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Table Of Contents
Cannabis plants are full of precious treasures, and a way to enjoy them are concentrates like Live Resin and Rosin. Although the difference in the names of these two concentrates is subtle, the experience they offer is quite different. Now, to say which one is better is a matter of preferences and what you seek using it. Live Resin vs. Rosin, which one is the right for you? Let’s dive deep into what these great concentrates are and why users should try them. Thanks for stopping by! Botany Farms has you covered for crafted Live Resin products.

What is Live Resin

Live Resin is a type of concentrate whose extraction method preserves more terpenes than other concentrates; as a result, the potency of cannabinoids and the intensity of the aroma are outstanding. These characteristics make Live Resin a highly desired product by users seeking to vape, smoke, or dab the essence of cannabis, keeping the terpenes during the curing process for buds so you can enjoy cannabis without the vegetal taste. The appearance of Live Resin is that of a sticky, amber-colored resin. It is similar to other types of solvent-based concentrates like shatter or CBD wax. It is named “live” because producers cryogenically freeze the whole plant immediately after harvest to preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids as they are in the plant when it reaches its organic maturity. Being solvent-based concentrates means the ground-up plant material is blasted with a solvent like Butane Hash Oil (BHO) or other hydrocarbon-based solvents. This extraction method is different from that of Rosin, which does not have inorganic chemicals involved in its making, but we will show you more below.

How is Live Resin Made?

Research shows that the best way to prevent terpenes from decreasing in cannabis concentrates is to freeze the plant immediately after the harvest. That is the first step in the extraction and what makes it unique. The plant material hasn’t lost any moisture or organic compounds and the other characteristics we already mentioned. Then comes the extraction process with BHO, in which the plant material is blasted with a hydrocarbon-based solvent. The result is a brown or yellow liquid very sticky. This liquid still has the BHO from the previous step, so the last step is to remove it by a closed-loop extraction; the process separates and recycles the solvent using a vacuum pump. Then, the material is isolated from the air during the procedures, so it is not contaminated. The resulting substance is similar to the described above but has a rougher texture since cannabinoid crystals reside in the liquid. These crystals are called “diamonds,” which are the precipitant result of the previous chemical reactions. Now you have Live Resin, and you can notice the solid smell, seductive and inviting, which is the reason for its sales success.

Types of Live Resin

Live Resin is not just the liquid or the mix with the “diamond.” In fact, there are four types of Live Resin concentrate you can find on the market. Let us introduce you to each one of them.


Live Resin Sauce, also known as “Terp Sauce,” is the semi-separate mixture of viscous high-terpene mix and tiny THCa crystals or “diamonds.” The liquid portion is a High Terpene Extract (HTE), and its focus is not necessarily on potency but the resin’s delicious tastes and smells. At the same time, the precipitant crystals contain THCa, an inactive precursor form of THC that will become heat-activated during the dabbing process. You can also use them separately.


Batter or Badder is a type of concentrate whose texture resembles a cake with a loose consistency. The batter is a type of Live Resin Sauce but differs because of its thickness and appearance. Batter results from beating the extracts on a hot plate at around 100°F (38°C) before taking it into the vacuum pump to separate the solvent from the concentrate. As a result, terpenes and cannabinoid content remain the same but the texture changes.


Live Resin Diamonds are one the most fragrant and potent of all concentrate forms. Users dab diamonds with the high-terpene liquid mix spread over the top, resulting in a rich, aromatic concentrate like no other. THCa diamonds come from the process where the Live Resin is left to separate by gravity under certain conditions for several weeks. As a result, they start to form at the bottom of the container, leaving a semi-viscous liquid layer on top, which is a high-terpene mix.


Live Resin sugar is the same concentrate with the same content as sauce or Batter, but the consistency changes again; now it looks like crystals of sugar dipped into viscous and tasty honey. Sugar is a popular type of Live Resin not only because of its appearance but for its potent taste and aroma. In fact, producers claim these characteristics to be nearly identical to that of the original plant.

What is Live Rosin

Live Rosin is a new kind of concentrate whose making does not involve chemicals like solvents. Instead, it just needs a press that applies heat and pressure to the plant material. When manufacturers skillfully craft Live Rosin with materials of acceptable quality, it competes in potency and flavor with any solvent-based concentrate. Like Live Resin, Live Rosin has different presentations that differ because of their consistency. They offer users a wide range of experiences, this time as close to nature as possible, without inorganic chemicals involved.

How is Live Rosin Made?

First thing, as Live Resin, producers freeze the plant as soon as they harvest it and store it in a freezer until use. Then, the frozen plant serves as a material to make bubble hash, resulting from broken resins glands after agitating the frozen plant in ice water bags. Turning the live material into bubble hash is crucial to make Live Rosin as you can’t press “live” material. These broken glands of resin are packed with terpenes and cannabinoids, so producers want to isolate them. Thus, bubble hash must dry before going through screens to remove the plant material and then be heated and pressed using a 25-micron filter bag to extract the pure bubble hash oil, which is the desired Live Rosin we have been waiting for.

How To Consume Concentrates

When consuming concentrates, you must be cautious, starting with low dosages and not rush to increase. Remember that the potency of these products is higher than when smoking the traditional buds, so if you think you are not getting the effects and want to use more, wait for a little longer; it is easy to overdose and have a bad experience. Furthermore, even though the outstanding amount of terpenes makes concentrates delicious, the aroma invites you to have some more. Keep in mind to be cautious and have self-control —that way, you take care of your health and the quality of your precious cannabis session.

Vape Concentrates

When preparing to vape concentrates, set your vaporizer to low heat if you have that option. Then, when you are ready to inhale, do it slow and gently, taking your time to appreciate the delightful aroma you are allowing your senses to perceive. Retain it for a few seconds and feel it smoothly running through your insides. Next, exhale while detailing the tingly sensation on your tongue —what a pleasing aftertaste! Now, do not do it again so soon. Wait up to thirty minutes, allowing the concentrate to impact your body before having another puff. You might also want to save it, so it lasts longer.

Dab Concentrate

The dabbing technique may vary depending on the equipment you use, but the fundamentals of dabbing are constant in all of them. The proper preparation, dosage, and use will place you at the next level of cannabis enjoyment. We will show you in five steps.

Step 1

First, make sure your nail is secured to your dab rig before heating. You do not want to lose content, break your equipment, or burn your skin. The nail most not sway.

Step 2

Turn on the torch and apply the flame directly to the nail to heat it. Do so from 20 to 30 seconds until the reddish glow of the nail appears, indicating that it is thoroughly heated.

Step 3

Allow the nail to cool for at least double the time you heat it. The nail retains the heat for minutes, so keep it away from your skin to avoid burns. And be patient; low-temperature dabs are richer in flavor and easier for your lungs to take.

Step 4

Use your dabber to place your dab on the nail inside the dome. Now, wait until the oil evaporates completely. It will be quick if you heat it properly, but it will burn your dab and make you cough if the heat is too high.

Step 5

Finally, cover with the carb card and inhale slowly and gently. Take your time to enjoy the gift of terpenes. However, if the nail is too hot and you start coughing, you may be irritating your lungs, so be careful. The effects show up within seconds, and if not, be patient to avoid overdose. Always remember to clean your equipment after using it. Remove the residuals from the nail.

Difference between Live Resin and Rosin

Live resin vs. live rosin, which one should you buy? The main difference between these two great products is the chemicals involved in the making. Live Resin needs BHO to extract the gold from the live material, which then is removed so you can enjoy it without any contaminants while preserving the concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids as close to nature as it can be. On the other hand, Live Rosin is a new method that does not involve inorganic chemicals in the making, but the prime material can not be considered “live” strictly. When The Bubble has dried, it stops being “live” as it may lose some volatile terpenes, similar to the process of curing buds. Still, there is no noticeable difference in taste and quality when using high-quality flowers to solvent-based concentrates.


The potency depends directly on the properties of the plant used to make the concentrate. When talking about the purity of Live Rosin vs. Resin, the latter doesn’t have a rival yet. Due to the extraction directly from the live material without drying it, the concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids is closer to nature than any other kind of concentrate in Live Resin. However, potency is not an exclusive matter of purity, and Live Rosin can be more potent when it comes from the right flower.

Extraction Process

The extraction process is the most significant difference here. The solvent-based extraction method used to make Live Resin usually gives a higher purity of organic compounds concentration than what you can find in Live Rosin. However, the solventless-based method to make Live Rosin is a more natural alternative that ensures no inorganic chemical could contaminate the product.


The taste of Live Rosin vs. Resin is similar to the case of potency. Suppose producers make Live Resin and Live Rosin from the same plant; in that case, Live Resin will have a higher concentration of terpenes, which means a more robust flavor and aroma. Still, it depends on the skillful Live Rosin producers; an expert producer can make the difference irrelevant.


The cost to the final user is lower when using Live Resin. Although it needs BHO, the scale in which Live Resin is produced makes each concentrate unit cheaper in the market than those of Live Rosin. The making of Live Rosin demands more labor than using solvents, meaning more time and effort, making its cost higher than Live Resins’. Live Resin vs. Rosin, which one do you prefer? We think that both concentrates are worth trying for any user exploring new ways of experiencing the cannabis world. When buying, it is sometimes hard to find a trustworthy vendor that offers top-quality products and cares for your health. That’s why Botany Farms gives you Live Resin Delta-8 Cartridge. Indulge in the purity of terpenes and Delta-8 in a strong, delightful, and effective concentrate that will last for days. Looking to learn more? Check out this video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nr0V8c7o3s8

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