Lemon Sherbet Strain Review

Lemon Sherbet strain flower

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Close your eyes and feel the soft, melting creamy flavor spreading its sweetness in the citrus’ refreshing sensation. Embrace it as relaxing and uplifting as it is and let it take away the stress and anxiety. Such effects come from the Lemon Sherbet strain. Bred from the 2 Scoops strain and the Lemon Tree strain, Lemon Sherbet is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica, 20% sativa) with a very high THC content of 23%, just perfect for laying down and enjoy the sunset. Although we don't carry this specific strain, check out our other Delta 8 Indica flower:


When cured, the flowers of the Lemon Sherbet strain offer a distinctive aroma of lemon and, if you search deeper in its smell, there will be a light humid earthy scent that makes it more attractive to the nose. The Lemon Sherbet strain also has a beautiful taste of ice cream accompanied by berries and lemon’s sweet scent. You can also sense some diesel-like notes beneath it.


As a characteristic of the indica-dominant strains, the effects will appear slowly up to 15 minutes after the ingestion. That’s when you will start feeling the head rush accompanied by flushed cheeks and a slight increase in salivation. Afterward comes the elevation to a new plane of thinking where your mind connects to a creative complexity, which helps increase your performance in creating ideas or in detailed tasks. On the other hand, the Lemon Sherbet strain can produce mild hallucinations that can be more enjoyable with moody music. After an hour or so, the just mentioned mental effects leave the way to a relaxing stone-weight body feeling from the top of your spine rolling down through your core, making it easier for you to take a deep restorative breathing, softening the muscular tension. Physically active users must consider the sedative effects of the Lemon Sherbet strain, making it harder for them to be part of physical labor. Because of the slow creep-up high, Lemon Sherbet is best for late afternoon or evening consumption. Also useful for medical usage, the mental properties of the Lemon Sherbet strain can help those with ADD focus better and relieve stress and anxiety. Also, the muscular distension powered by its anti-inflammatory properties helps to calm all kinds of short-term or chronic aches. Plus, because it poses a lower risk of obsessive, paranoid thinking, Lemon Sherbet can be a good choice for inexperienced patients with low THC tolerance.

Lemon Sherbet Strain Genetics

The Lemon Sherbet strain comes from the indica hybrid 2 Scoops strain and the balanced hybrid Lemon Tree strain. As a result, you can perceive the sweet lemon and berries citrus with some light scent of fuel from the Lemon Tree and the refreshing creamy flavor from 2 Scoops.


The Three Lemon strain is a balanced hybrid that can make you feel happily relaxed and euphoric. This strain can produce THC levels between 17% and 25%, and medical marijuana users know this bud for relieving symptoms associated with inflammation and chronic pain. On the other hand, the 2 Scoops strain is a hybrid Indica leaning strain from Grape Sherbet crossed with Orange Sherbet with a THC content up to 24.727%, also used to relieve mild pain.

Growth Information

The Lemon Sherbet strain is a simple to grow variety, particularly if you can provide it with a sheltered but warm and sunny Mediterranean climate to grow in. This strain is resistant to common molds and mildew, and it’s easy to develop for even the most inexperienced grower.

Flowering Time

56 days.


You can find the seeds in THC farmer and the feminized version here. If you like Lemon Sherbet strain or into indica varieties, you will love the berry-rich floral flavor of the Cherry Blossom strain. Created to provide high CBD levels, Cherry Blossom is the perfect strain for new users who want to feel the therapeutic effects of hemp.

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