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If you are looking for a true OG strain that has been around and unaltered for hundreds of years, something strong enough to outmuscle the Hulk himself, the Mag landrace strain comes highly recommend.

In this post, we dissect the Mag, a cannabis strain that has been around for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. As far as cannabis strains from the Middle East are concerned, Mag is, by far, one of the most popular, potent, and sought-after. So, this Mag landrace strain review provides all the information you need to know about it.

Key Takeaways

  • Mag landrace is an Iranian strain of cannabis.
  • With upwards of 28% THC, it is a very heavy hitter.
  • Mag landrace is a pure Indica that will lock you into your couch.

What is the Mag Landrace Strain?

The Mag landrace strain is a strain of cannabis that has been in existence for hundreds of years. A landrace cannabis strain is one that has remained unaltered and untouched for many years, usually for at least a few centuries. In other words, this is a pure cannabis strain that has not been changed, crossbred, or mixed with anything else.

The Mag landrace strain that exists today is exactly the same as it was hundreds of years ago. This strain has its origins in the Middle East (Iran). The strain in North America usually comes from the United States (Illinois), thanks to a medical cannabis company known as ataraxia.

It comes from an Iranian clone, so it is still the same Mag landrace strain. Keep in mind that Mag landrace is a pure Indica, and it also contains extremely high levels of THC, so it's very potent and hits very hard. If you are looking for something potent and tasty, this is it.

Mag Landrace Strain Appearance

In terms of appearance, the Mag landrace strain features fairly tight and dense buds that do not compress much when you press them together. Here, you will see some very deep purple hues all around, especially within the sugar leaves. There are also plenty of bright and deep green leaves present, usually around the extremely purple sugar leaves, and the highly contrasting orange hairs.

You'll then also see a thin layer of trichomes or crystals around the outside. However, unlike with many other strains, these trichomes are yellow or golden, as opposed to white, which gives the Mag landrace strain a very striking and interesting appearance. It's purple and green with a distinct golden glow.

Mag Landrace Strain Genetics

The Mag landrace strain could very well be thousands of years old. In terms of its genetics, this is a landrace strain, meaning it is pure and has not been mixed or crossed with other strains. Exactly how it came into existence remains unknown, although it is assumed that it grew naturally in Iran. However, all we know is that it is a pure Indica strain.

THC/CBD Content

What many people like about the Mag landrace strain is its extreme potency. It contains upwards of 28% THC, with some specimens having over 30% THC. Due to its high level of potency, it's not a strain we recommend for beginners. Even seasoned cannabis consumers should be cautious when consuming this strain.

This is a very fast-hitting and hard-hitting strain that is going to lock you into your couch. As for the CBD content, it contains 1 to 1.3% CBD, just enough to trigger the "entourage effect."

Mag Landrace Strain Terpenes

The Mag landrace strain is extremely pungent and has plenty of terpenes, which produce its earthy, herbaceous, and diesel-like flavor. It contains three main terpenes: caryophyllene, humulene, and myrcene.

Caryophyllene produces its signature musky and peppery smell. This terpene can also be found in black pepper, hops, cloves, and rosemary. The humulene is responsible for the spicy and earthy aroma. Myrcene gives it its hoppy and musky flavor.

Mag Landrace Strain Effects

This is a pure Indica strain with lots of THC, so you can rest assured you'll definitely feel it. High THC Indica strains like this are known for producing extremely strong body highs. The body buzz can be so strong that you might just think that you're vibrating! Your limbs feel tingly, while the whole body feels weightless, like you are floating.

The floating and body buzz sensations are accompanied by a complete lack of energy, motivation, or willpower to do anything. This strain locks you into your couch, sedates, and makes you feel extremely hungry. The "couch-locking" is swiftly followed by sleepiness. You also feel very heavy.

Due to the high THC level, this strain is also quite intoxicating mentally. It produces quite the cerebral high. You’ll feel very euphoric, happy, calm, and elated. As such, many users find this strain ideal for pain relief.

In terms of general impairment, e.g., the loss of cognitive abilities and motor skills, these can be expected. In simple terms, if you want to get higher than you've ever been, then the Mag landrace strain is something worth checking out.

Mag Landrace Strain Reported Flavors

The Mag landrace strain has an extremely complex flavor bouquet. It is a mix of herbs, earth, spice, diesel, and an overall pungent kick. This is the kind of strain that you can smell from very far away, even if you have it wrapped up tightly.

Mag Landrace Strain Growing Info

The Mag landrace strain is quite easy to grow. This is a photoperiod plant that takes around 50 to 60 days to flower. When grown outdoors, expect the harvest of around 20 oz per plant, and 2 oz per square foot outdoors.

The plant will usually grows 30 inches tall when growing indoors and up to 80 inches when outdoors. Given the harsh environment from where it originates, the Mag landrace strain is quite resilient towards various humidity and moisture levels, varying sunlight levels, and pests.

Strains Like Mag Landrace Strain

Strains that are similar to Mag landrace include Godfather OG, Blueberry Kush, and Blueberry Diesel. If the Mag landrace strain sounds ideal to you, particularly if you like heavy-hitting Indicas, check out our own Botany Farms HHC Godfather OG or these HHC Godfather OG Pre-Rolls.

You could also try our regular Godfather OG Pre-Rolls. We have some great Blueberry Diesel for you to try too. If you like Kush, check out our Botany Farms Blueberry Kush or our Delta-8 Blueberry Kush Pre-Rolls. Other strains that are similar to Mag land rates include a variety of cheese strains and dawg strains.

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