Lotto Cake Strain Review

Lotto Cake strain

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Table Of Contents
Gelato is cheaper than therapy, or so they say. If you're searching for total relaxation and a soothing body-buzz, here's what you need. The Lotto Cake strain, aka Gelato Cake, received its name thanks to its tasty terpene profile inherited from its parents, which strongly resemble two famous desserts, Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake. As part of the Cookie strain family, Gelato Cake is very popular across North America and beyond. This indica-dominant hybrid strain is best in the evening or late at night when consumers can thoroughly value its sedating effects. Moreover, this strain offers a THC potency of 25% and almost no CBD, making it a perfect choice for experienced users or adventurous novices who would like to appreciate its intense feast of senses before going to bed or during a relaxing night at home watching movies. Sit back, relax, and prepare to melt like ice cream during a hot summer day with the wonderful Lotto Cake strain. We don't have this exact cake strain, but check out our other indica leaning hybrids:


What could possibly be more inviting than this strain’s smell and flavor? Smoking the Lotto Cake strain is a very pleasurable experience thanks to its unique terpene profile. First, you will notice a warm, sweet vanilla and berries scent, with a tangy, peppery taste on the exhale. Subtle notes of pine and fuel are often described by its users, as a surprisingly sharp turn, with a final hint of sour citrus that permeates the room as you smoke, given by its dominant terpene, limonene. The Lotto Cake strain is a flavorful, mouth-watering bud that emanates an enticing sharp and sweet aroma with a unique mix. A total caress to the palate in every toke.

Terpene Profile

  • Limonene: 0.586%
  • Beta-Caryophyllene: 0.291%
  • Linalool: 0.257%


The Lotto Cake strain produces a long-lasting, satisfying full-body sedation, stimulating appetite and relieving stiffness, pain, and stress. Consumers often report a euphoric and blissful high that soothes and tranquil you into a calming couch-lock that prepares you for bed with a smile on your face. Its colorful buds pack positive and creative energy that initially uplifts the user's mood, lightening its attitude with a given sense of focused mental clarity. Furthermore, this head high is quickly followed by warm calming waves that drift into a deep, full-body relaxation state. The Lotto Cake strain surrounds its consumer with a peaceful sphere, making it perfect for treating common ailments such as chronic pain, inflammation, cramps, or muscle spasms. Moreover, those dealing with minor depression, anxiety, chronic stress, and insomnia can also benefit from these tasty buds. Novice smokers, be aware that its potent high is fast-acting and long-lasting. We advise those with low THC tolerance to smoke low doses due to adverse effects such as dry eyes, cotton-mouth, and possible paranoia could manifest.

Lotto Cake Strain Genetics

Often known as Gelato Cake, the Lotto Cake strain is an exciting cross between the creamy berry of Gelato #33 and the vanilla frosting of Wedding Cake, providing this strain with an intense set of effects.


This strain is not the only descendant of its parents. Breeders have seemingly created a range of strains with varying names, each one with unique features. Wedding Cake, also known as “Pink Cookies,” is a peppery, sweet indica-dominant strain which sourness complements the earthy tones in its aroma. Created by crossing Cherry Pie and GSC strains, it carries an incredibly uplifting yet relaxing high that provides anyone with a burst of energy, soothing the mind and body, triggering and stimulating appetite. Higher doses may cause couch-lock, making it perfect for treating insomnia as well. Medical consumers often use Wedding Cake to treat depression, chronic pain, arthritis, inflammation, daily stress, and cramps. Nevertheless, its other relative, Gelato #33, is a well-balanced hybrid marijuana strain with 55% indica features. Cookie Fam Genetics developed this strain by crossing Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC, with various unique attributes. Covered by fiery orange hairs and packing a sweet citrus aroma and a fruity flavor, Gelato #33 offers an uplifting and energetic high, provided by its parents’ genetics and average 22% THC level, perfect for any post-work activity after a long day.

Growth Information

Despite Lotto Cake’s well-known parents, there’s little information about it regarding home cultivation. Elev8 Seeds bred its own version, labeled as Gelato Cake, which is extremely popular. If you happen to find these seeds for sale under this moniker, why not take a chance and upgrade your gardening skills by cultivating this strain. Growers have reported that the Lotto Cake strain does well either in indoor or outdoor environments. This bud grows with dense grape-shaped, dark olive to light green nugs, with some deep purple hues. On top of those, tons of thin orange pistils, covered in a thick frosty coating of white crystal trichomes, pleases even the most demanding cultivators. Its compact and resinous buds are ideal for resin extractions such as Ice-O-Lator, BHO, or Rosin.

Flowering Time

8-9 weeks.


Indoors: 450 - 500 g per square meter. Outdoors: 1k of dried buds.


You can find the Elev8 Seeds version available on its website page only as feminized seeds. In addition to this, PEV Seeds offers a flavorful version, with genetics that descends directly from the prestigious Cookie Fam, resulting from a cross between Sunset Sherbert and Girl Scout Cookies. These fantastic seeds of Gelato Cake strain are the fruit of an excellent work done by the great Mario Guzmán, alias Sherbinsky, member of the San Francisco Bay Area collective that created both of its parents for this version.

Lotto Cake Strain Oil

Do you want to enjoy Lotto Cake’s addicting taste and powerful effects through vaping? You can now purchase America's #1 selling cannabis oil: Select Elite 1g Gelato Cake - indica and be ready to be amazed by its activated, broad-spectrum oil with the highest THC level possible, ranging from 80%-95% THC. Definitely, the best way to melt into a total serenity state with this incredible strain. Botany Farms has bred an insane strain that resembles some of the best features we all love about the Lotto Cake strain. Sour Special Sauce is one of our beloved, best-sellers indica strains with sharp notes of tart berries complemented by sweet diesel undernotes, as the sour strain that it is. Rated 5 out of 5 by consumers, with 16.9% of CBD and 19.1% of total cannabinoids, this strain will intoxicate you with its ultimate relaxation properties, perfect for those seeking a deep, restful sleep.

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