Live Rosin Cartridges vs Regular Cartridges

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One of the newest phenomena to hit the cannabis or hemp world is vaporizing. Vaporizing involves heating up cannabis concentrates to the point where the cannabinoids vaporize into the air, all without the need for potentially dangerous combustion.

That being said, there are many different types of vaporizing cartridges out there. There are your so-called regular cartridges, as well as live rosin cartridges. Today, we are here to figure out what exactly live rosin vape cartridges are and what regular vape cartridges are.

Furthermore, we want to figure out what the main similarities and differences between them are, particularly in terms of how they are made, what their effects are, their flavors, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Live rosin cartridges are made with live rosin, which is a cannabis or hemp extract taken straight from live plant matter that was just harvested.
  • Regular vape cartridges are usually made with what is known as cured rosin, which is when cannabis or hemp extract is taken from dried and cured plant matter.
  • Live rosin cartridges tend to be much more flavorful and resemble the original flavor of the strain that the concentrate was taken from. However, it also tends to be harsher on the throat and much more expensive than regular vape cartridges.

What is a Live Rosin Cartridge?

A live rosin cartridge is a special type of vaporizing cartridge made with what is known as live rosin. This is a very special type of hemp or cannabis extract. Live rosin is made by applying a lot of pressure and heat to fresh cannabis or hemp buds, which then releases the resin or oils from the plant.

This type of cannabis or hemp concentrate contains very high amounts of the original cannabinoids, as well as most of the original terpenes and flavonoids. This is a great way to preserve the maximum amount of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present.

In other words, this type of cannabis or hemp extract contains, generally speaking, some of the highest concentrations of both cannabinoids and terpenes of all concentrates. This means that live rosin cartridges tend to be very potent and flavorful.

What is a Regular Cartridge?

We then have what is known as a regular or normal vaporizer cartridge. This type of vaporizer cartridge usually contains what is known as a regular cannabis or hemp oil, otherwise known as cured rosin or cured resin.

Now, the biggest difference here, to keep things simple, is that this type of cartridge is made with cured plant matter. When cannabis is harvested, to help increase its overall potency and palatability, it is often cured first. This is very important, especially if you plan on using the regular plant matter for smoking or making edibles.

The curing process helps to increase the overall potency and flavor profile of the bud in question. This cured cannabis or hemp bud may then also be pressed with heat and pressure, just like with live rosin, to release the oils.

However, cured rosin cartridges may also be made with a solvent based extraction process, which could be butane or carbon dioxide. Generally speaking, the heat and pressure extraction methods produce the best results.

Live Rosin vs Regular Cart: What Are the Similarities?

There are some pretty big similarities between live rosin cartridges and regular vaporizing cartridges, so let's take a quick look at what these might be.
  • Even though creating regular cannabis cured rosin that regular vaporizing cartridges contains removes some of the terpenes from the mix, this type of concentrate is still very flavorful. Yes, live rosin concentrates are even more flavorful, but both contain a whole lot of the original terpenes and flavonoids. They're both quite tasty.
  • Both regular cartridges and the live rosin cartridges usually contain a whole lot of cannabinoids. For instance, if we are talking about regular THC, most of these concentrates contain well over 70%, if not over 80% THC. Some may contain close to 100%. Both are extremely potent.
  • If compared to smoking cannabis flower, both of these types of cartridges tend to be more flavorful and much more potent. On that note, because they are so strong, they also tend to be a bit more cost effective.
  • Although there are some differences between them, especially in terms of the experience of vaporizing, the overall effect will usually be quite similar. This is especially the case if both of these products are made out of similar cannabis strains and have similar potencies. It's not like a live rosin cartridge is going to produce a completely different tie than a regular cartridge.

Live Rosin vs Regular Cart: What Are the Differences?

Just like there are some similarities between live rosin cartridges and regular cartridges, there are of course also some differences, so let's take a quick look.
  • Perhaps one of the biggest differences here is in terms of price. Live rosin cartridges, due to the labor intensive extraction process, usually tend to be significantly more expensive than regular cartridges.
  • Live rosin cartridges are usually a bit more potent than regular cartridges, which is because the extraction process from live flower allows for more of the natural cannabinoids to be preserved. Here we aren’t just talking about THC, but all cannabinoids.
  • The case is also the same for the terpenes. Live rosin cartridges usually have more of the original terpenes, and therefore the flavor more closely resembles the original flavor of the strain. Live rosin cartridges are just more flavorful.
  • One of the benefits that you actually get with regular cartridges over live rosin cartridges is that they usually don't make you cough as hard. They aren't quite as harsh. Live rosin cartridges, because they contain more terpenes and flavonoids, tend to be a bit harsher on the throat.
  • Live rosin cartridges, because they have more cannabinoids and terpenes, usually also have a much more pronounced entourage effect. In other words, the benefits might be much greater than the benefits of regular cartridges.
  • Although not 100% proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is thought that live rosin cartridges have a much longer shelf life than regular cartridges. This may be because live rosin is made out of a fresh plant matter.
  • The other big difference here is that live rosin cartridges, the concentrate, tends to be much thicker and more syrupy than regular cartridges. This means that you usually get much thicker vape clouds, some people really like.

Live Rosin vs Regular Cart: How Are They Made?

We already covered the basics of how both of these concentrates are made, but let's just do a quick summary so we are perfectly clear on the matter. So, first we have live rosin. Live rosin, as the name implies, is usually always made out of live plant matter. This means that the hemp or cannabis was just harvested, but has not been dried or cured.

Instead, the plant matter is processed as is right after harvest. Usually, live rosin is made by pressing the plant matter in between two heated plates. All of the heat and pressure causes the resin or rosin to be released from the plant matter, which comes out as a relatively thick and syrupy oil or gooey mass.

Because the plant matter is so fresh, the vast majority of cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved, which is also the case due to the specific extraction process used. On the other hand, we have regular cartridges.

As mentioned above, regular cartridges usually contain what is known as cured rosin. This means that the plant matter was first left to dry and cure. If you are to smoke your cannabis or hemp, then the drying and curing process is generally a good thing, as it makes the experience more palatable. However, if turning the plant matter into a concentrate is involved, then extracting the cannabinoids from a live plant matter is generally considered better.

Live Rosin vs Regular Cart: What Are the Effects?

For the most part, the effects from both of these types of cartridges are relatively similar, if not the same. Now, because live rosin cartridges contain more of the original terpenes, you may experience a bit more of an entourage effect.

The entourage effect is when various cannabinoids, as well as various terpenes, work together to produce additional effects. Depending on the exact strain used, and the terpenes contained, live rosin cartridges may produce more benefits for you, such as nausea reduction, sedation, mood regulation, pain relief, anxiety relief, and more.

Regular cartridges made out of cured rosin tend to have a bit less of an entourage effect. However, if both of the cartridges feature similar potencies, such as 80% THC for example, then the high from both should be fairly similar.

It does of course also depend on whether the concentrate in question is made from a sativa strain, an indica strain, or a hybrid strain. Indica strains produce more of a body high, whereas sativa strains produce more of a cerebral high, with hybrid strains sitting somewhere neatly in between.

Do Live Rosin Cartridges Get You Higher Than Regular Carts?

Whether or not a live rosin cartridge will get you higher than a regular cartridge is somewhat questionable. The issue in question here is the entourage effect related to the terpenes.

It is thought that various terpenes, the so-called essential oils contained in the plant matter, can work together with the cannabinoids to produce what is known as the entourage effect. It's when various cannabinoids and terpenes mix to produce additional effects or benefits.

As mentioned above, the entourage effect between THC and various terpenes could lead to increased pain relief benefits compared to just either THC or terpenes alone. This applies to all possible effects and benefits that cannabis may have. Cured resin cartridges, because they don't contain nearly as many of these terpenes, also don't produce the same entourage effect.

Therefore, live rosin cartridges tend to have more physical and mental benefits than cured resin cartridges. That said, whether or not they get you higher is questionable. Both types of cartridges usually contain roughly the same amount of cannabinoids, especially as far as THC potency is concerned. For instance, if you have a regular cured rosin cartridge that features 90% THC, is likely going to get you much higher than a live rosin cartridge that only has 70% THC.

Although those terpenes do make a difference, it really is the cannabinoid content, particularly the THC content, that determines how high you get. If feeling good is the name of the game, then we recommend checking out this Botany Farms Delta-8 + CBN Live Resin Pine Walker Vape Cartridge.

How Does the Flavor of Live Rosin Carts Compare to Regular?

If we are talking about flavor alone, which is realistically the biggest difference between these two types of cartridges, live rosin cartridges are more flavorful.

Once again, they contain much more of the original terpenes and flavonoids, because the extract is made from live plant matter. This means that you might just taste what the original strain tasted like. It's just a much tastier experience that really tantalizes the taste buds.

Cured rosin or regular cartridges tend to be more muted in terms of flavor. Yes, you'll still taste the fact that it's made out of cannabis or hemp, but the terpenes just aren't as abundant. This means that cured rosin cartridges don't have as many flavor differences and subtleties as live rosin and cartridges. They're just not as tasty or flavorful.

Furthermore, because live rosin cartridges contain most of their original terpenes, they can have greatly varying flavors from one to another. On the other hand, because cured rosin contains much fewer terpenes, they tend to taste quite similar to each other.

Final Thoughts: Live Rosin vs Regular Carts

The bottom line here is that both regular cartridges and live rosin cartridges are extremely potent, usually with around 80% THC or higher. This means that they will both get you very high and have strong effects.

The biggest difference here is that live rosin cartridges have more of the original terpenes, and therefore have more of the original flavor, and also produce more of an entourage effect than cured resin cartridges. On the other hand, cured rosin cartridges tend to be much cheaper and also not quite as harsh on the throat or lungs.

Where to Buy Cannabis Vape Carts Online

If you are looking to buy some awesome vape cartridges online, then right here at Botany Farms is by far your best bet. We have one of the biggest selection of vape cartridges out there, and this goes for virtually all types.

If live resin is what you want, this Live Resin Delta-8 Sour Space Candy Vape Cart might be right for you. If you want to try Delta-8 THC, check out our own Botany Farms Delta-8 Tangerine Dream Vape Cartridge, our Delta-8 Cherry Pie Vape Cartridge, or our Botany Farms Berry Blossom Delta-8 Cart.

If you’d rather try a different cannabinoid, such as THCV, take a look at our Botany Farms Pink Panther, live Resin THCV Delta-8 Cart. You might also enjoy this Bubba Kush HHC Cart, or our own Sour Elektra HHC Vape Cart

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