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When making cannabis products, producers must sacrifice some essential aspects. For instance, the flavorful terpenes and trichomes of the flowers decrease due to the necessary drying, curing, and a handful of intermediary processes. Fortunately, there is an incredible alternative that will allow you to find frosty flowers with top-quality effects. Live resins are cannabis concentrates containing most of the original terpenes, aroma, and flavor of the fresh plant material resulting from a recent harvest. This product has been a blessing to the cannabis industry and offers users a different experience to expand the joy and benefits of hemp. Looking for a quality vape cartridge? Check out some of ours.

What Is a Live Resin Cartridge?

A live resin cartridge is the commercial presentation of the cannabis live resin. The best ones are stainless and glass or quartz tubes with vertical ceramic. It is a pretty attractive container, so you can store and vape the resin efficiently and correctly. What makes a live resin cartridge way superior to other vape products? Well, you have a high concentration of terpenes in its content. Thus, you will enjoy an experience highly pure in aroma and flavor and a potent psychoactive effect boosted by the concentrated terpenes.

What Is a Liquid Live Resin Cartridge?

The liquid is the perfect state for live resin so that you can vape it, but not all resins can be liquid. It depends on the viscosity of the variety of resin consistency. The densest ones are waxes and shatter, which you can not easily vape as they are hard to turn liquid. Yet, we hope that vaping technology will make it possible soon enough.

How are Live Resin Cartridges Made?

Live resins concentrate the extract of cannabis directly from the plant once growers harvest it; hence, the flower is at the freshest moment, which prevents the terpenes and flavor from going away in the life cycle of the plant material. To do so, they freeze the naturally wet bud as immediate as they harvest it and proceed to extract the final result. After live resins are ready, producers heat them to turn them into a liquid product. As a result, they can employ a syringe to separate the juice from the remaining crystals and fill it directly into an empty cart.

How to Make Live Resin Carts?

Step 1

Get empty carts online. As we said above, the best ones are stainless and glass or quartz tubes with vertical ceramic.

Step 2

Choose the consistency of live resins. The more liquid sauce usually comes with diamonds, but if yours is more sugary, then melt it down with low heat between 120°C - 130°C; that way, you will protect the terps. Let it sit in a jar for a few days to see if it sugars up again and changes consistency. If it stays transparent and viscous, it will do great in a cart.

Step 3

It is best to use a syringe to separate the resin from diamonds and fill it carefully into a cart. You need no additives as it is pure cannabinoids and terpenes straight from the plant. Now, they are ready for you to vape them well.

Are Live Resin Carts Safe?

Besides all the fun and effects, remember your health is first, so you should be aware of some side effects. Some of these come when smoking reclaims (leftover resins), including headaches, sore throat, and difficulty breathing. Reclaimed cannabis resin is a much harsher product than pure cannabis preparations. It requires a higher heat to burn. That is why it can irritate the lungs and throat upon exposure. Also, be aware of black market products because they can cause vape pen lung injury. There are multiple known contaminants in illicit vape carts that could cause lung injury. Still, on November 8, 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced a “powerful culprit of concern”—vitamin E oil (tocopheryl-acetate).

Do Live Resin Cartridges Have Vitamin E Oil Acetate?

New York health authorities confirmed that synthetic vitamin E is corrupting most consumed vape carts in their state. On the other hand, Utah officials notified a similar situation on October 25, 2019. Pen makers report using it because it’s a cheap thickener. As a responsible user, you must buy tested, regulated adult-use and medical cannabis products in legal stores like California, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. Don’t ever try to buy from unreliable individuals. Otherwise, street traffickers fill carts with harmful chemicals, and they could go straight into your lungs.

Do Live Resin Cartridges Have Propylene Glycol?

Low-quality carts have pre-moistened wicks primed with glycerin or propylene glycol that can cause allergic reactions in some people. Though the FDA recognizes PG as generally safe for humans, conflicting studies prove otherwise. As Rolling Stone noted, "A study from 2010 showed inhaling propylene glycol can exacerbate asthma and allergies, and multiple studies have shown that propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol break down into the carcinogens formaldehyde and acetaldehyde — especially when vaped at high temperatures.” To prevent this from happening to you, buy high-quality cartridges with premium materials, such as glass, metal, and ceramic. Moreover, they should have properly-sized O-rings, and have sealed joints that prevent contact between the air and cartridge contents. Choose your cartridges wisely.

Do Live Resin Carts Smell?

While the vapor itself doesn’t smell, the cart does smell strongly like a fresh bud. It is a matter of keeping the window open to ventilate the room, and you will be good. Even when smoking in a closed indoor and feeling the room, 30 minutes later, you wouldn’t even tell if you ventilate the place properly.

How Much Do Live Resin Carts Cost?

Prices may change widely along with the United States, but an average price would be between 35$ to 80$ per gram, depending on the quality and how easy it is to get one in your zone. Take into account our previous recommendations to keep yourself from lung injuries and other health problems. Cannabis is for good, so play it safe.

Are Live Resin Carts Worth it?

The experience you get from the full spectrum of taste and psychoactive effects of a live resin cart is unique and a must-try on your bucket list. If you want to try pure terpenes with no additives but a most natural product, live resin carts are definitely for you.

Can You Put Live Resin in a Cartridge?

Of course, you can. It is something you should try to improve your cannabis sessions. Make sure to buy it from a certificate vendor, so you can have a great moment and prevent undesired side effects on your health. Expand your mind into the purity of concentrate live resin carts and indulge yourself with it.

Do You Need a Special Cartridge for Live Resin?

There are types of cartridges to take into account for good quality. These are the ones we recommend the most since their materials are suitable for any live resin and do not have any dangerous additive:
  • Wickless oil vape cartridges (2nd Generation): they are best suited and most recommended for thick oil for the ultimate vaping experience.
  • Glass tank (2nd Generation) and ceramic cell (3rd Generation) oil vape cartridges: these models can handle thick oil, too, and they come in a wide range of intake hole sizes.

Do Defined Live Resin Cartridges Work with Vape Pen Batteries?

You can use any live resin carts with vape pen batteries. It is the simplest way to consume them. Buy the cartridge you like, try it with trust on your battery, and enjoy the delightful smell and taste of your vaping time.

How Long Should a 1g Live Resin Cartridge Last?

Each gram is about 300 seconds of inhalation, and every puff is lasting 1 second. Depending on your habits and control of your vaping battery, one gram could last from 4 to 25 days.

Can you Take Live Resin Cartridges on an Airplane?

It is still not possible to take cannabis products like flower or THC oil cartridges on a plane. Even taking CBD through security is a gamble as cannabis is still federally illegal. After you pass the guarantee at the airport, while you’re in the air, and up until you exit the airport at your destination, you’re subject to federal laws and can be charged with possession. On the other hand, flying with empty vape pens or dry herb vaporizers is fine as long as they’re spotless of any cannabis residue. Live resin cartridges are stoning products, and it is crucial to count on a reliable vendor to get them. In Botany Farms, we are engaged in offering top-quality products for you to have the best experience possible as it happens with the Live Resin Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge, based on the full spectrum of a CBD product combined with the smooth buzz of Delta-8 THC.


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