Lightsaber Strain Review

Two light sabers crossed over a nug of lightsaber strain cannabis

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Table Of Contents
When watching Star Wars, you may have wanted -at least once- to lay your hands on a lightsaber. It’s bright neon color, the spinning tricks and the light trails create a desire of wielding it that is very hard to resist. Even if you aren’t a Star Wars fan, we are sure you are also curious about what it feels to have this sword on your hands. Swords aside, if you are a cannabis consumer, it is possible you have heard of Lightsaber before. This indica-dominant hybrid strain has blown the mind of many cannabis lovers because of its many wonderful properties. The Lightsaber strain is the result of the cross between Starfighter F1 and Predator Pink, which are known for the amazing medical properties they have. It’s THC levels can go up to 26%, delivering a calm euphoria to your brain that will certainly take you to a galaxy far, far away. Thanks for stopping by! Don't be a Womp Rat, and check out our intergalactic Delta 8 flower stains:

Lightsaber Strain Terpenes

Its parents provide Lightsaber an amazing combination of terpenes; Myrcene, Limonene, Humulene and Caryophyllene are the main molecules of this strain, giving consumers all they need for a relaxed body and pain relief. For instance, the aroma profile of this strain contains earthy, herbal, spicy and fruity notes. You can taste candy, herbal and fruity flavors in Lightsaber; some consumers say it tastes like apples and blueberry. Doesn’t that sound good?

Lightsaber Strain Effects

A mellow buzz, calm, and bliss are effects you can experience when consuming Lightsaber. This strain is perfect to treat chronic pain, depression, nausea and fatigue, and is a great way to regulate your mood. However, some consumers have stated that it delivers some sativa effects to them; euphoria, creativity and a feeling of sudden energy. For this reason, you can try this bud at different times of the day and check which time works best for you. When it comes to terpenes, myrcene contributes to muscle relaxation and has sedative effects. Limonene, a terpene commonly found in its mother Starfighter, is a great antidepressant and uplifting compound. In addition, Humulene works as an anti-inflammatory agent and even helps terminate cancer cells. Finally, Caryophyllene is a terpene known for being the only one to interact with the endocannabinoid system; this terpene has great anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and when combined with Humulene, its effects increase. On the negative side, you can expect a slight paranoia and dry eyes due to its high THC levels.

Lightsaber Strain Genetics

The amazing genetics of this strain comes from Starfighter F1 and Predator Pink. These two have a great amount of THC, which fits perfectly with their indica profile. For this reason, they are often used for medical purposes.


The mother, Starfighter, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created as a cross of Alien Tahoe OG and Lemon Alien Dawg. It has been used to relieve arthritis, bipolar disorder, inflammation and hypertension. When consuming Starfighter, you can experience a powerful stone due to its 90% THC content. However, these heavy effects can generate paranoia, dizziness and dry mouth. On the other hand, Predator Pink is another indica-dominant hybrid that has less of those heavy effects of the mother. It has a tropical candy flavor and herbal notes that hide a 17% level of THC. It relieves anxiety, stress and headaches with its soothing effect, which often comes after a slow moment of euphoria.

Grow Information

Growing a Lightsaber strain requires some good knowledge, but the effort pays off, as it is known for growing quickly. Developed by Exotic Genetix, this strain can be grown indoor and outdoors, presenting great results in both scenarios. You can expect Lightsaber strain to grow with multi-topped bushes, olive green buds and a rich layer of trichomes.

Flowering Time

50-60 days.


Medium Heavy.


Getting your hands on a couple of Lightsaber seeds may be a bit difficult due to its high demand from cannabis lovers. You can check out here the availability of these seeds, in hopes you get to buy them. Candy and fruity flavors are not only found in Lightsaber. If you want to taste these amazing notes without the high, Botany Farms has an amazing swap that contains 18.8% CBD to give you a great soothing feeling and get you all relaxed and ready to go to bed. Special Sauce is consumers’ favorite indica strain to smoke after a long day, its sweet notes of berry setting a nice mood for you to enjoy. If you want to experience all the good effects of a high-quality indica strain, Special Sauce is your best bet. Reference links:

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