Lemon Purple Haze Strain Information and Review

A nugget of lemon purple haze floats in front of a purple backdrop dotted with lemons

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Among the most upbeat of Sativa buds, few strains carry as much reverence and respect as the classic Lemon Haze. A sweet scent of citrus, attached to a knockout blow, sends your mind spiraling into a messy, foggy nirvana.

What more could you ask for? With its equally skunky, sour aroma and potent, euphoric effects, the Lemon Purple Haze strain aims to be a worthy successor. But can it really stand up to that task?

Key Takeaways

  • Lemon Purple Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid resulting from crossing Lemon Haze and Purple Kush.
  • Lemon Purple Haze has a sweet-sour citrus flavor with a classic Sativa head high.
  • The effects of Lemon Purple Haze are described as exhilarating, offering a burst of euphoric energy and creative inspiration, followed by a relaxing, sedative state.
  • Lemon Purple Haze is relatively easy to grow, showing resilience in various climates and yielding a solid harvest after an average flowering period of 8 weeks.
  • The strain has a high THC content, averaging just above 20%.

What is the Lemon Purple Haze Strain?

The recipe for Lemon Purple Haze is simple: take a sharp, biting flavor, combine it with potent euphoric effects, and finish off with a pleasant high-THC buzz that also gives this powerhouse strain plenty of potential for therapeutic use.

This pungent bud comes from a notoriously potent Indica, but it stays classified as a sativa-dominant bud. For that reason, those who seek balanced effects will enjoy this classy strain that provides a strong punch of flavor and relaxation.

Lemon Purple Haze Strain Appearance

You know you’ve got something special on your hands when a mere look at the buds of Lemon Purple Haze tells it apart from the crowd. Its large, trumpet-like nugs glow in moody, dark shades of green and purple, with trails of orange-to-red hairs running along the surface like veins.

Lemon Purple Haze Strain Genetics

The genetic ancestry of Lemon Purple Haze is one for the cannabis history books. Based on a cross of Lemon Haze and Purple Kush, it combines the best of two beloved representatives of entirely opposite lineages.

Whereas Lemon Haze is the strain’s obvious inspiration, with its sweet-sour citrus flair and classic Sativa head highs, Purple Kush comes out of a completely different corner. Coming from a line of experimental strains, it injects “alternative” flavors into the godfather of powerful Indicas, OG Kush.

Lemon Haze traces its origins back to Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk, two hybrids that each became popular through their combinations of high potency and distinctive, gripping flavors and effects.

THC Content

Like its closest family, Lemon Purple Haze is a relatively powerful strain, sitting at just above 20% in terms of average THC content. CBD levels are as restrained as you’d expect them to be for such a heavy-hitting Sativa hybrid, at about 0.5% on average. While no record-setter, we still wouldn’t recommend a THC-heavy strain like Lemon Purple Hazer to newcomers or those with low tolerances.

Lemon Purple Haze Strain Terpenes

Myrcene, limonene, and linalool lend Lemon Purple Haze plenty of fruity, spicy, and kushy vibes. These three are also among the most medicinally potent terpenes in cannabis in significant concentrations, making it even more of a mystery why Lemon Purple Haze hasn’t picked up in popularity among the medical cannabis crowd.

Lemon Purple Haze Strain Effects

Taking mostly after its parent, Lemon Haze, Lemon Purple Haze’s effects are nothing short of exhilarating. A sharp burst of euphoric energy hits you very early on, transforming your body and clearing your mind of distractions. This strain is all about movement and inspiration, both in the physical and creative realms.

Lemon Purple Haze also has a pretty neat kushy surprise up its sleeve, courtesy of Purple Kush. This will start as a strong tingle that spreads throughout the body, followed by an increasingly strong, forceful wallop of uplifting relaxation.

After about half an hour, you can prepare to head to the couch, as the effects will add more weight to your body. The whole show coalesces in an experience that can only be described as Peak Kush: a dreamy, relaxed, and physically entirely sedated state of bliss, free of worries or qualms.

Overall, Lemon Purple Haze takes you on a ride that goes on for far longer and covers more ground than what most others would be capable of. That alone makes it exceptional, not just for Sativa hybrids but for popular cannabis strains overall.

Lemon Purple Haze Strain Reported Flavors

Lemon Purple Haze’s flavors are a clash of different worlds that bring together a jive better than you probably expect. First, you have a sweet, fruity character reminiscent of berries, grapes, and lemon that you would expect—a similar affair compared to the original Lemon Haze.

But then there’s a surprising twist: a dash of spicy, sour notes hinting at diesel without fully reaching that end of the spectrum. All in all, this is an extremely enjoyable and lively strain to smoke.

Lemon Purple Haze Strain Growing Info

With no grave pitfalls, you can expect Lemon Purple Haze to be fairly easy to grow. This strain is known for its toughness and resistance to even significantly tricky weather conditions.

It survives well in a large variety of climates, and its flowering period of about 8 weeks on average makes for a solid, if not overly generous, yield.

Strains Like Lemon Purple Haze Strain

Lemon Purple Haze does plenty to distinguish itself from others, both close relatives and more distant cousins in the world of cannabis. But what if this one scratched an itch that now just won’t stop? We know the feeling.

Those Kush-like euphoric effects with their playful mental effects and excellent buzz are properties that are hard to replicate, but the world’s best growers have tried, and they came up with trailblazer strains like Delta-8 Zombie Kush.

The original Zombie Kush was already a powerhouse. Just as potent as Lemon Purple Haze, if not more, its cerebral hit has amassed a large fan base and plenty of derivatives. That’s why the delta-8 version of this apocalyptic strain has become a favorite among curious smokers.

With a smoother, gentler, yet in many ways more heady high free of anxiety, Delta-8 Zombie Kush is one of the best strains in the world for couch-ready, high-THC Kush highs with a sour edge.

Delta-8 Abacus 2.0 follows a similar path but in the tradition of a potent CBD strain, now reimagined through the power of Delta-8. Perfect for late evenings and nighttime, it delivers a strong cerebral high that winds you down and lifts your spirits simultaneously. Subtle flavors of berries and fruits complement these effects nicely.

We couldn’t go without mentioning the latest riff on one of our absolute favorite hybrid strains, Delta-8 Sour Hawaiian Haze. Already among the most distinctive and unique cannabis varieties around, Sour Hawaiian Haze benefits greatly from the added flexibility that the Delta-8 provides.

Now accessible to a wider audience without being even the tiniest bit downgraded in potency, this tropical classic should be on everyone’s list as a cool, everyday strain that’ll turn even the cloudiest skies and grimmest days into a Pacific beachside paradise.

Where to Buy Lemon Purple Haze Strain

Embark on a journey of euphoric bliss with our Lemon Purple Haze strain. Experience the perfect blend of sweet citrus and potent relaxation, a masterpiece crafted from the legendary Lemon Haze and Purple Kush. With its rich terpene profile and stunning appearance, Lemon Purple Haze is more than just a strain; it's a sensory delight.

Don't miss out on this sativa-dominant marvel. Shop now at Botany Farms and elevate your cannabis experience with the finest quality, meticulously grown Lemon Purple Haze. Your journey to euphoric nirvana awaits!

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