lemon Diesel. Now, what can get a bit confusing, and also make it difficult to find accurate information on this front, is that there are also strains of Lemon Diesel that are THC dominant and others that are CBD dominant.

However, today we focus on a special and specific strain of Lemon Diesel, one that contains CBG as a cannabinoid, not THC or CBD. In fact, the Lemon Diesel CBG strain really doesn’t contain any THC or CBD at all.

As mentioned earlier, CBG strains like these won’t produce a psychoactive high like THC-heavy strains. CBG isn’t going to send you to the moon and back, but this strain does have some interesting benefits for both the mind and body, it has a fantastic taste, and it smokes really smoothly too.

Let’s also keep in mind that the Lemon Diesel CBG strain did manage to snag the award for the Best Hemp Flower 2019 at the Oregon Grower’s Cup, an indication that it is indeed a very special strain.

Lemon Diesel CBG Strain Appearance

The Lemon Diesel CBG strain does have a rather good-looking appearance. It features medium to large size buds that are spade-shaped, or in other words, aren’t perfectly round. They come to a bit of a point, The buds are also fairly loose and fluffy, so when you press on them, you can really compact them down.

As for the colors, what you get here is a bud that is moderate to dark green in color, combined with a large number of those orange hairs or pistils that look nice and taste even better. Depending on the specific bud, you might also find some of those sought-after white crystals on the exterior.

As you can probably tell, the Lemon Diesel CBG strain may not look like anything special, but because it is a CBG strain, it’s actually more special and unique than about 99% of other strains out there.

Lemon Diesel CBG Strain Genetics

Exactly where this strain comes from is relatively unknown, a well-kept secret if we do say so ourselves. Now, what we do know is that the Lemon Diesel CBG strain is made with a Sativa-dominant strain, or multiples of them, likely Lemon Kush and Sour Diesel, as well as a CBG-heavy strain of unknown origins. We know that this is a Sativa-dominant strain with high levels of CBG, but virtually no THC or CBD.

THC/CBD Content

As for the cannabinoids contained in this strain of cannabis, we can say with certainty that it contains well under 1% CBD and under 1% THC. It really doesn’t contain either of these cannabinoids in high quantities.

However, what it does contain, and lots of it, is CBG or cannabigerol. This is one of the lesser-known cannabinoids, although it is growing in popularity. We’ll take a look at its effects on the mind and body shortly.

Lemon Diesel CBG Strain Terpenes

Some of the most dominant terpenes contained in the Lemon Diesel CBG strain include a-Bisabolol, Trans-Caryophyllene, Guaiol, pinene, myrcene, and limonene, therefore producing a fairly complex flavor profile with strong notes of lemon, citrus, pine, and diesel. Move on to find out exactly what this strain tastes and smells like.

Lemon Diesel CBG Strain Effects

What is important to note about CBG strains is that they don’t produce that psychoactive high that you get from THC, but you also don’t feel like you’ve consumed CBD.

CBG is a very interesting cannabinoid, one that is mainly known for making you feel more focused, concentrated, creative, and energetic, with some people saying that it even helps to enhance the senses, particularly sight and hearing. Some people say that lights and colors look brighter, and sound clearer and louder, after having consumed a CBG strain such as this version of Lemon Diesel.

Lemon Diesel CBG Strain Reported Flavors

The dominant flavor in the Lemon Diesel strain, first and foremost, is going to be that of lemon and citrus, which is the first thing you will taste, followed by a pretty strong diesel-like punch.

You might then also taste a pit of pine, gas, and a somewhat chemical-like flavor. Although it does have an enjoyable aroma and flavor, it is quite pungent. This is the kind of weed you can smell long before you light it up.

Strains Like Lemon Diesel CBG Strain

If you are looking for some strains that are similar to the Lemon Diesel CBG strain, there are some options from our own catalog here at Botany Farms that we can recommend. Two very popular buds to consider here include White CBG and Delta-8 White CBG.

If you happen to be looking for some easy-to-smoke pre-rolls, we have those too, both the White and Delta-8 White CBG strains. If you are looking for a Sativa-dominant strain that will produce psychoactive effects, then we recommend checking out our strain of Delta-8 Sour Hawaiian Haze.

If you like the sound of CBG strains, but don’t want to smoke your weed or eat it, but rather vape it, we also have our own Botany Farms Premium Sativa CBG Vape Cartridge for you to check out.

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