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Lovelace strain

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You probably never thought of a possible correlation between cannabis and computers in your life. However, this strain is named after the mother of computers, Ada Lovelace, as a tribute to her great contributions to humanity. And what better way to do it than with this marvelous strain.

Lovelace is now available to provide something other than the ordinary "cherry menthol" taste that people have grown so sick and tired of, commonly found in CBD lines.

The Lovelace strain was created for the Great Mind Series launched by AlphaKronik Genetics, the original breeders of this famous bud, who aimed to bring new flavors to the market along with a marked CBD content. Normally, this strain produces 1-6% THC levels and an incredible quantity of 12–18% CBD if grown in the best conditions. Lovelace is a 75/25 sativa-dominant strain that guarantees pain relief, relaxation, and euphoria.


A light and sweet, fruity blueberry flavor with a mildly spicy exhale is found in this bud. With a herbal berry overtone that turns spicy as the nugs are broken apart and burned away, the aroma in Lovelace is earthy and fruity.

All these Lovelace’s unique traits are created by the terpenes found in this nug, and at the same time, they give it not only the aroma and taste but many of the benefits it has. For instance, caryophyllene fills the nose with a spicy, funky warmth, similar to cinnamon and cloves, which are best for relieving tension and reducing anxiety.

Next, myrcene is responsible for Lovelace's peppery, spicy, balsamic scent and has therapeutic soothing effects. Ocimene is a terpene that is known for some of this special strain's sweet and herbaceous flavors, and it can also add citrusy and woody undertones. It provides a wide variety of therapeutic properties and has antibacterial and antiviral qualities with uplifting effects.

Finally, terpinolene carries a variety of scents that can be detected in cannabis. It can be piney, herbal, herbaceous, and even a little citrusy. Several studies have demonstrated terpinolene's anxiolytic qualities.


The high produced by the Lovelace strain begins with a euphoria that builds with a slight tingle in the back of your mind, pushing its way forward until you feel absolutely at peace. You will feel an increase in motivation and creativity as your happiness grows, lending itself well to any mental task you have on your to-do list at the moment.

Many users report having an uplifted mood due to the absolute relaxation and also the usual urge to attack the refrigerator after a couple of hours, so the lack of appetite could be solved with this strain as well. All the fatigue is gone within minutes, negativity and stress are left behind without effort, and the anxiety symptoms disappear almost instantly.

Lovelace Strain Genetics

As mentioned before, Lovelace is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the classic Harle-Tsu and Snowdawg BX strains. With amber undertones, reddish-orange hairs, and a layer of tiny frosty white crystal trichomes, Lovelace buds have fuzzy popcorn-shaped dark olive green nugs.


Lovelace parents are well known among cannabis users. Snowdawg BX is also from AlphaKronik, but Harle-Tsu was bred by the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective. In this sense, the Lovelace strain gathers the best of both in one strain, from its high CBD level and fluffy nugs to its fruity and sweet flavor.

Resulting in a high-CBD hybrid, Harle-Tsu is a cross between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. Harle-Tsu alleviates intense pain and inflammation without euphoria or intoxication, due to its high CBD content and practically non-existent THC content. This bud has an aroma of sweet earthy pine with a spicy citrus effect that is released, besides the subtle earthy citrus taste upon exhale as the nugs are broken apart.

On the other hand, Snowdawg BX is an indica dominant hybrid created by crossing the Chemdawg strains and Oregon Snow strains. It has many phenotypes, from skunky to lime-lemon to fruity pebbles with a distinctive finish of cedarwood. The high cannabis strain of Snowdawg BX is strong, with calming effects that will soothe you through the worst day yet.

Growth Information

The Lovelace strain is sure to please even the most discerning grower. It is not difficult to cultivate or take care of this strain, but if you want a large yield, it is better to be prepared with the needed skills when you want to grow this strain with all the good qualities it would normally have.

Flowering Time

  • 60 - 65 days


  • Indoor: Medium
  • Outdoor: High


If you are interested in growing your own Lovelace strain, you can find a pack of 10 regular seeds here.

Lovelace Strain Price

You can find 3.5 g of the Lovelace strain for $40.00 here from Rise Florida. The flower cultivated by this company has 8.5% THC and 4.6% CBD content. In case you are interested in the sweet blueberry taste and strong calming effects of Lovelace but can’t find it near you, Botany Farms offers a similar strain you can purchase in one click.

Special Sauce is an 18.8% CBD indica strain that has intense berry notes and sweet flavors. These dense buds are small, but their wonderful range of effects will help you loosen up and take a break from a hectic day, leaving you calm and peaceful. Special Sauce is the ideal nighttime strain, and it is the best alternative to Lovelace.


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